BCS Cadre salary and post

BCS Cadre salary and post structure in Bangladesh.

All around now only BCS, BCS Rob. But do we know the salary of the BCS cadre? How much salary does he receive at the beginning of the job? In this article, I will discuss how much money you get at the end of your working life after 8-10 years or more. BCS Cadre salary and post structure in Bangladesh.

As per National Pay Scale, 2015 BCS Cadres pay in Grade 9. The basic salary of the 9th grade is Tk 22 thousand but the cadres get an increment (5% of basic pay) at the beginning so they get a salary of Tk 23,100. This is not the end. Technical cadres such as doctors, engineers, agricultural cadres, or general education cadres, if they have first class in honors or masters, then they get one more increment and it stands at 24,255 rupees, but 24,260 rupees are paid as round up.

If they both have 2nd class then they will get 1 increment. Even BCS cadre doctors can get Rs 25,000 basic i.e. three increments if they have sufficient institutional qualifications. But it is basic salary or basic (Basic Salary); House rent and medical allowance will be added to this.

House rent depends on the posting. In case of an increment in the Dhaka City Corporation area, it will be 55% = Tk 12,705. If the posting is in other City Corporation areas then it will be 45% = Tk 10,395 and if the workplace is in other areas the house rent allowance of BCS cadres will be 40% = Tk 9,240. A medical allowance of Rs 1,500 will be added to this. So the salary of a BCS cadre officer in Bangladesh at the time of joining the service (if he gets an increment) is as per the chart below.

Gross salary of BCS Cader

LocationBasic SalaryHouse RentMedical AllowanceTotal Salary
Dhaka City Corporation23,10012,7051,50037,305
Another City Corporation23,10010,3951,50033,995
Another Location23,1009,2401,50033,840
Gross salary of BCS Cader
Gross salary of BCS Cader

If he gets two increments at the beginning, it will increase a bit more. For example, in the case of posting in Dhaka, a house rent allowance of 55% + 1500 taka medical will be a total of 39,103 takas. Yes, a BCS cadre doesn’t get a salary of lakhs of rupees at the time of joining the service but as per National Pay Scale 2015, the pay scale or basic salary of a Secretary or Grade 1 BCS cadre officer is Rs.

However, the BCS cadres get Rs. So BCS cadre does not mean a salary of lakhs of rupees or money in money.

BCS Cadre Salary FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Q: Salary of BCS administration cadre? How much is the BCS admin cadre salary?

Answer: The salary (basic pay) of a BCS administration cadre is Rs.23,100. Along with the rest of the facilities, you can understand how the salary can be in the beginning by looking at the above chart.

Q: What is the salary of the magistrate? How much is the salary of a magistrate?

Answer: There is no cadre called Magistrate; Basically it is a responsibility. But we usually think of the BCS administration cadre as Magistrates. Accordingly, the salary (basic salary) of a magistrate is Rs. 23,100. I hope you can understand what the salary of an Executive Magistrate can be at the beginning of the career with the rest of the facilities added to it by looking at the above chart.

Q: What is the salary of the BCS education cadre? What is the BCS education cadre salary structure?

Ans: Although the education cadre is not very popular in our society the salary of an education cadre can be not less than that of an administration, police, or foreign affairs cadre but in the beginning, it can be higher. The pay scale will be Tk 23,100 or Tk 24,260 with one or two increments. The chart above mentions the number of other allowances. If he has a second class in Honors and Masters then he will get an increment. If he has a first class in Honors or Masters, he will get a basic salary of Tk 24,260 with 2 increments.

Q: Salary of BCS health cadre? How much is the BCS doctor’s salary in Bangladesh?

Ans: The salary of a BCS doctor will be the same as others. If he gets 3 increments his basic salary will be Rs.25,000.

Q: How much is UNO’s salary?

Answer: A UNO is paid in Grade 6 as per National Pay Scale 2015. 6th Grade Basic Pay Tk 35,500 plus other benefits, and allowances will be added. The basic salary will increase from 35,500 with a 5% increment every year. A UNO but car benefit should also be kept in mind. There is administrative power and social status.

Q: What is the salary of the BCS foreign cadre? How much is BCS’s foreign cadre salary?

Answer: He will get a salary on the same scale. The basic salary will be Rs.23,100 with an increment as it is not a technical cadre.

Q: What is the total salary of BCS cadres? What is the gross salary for BCS cadre Bangladesh?

Answer: See the above chart.

Q: How much is the starting salary of BCS cadres? What is the initial salary scale of the BCS cadre?

Answer: See the above chart. Technical Cadre can get 2 increments if the result meets the requirement. Even 3 increments can be obtained.

Question: Will the family survive with this salary?

Answer: This is actually a relative question. Some people don’t pay lakhs of taka and some people go away even with this money. If you have a family backup or spouse earnings then that will be added advantage. If the BCS cadre is legitimately attained one can expect not to live a luxurious life but not too shabby.

Q: Should I join private or non-government jobs where the salary is too high?

Answer: One of the reasons for becoming a BCS cadre is job security. Although the salary is not much, there is job security which will help in various planning. Lack of job security and excessive work pressure in private is not suitable for many but BCS administration and BCS police cadre also have sky-high work pressure. So you have to decide. Which one is right for you? The job security of those who have studied technical subjects is more than others. All things considered, government jobs are now more popular than private jobs for most of the youth if they want to stay in Bangladesh.

Question: Do the rest of 9th grade non-cadre officers get an increment initially like BCS cadres?

Answer: No, they get a basic salary of Rs 22,000 plus house rent and medical allowance.

Hope you got an idea about the salary structure of government jobs in Bangladesh.

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