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This tutorial will show you how to make your website dark mode in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This dark mode will make it easier on the eyes and will make the website easier on the eyes. Clinic Website Template – Medical Website Template Free.

This medical website template is developed with HTML CSS and javascript. you can use this website template for your clinic business and showcase your doctor, nurse, and your clinic services.

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It should be remembered that just as there is a need for medical colleges in the country, they have to be standard. If there is a medical college like a frog’s umbrella without keeping the quality right, quality doctors will not be created. Otherwise, the people of the country will not get good service. Therefore, things must be strictly monitored before allowing the construction of medical colleges everywhere.

In these modern times, the developed world is moving forward in medical education. Therefore, in our country also, infrastructure, machinery, laboratories, research materials, and students’ classrooms have to be ensured. For this, these issues have to be monitored on a regular basis. If they don’t exist, they can’t be allowed there. Because medical education is not a garment factory, human life, and death are involved here.

Doctors are evaluated only after God. So if good quality doctors are not made, they will not be able to diagnose the disease properly. If the disease is not diagnosed, the patient will not be treated.

One of the fundamental human rights is medical treatment. We are determined to provide that treatment, we have to guarantee it. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the administration to ensure whatever a medical college has to have, it can not be disturbed.

The shortage of teachers has taken a terrible form. I have also heard that they go out to colleges and take classes one day or two days a week. The shortage of teachers, especially the basic subjects, must be overcome.

However, teachers can no longer be made in a hurry, arrangements have to be made to make teachers for them. Wherever the postgraduate institute is located, the number of seats should be increased, especially in the basic subject.
Again, in private medical colleges, money is given more importance than merit. The amount of money that can be heard is terrible. If we have to get admitted there with money, then we will never get good-quality doctors.

On the other hand, there must be a hospital with a medical website template for college. If there is no clinic website template if there are no patients there, how will the students learn by hand? How will they prescribe (manage) patients in the future if they do not know by hand? However, in the medical colleges that are being run at the present time, there are no hospitals and no patients. But the patient is the medium of learning in the hands of the students on the clinical side. So what will they learn?

There is no end to the slander of doctors. If anything happens, ordinary people defame the doctors. But nothing is needed, including the creation of a medical college, is in the hands of doctors. These are the responsibility of the administration. If the administration does not increase surveillance here, if the administration does not give responsibility, then the entire medical education will be damaged. People will not get good service, the bad name of the doctor will not go away. If necessary, the vigilance team will have to be sent to the medical colleges that are now there, if necessary, the license will be canceled. But without a shortage of teachers, if there is no hospital, a medical college cannot be kept there. It should be remembered that due to lack of trust in the doctors of the country, people go out of the country due to lack of trust, it will increase in the future.

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Quantum Computer – 1 (What is Quantum Computer?)

Simply put, a quantum computer is a computer that directly utilizes the various theories of quantum mechanics. My current (2014) research topic is quantum computers, working as an intern researcher at the Center for Quantum Technology, National University of Singapore. While studying quantum computers, I thought I should write something about them. There are many articles on quantum computers available on the internet, some of them are good but most of them are full of errors and make unrealistic claims. My supervisor Tanvirul Islam who is doing PhD from the same place helped me by reviewing my writing and removing the mistakes.

Mathematical parts will not be written in detail in this text. The purpose of this article is to explain in simple terms what a quantum computer is, how it works, what it can do and what it cannot do. We will learn some new terms at the beginning.


The computers we use are classical computers. Here everything is calculated with 0,1, the presence of certain level of voltage in the circuit is 1, absence is 0. So 0,1 is the unit of information in classical computer called ‘bit’. That qubit could be an electron, a particle or photon of light, a diamond or a molecule of something else. Quantum means the smallest part of something.

Spin and Superposition:

Each of these particles at the quantum level behaves somewhat differently. Each quantum particle has a spin, quite different from the spin of classical mechanics. But for particles with a spin value of 1/2, we can imagine the particle spinning to the right or to the left.

For the sake of understanding, we assume that the qubit value is 1 when it rotates to the right and 0 when it rotates to the left. Now anyone can think that now we will put many qubits separately in the computer and measure their spin to understand 0 or 1, it has become a quantum computer. And since the particles take up very little space, let’s put millions of qubits on a small quantum hard disk! But the measurement is not so easy. A qubit can spin in both directions simultaneously without turning left or right! That means there is no 0 or 1 in the qubit, there is a mixture of two values! This is called superposition. We can’t even imagine how a sphere would rotate left or right simultaneously, but that’s what actually happens.

What is more strange is that when we try to see in which direction the particle in the superposition is rotating, it will start rotating in one direction, there is no way to know in advance which direction it will rotate. Let’s say that when I try to look at the qubit, it starts rotating to the left, then 10 more people try to look at it, but it rotates to the left. But that doesn’t mean he was turning left before I saw it, it could be that he turned right after I saw it. We can figure out the “probability” or “possibility” of which direction it will turn, but we cannot say for sure. It’s not that we are stupid, we know less so we can’t figure it out, in fact it can be proved with mathematical equations that it is not possible to know in advance.

Entanglement and Teleportation:

Another strange thing is entanglement. In simple words, if two things are completely dependent on each other, we can say that two things are entangled. The motion of Earth and Moon is dependent on each other’s gravitational force. Yet we can mark the Earth with position and motion without reference to the Moon, so the two are not entangled.

Now suppose there are two qubits named A and B. They are entangled meaning that one property is entangled with another. As soon as we try to see how qubit A is spinning, the spin of qubit B will be fixed. Before we measured A’s spin, both were spinning left and right simultaneously. As soon as we saw A, A started spinning in either direction, and then B and B would start spinning in either direction instead of simultaneously. That is, by trying to measure one qubit, we specify the direction of another. The surprising thing here is that this happens even if A and B are 10000 light years apart.

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The entanglement issue is unbelievable, but don’t imagine, it actually happens in two labs of scientists. By using entanglement, it is possible to “teleport” the qubit, meaning that the particle can be magically sent to another location without sending it through air or vacuum or any other medium.

But Einstein said that the speed of light can never be exceeded, while I say that it is possible to teleport a qubit 10000 light years away with entanglement, then it must be wrong. In fact, even if the entanglement occurs thousands of light-years away, no information is lost because everything is “probably”. Teleporting can send information, but in that case, to read that information, some simple bits must also be sent to the destination, which does not exceed the speed of light. So information is not going beyond the speed of light here, if you expect to teleport to another galaxy instantly like in the movies, you will be disappointed.

Just mathematical theory?

A proof that these things like magic do not happen only on paper is the “transistor”, with the help of which thousands of devices including computers, mobile phones work. While researching quantum mechanics, scientists have assumed that it is possible to make transistors using these religions, once the technology has improved.

Entanglement, teleportation can now be tested very precisely in the lab. They are also done in the lab where I work.

What is a quantum computer?

Information can be stored in particles at the quantum level, called quantum information. Entanglement, teleportation, superposition, etc. can be used to exchange information, calculate accounts. This is how all calculations are done in a quantum computer. Quantum computers can do many things that cannot be done in ordinary computers. Like prime factorization in polynomial time or reducing the complexity of linear search to square root, simulating chemical reactions etc.

But quantum computers have not yet been built in the lab. D-Wave, bought by Google, is claimed to be a quantum computer, but most scientists believe that D-Wave does not meet all the conditions to be a quantum computer. I have seen many articles claiming that quantum computers will speed up the speed, many say that they can solve the np-complete problem. How much of these claims are true and how much is imagination, what will be the use of quantum computers, where are the obstacles to making quantum computers, these will be discussed in the next episode.

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