Bird Animation Design Free Download

Let’s make two birds an awesome walking animation CSS tutorial. In this tutorial, you will learn how to design birds and make them live to walk with a pure CSS custom design tutorial. Bird Animation Design Free Download -Loading Animation -Bird Cartoon HTML CSS JavaScript.

You can create your own design of the loading animation with two birds which would be used to show the website loading. This is a very simple concept, which is very easy to implement. You will not have to worry about the complexities of animation or coding.

To learn how to make Bird Animation CSS -Loading Animation -Bird Cartoon animation HTML CSS tutorial. Animations are such an awesome way to improve the user experience of your website.

Bird Animation Design Free Download -Loading Animation -Bird Cartoon HTML CSS JavaScript

Another problem is that there are too many show-off developers on the internet, you need to know them if you don’t want to be confused and disappointed. They will upload videos on YouTube or write blogs in the name of teaching people programming and will not go deep into any topic. Their goal is to show their knowledge using 20 buzzwords in a 10-minute video.

They will make some optimization in their company and pretend that they have done something like rocket to the moon and will not tell in simple words how they did the optimization. Using words like Concurrency, NO-SQL, ES6, dynamoDB, REST may show mastery, but they get confused when trying to learn something new. That’s not to say that these words aren’t important, I’m talking about people who like to use hard words to flatter others but often find that behind the hard words are actually simple ideas.

How can you learn something without being confused in the crowd? First of all, you have to accept that if you want to learn something, you have to be confused at first. Even in confusion, whether you can use your common-sense to find a way or not, your success depends on it. It would be wise to always avoid language, framework wars. All languages have their pros and cons, there is no end to the debate.

In the game of cricket, when someone is playing badly in match after match, the coaches advise him to “Stick to the basics”, that is, try not to use a thousand different techniques and focus on your basics, when the form returns, you can hit reverse sweep sixes again.

If you are just starting to learn new programming then start learning any language and focus on the basics without worrying about the job if you learn any language. You learn how many datatypes there are, how arrays/pointers work, how to create linked lists, what causes a program to crash, how to debug, etc. Once your basics are solid then you don’t have to worry about whether C is better or Java is better!

Whenever learning something new, try not to learn from multiple sources at once. Choosing the best, reliable source and learning fairly well from there, then checking with other sources to see if you can learn more, then the chances of getting confused will decrease. Like Deitel or Harvard Shield books for learning C are read by kids all over the world, there is no doubt about the acceptance of these books, you can pick one such book and read as much as you can.

Bird Animation Design Free Download -Loading Animation -Bird Cartoon HTML CSS JavaScript

Or if you don’t want to read English, you can also read Tamim Shahriar Subin’s Bangla book. If you want to know about machine learning again, you can choose Andrew Ng’s Coursera video course with your eyes closed. This does not mean that it is not wise to be “the man of a single book” to read only one book on one subject for the rest of your life. The easiest way to know good books/videos/blogs is that they don’t just tell you what to do, they tell you why.

Another thing to keep in mind while taking someone’s advice is whether the person giving the advice is competent in that matter. Never take career advice blindly from a second year or third year student after university admission, a third year student may know good algorithms but how much does he know about career? Even famous people sometimes talk about things they are not experts in.

A few days ago, Elon Musk said something about artificial intelligence that caused a lot of buzz, but Professor Andrew Ng has a different opinion. Although I am a big fan of Elon Musk, I will give more weight to Andrew Ng’s opinion on machine learning or AI because Andrew Ng is very experienced in this field. In my blog, I often talk a lot of nonsense, you have to use common sense to understand which is work and which is nonsense!

Finally, you need to know why you are learning programming, then it will be much easier to eliminate confusion. Are you just learning to have fun? Are you learning to do programming contests? Or do you want to quickly become an Android developer? If you know how you want to use programming, you can ask smart questions when asking for advice that the person giving the advice can easily answer. You must learn to ask intelligent questions. If you come and mail me and ask me to learn C or Python, I can’t answer easily.

 is more important.

Long live your programming career, happy coding!

Probability: Expected value

Imagine you are rolling a dice or a six while playing Ludo. Now what is the probability of you getting any number? If you know the basic probability then you can easily say that the answer is 16. What does probability 16 mean here? This means that if you play the six an infinite number of times, one sixth of the time you will get a 1, another half of the time you will get a 2, another half of the time you will get a 3, and so on.

For example, if you play 600 times, you will get 100 times each number from 1 to 6. If this is a mathematical calculation, if you actually play 600 times, you will see that not every 100 times will be a bit more or less. But the more times you play the numbers are 1 in 6

will come very close to the quotient, playing an infinite number of times we can assume that each number will come up an equal number of times because each number has the same probability of coming up.

Now the question is, if we play with sixes an infinite number of times then what is the average value of the numbers we get? This is called the expected value. The average result obtained when an experiment is repeated an infinite number of times is called the expected value. The sum of all the numbers in a six is 1+2+3+4+5+6=21

Bird Animation Design Free Download -Loading Animation -Bird Cartoon HTML CSS JavaScript

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