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A call to develop children as full of human qualities

Because, they will be the ‘smart population of smart Bangladesh.’

Everyone should have good human qualities. Be compassionate towards those who are handicapped or disabled.’

The Prime Minister said this while addressing the Chief Guest at a function organized to celebrate the ‘103rd Birth Anniversary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and National Children’s Day-2023’ at the Father of the Nation’s Tomb Complex in Tungipagara, Gopalganj on Friday (March 17).

The event was held under the initiative of the Ministry of Women and Child Affairs and under the management of Gopalganj District Administration. The theme of this year’s National Children’s Day is ‘Bangabandhu’s birthday in the dream of smart Bangladesh, children’s eyes are colored with the dream of prosperity’.

Burger Shop Tutorials with Source Code – Burger shop website template free download

He said, ‘In Smart Bangladesh, no child will be deprived of the light of education, no person will be landless and homeless. We will build Bangladesh by fulfilling the basic needs of every people.

The Prime Minister said, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib is not with us today, but he has ideals. We will take Bangladesh forward with that ideal. Future Bangladesh will be ‘Smart Bangladesh, Advanced Prosperous Bangladesh.’

Stating that his government has taken all measures to protect children, the head of government said that he has developed digital Bangladesh. We want to build a ‘Smart Bangladesh’ in the year 2041 and today’s children will be the smart population of the future. Who will build this Bangladesh. The Prime Minister urged today’s children to develop themselves as better citizens through sports and physical activity.

He said, like the father of the nation used to play football, his grandfather also used to play and my brothers used to play. Even sons and daughters and grandchildren play sports. For this, his government has arranged various sports and competitions ranging from inter-school, inter-college and inter-university.

The Prime Minister said that if our boys and girls participate in sports, the body will be good, the mentality will be good and everyone will develop with a confidence. That’s what I want.

‘Do not call the blind blind, and the crippled do not call the lame – this is the lesson of childhood,’ so be sympathetic to them. We give them allowances and also provide separate scholarships for disabled students. So all belong to the same society, all belong to the same family.

He said the father of the nation loved children and had great affection for children and also loved to play with them. That’s why we have declared his birthday as ‘National Children’s Day’ because children are the future of our future and they can become worthy citizens.

State Minister for Women and Child Affairs Fazilatun Nessa Indira spoke as a special guest on the occasion. Secretary of the Ministry made a welcome speech. Hasanuzzaman Kallol. Little Swapnil Biswas spoke on behalf of the children.

Burger Shop Tutorials with Source Code – Burger shop website template free download

Two children Rubaba Toha Zaman and AL Sharfuddin presided over the program under the chairmanship of child representative Sneha Islam. In the beginning, a documentary titled ‘Bangabandhu and Child Rights’ was screened.

The Prime Minister handed over crests to the winners of painting and recitation competitions organized by the district administration and quiz competitions on Father of the Nation’s ‘Unfinished Autobiography’, ‘Jail Diary’ and Father of the Nation’s historic March 7 speech.

In the event, he was the Director General of Special Security Force (SSF) Major General Md. Unveiled the cover of an illustrated book titled ‘Shishuder Sheikh Mujib’ written by Mujibur Rahman.

Besides, the best painting selected from the painting competition of children with special needs was presented to the Prime Minister as a memento on the occasion.

Besides, on the occasion of Bangabandhu’s birthday and Children’s Day, 100 underprivileged students received Tk 2,500 each as a financial grant. Cabinet members, parliamentarians, political leaders and senior officials were present on the occasion.

Pyongyang tested this missile in 2017. Huasong-15 is a two-stage missile. It can carry nuclear warheads. This missile can hit targets 31 thousand kilometers or eight thousand miles away.

In this regard, Tang Yuan, the head of China’s analysis team and a researcher at the Institute of Electronic System Engineering in Beijing, said that this North Korean missile.

Tang and his team’s findings were published February. According to that report, the target of a Huasong-15 missile launched from the launch center of the Sanchon city in the central part of North Korea was Columbia,

According to Chinese observers, the US missile defense system received the signal within 20 seconds of the missile launch from North Korea. Exactly 11 minutes later, a group of defensive missiles took off from Fort Greeley, Alaska.

If for some reason these missiles failed to meet their targets, another batch of defensive missiles would be launched from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. But questions remain about what ultimately happened to North Korea’s missiles.

China has long practiced a defensive defense strategy. The country feared a possible war in and around the western Pacific Ocean. China’s strategy has changed a lot in recent years.

Even Chinese strategists are thinking of a strategy capable of attacking US territory in a war situation. China is thinking this way, especially as the US military presence in the South China Sea, the Taiwan Strait and the Korean Peninsula is more than ever before.

A report by China’s military intelligence agency last January identified US targets for potential hypersonic weapons strikes. Yu Jintao, an intelligence researcher at the Air Force Early Warning Academy in Wuhan, China, said that if China were to attack US soil, the most effective targets would be Yuba County, Ball Airfield in California and the Cape Cod Peninsula.

One of the goals of Tang and his team’s observations is to test how well the U.S. missile defense system can protect the country. According to them, it is capable of playing an effective role against conventional ballistic missiles like the Huasong-15, but not perfectly.

According to Tang and his team, the US missile defense system could make significant improvements in the next few years. However, Beijing and Pyongyang have strongly opposed the deployment of a third US military defense system in South Korea.

Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his potential political successor, said last week that North Korea would insist on self-defense. But the US has no control over the Pacific Ocean. However, despite his comments, North Korea continues to test one missile after another.

Kim Yo Jong, head of North Korea’s State Affairs Commission, also said top US commanders have repeatedly said Pyongyang will shoot down any missile it tests in the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding area. But such military strikes or threats against North Korean strategic weapons in areas not controlled by the US would be considered a declaration of war against Pyongyang.

Burger Shop Tutorials with Source Code – Burger shop website template free download

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