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What is Google Adsense? What is required to open an account?

But all of you have heard the name of Google AdSense but do not know how it works! Usually those who have websites and YouTube channels can earn money through Google Adsense. Many do not know about it at all, and many know a little. This article is for those who don’t know. Today we will discuss in detail the strategy of getting Google AdSense.

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What is Google Adsense?

Adsense or Google Adsense is a service of search engine giant Google. Through which Google pays YouTubers and bloggers for displaying ads on YouTubers’ channels and displaying ads on bloggers’ blogs. Simply put, it is an advertisement publishing program that is Google’s own product. If you pay attention, you can see different types of ads in YouTube videos or blogs! This is an example of Google Adsense! Because these ads are provided through Google Adsense! So that by clicking or visiting you can earn a certain amount of money!

Google AdSense is a perfect means of income for those who want to earn from blog or YouTube! The proof of which is all around us. Those who are using this blog website or YouTube and capitalizing on Google AdSense are generating income very well. You too can succeed in this sector by following their path!

Digital Agency – Company Website Template HTML Free Download

What is required to open a Google Adsense account?

Earning by opening a Google Adsense account has become quite popular these days! One of the reasons is that it doesn’t require any complex information to apply! First of all you need to open google adsense account, if you want to earn through google adsense. After getting Google AdSense approval, your income will start generating! Let’s find out what information is required to open a Google AdSense account:-

A Google ID will be required to open a Google Adsense account! In this case, a Gmail account will be needed!

An active mobile number is required for account verification.

A real address is required to send the verification letter.

In the last part you will need the most useful tools to earn money online from Google Adsense i.e. website or YouTube channel.

If you can confirm the above materials, you can easily apply for Google Adsense!

When to apply Adsense?

In the case of blog sites, the more unique posts you have on your blog site or website, the easier it is to get AdSense. But in my opinion, the most secure way is to have at least 50 posts on the website! But you keep writing posts regularly! At some point, when you see that the amount of articles has reached the threshold of 50 over 40, you will decide to apply for Google AdSense!

But in this case, if you fill the site with random content without providing unique and quality content, even applying for AdSense will be of no use! Because Google AdSense authorities will later reject your application. Also keep in mind that each category has more than 5 contents. No category can be left blank at all. Also check whether About us, Contact Us, Privacy policy pages are available on the website, if not, create them. And if you don’t have a quality website then you can contact us to get a good quality website.

We have all types of ready made websites which you can use very easily. Or we can make it according to your own preference. So contact us today.

If you want to generate income from Google Adsense using YouTube, you must upload copyright free videos. Also, any type of adult video cannot be published at all. In case of YouTube you need to ensure 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscriptions in a year before applying for Google AdSense. It is necessary.

Google Adsense Approval Tips

Now let’s discuss about Google AdSense Approval Tips.

In case of blog site:

Those who have a habit of writing can generate income using Google Adsense through websites! In this case, just write some content and apply as you wish! You will also need to follow several tips. The tips are discussed below:-

Word count:

When you write a 200 word post and publish it on a website and do so, you think that many posts have been made. AdSense will be approved now! This type of thinking is completely wrong. Can any topic be discussed in detail in just 200 words? Of course not!

A blog usually presents the topic in an open discussion. So write blog posts with minimum 500 words to get google adsense approved. But if you want to know the standard value of word count in blog I would say 500 words is no number for blogging. It is best to write content of 1000 words or more in a blog post. However, blogs between 500 and 800 words will be considered medium-sized blogs.

Copyright content should be removed at the beginning of the blog or website. Copy and paste a single line and upload it to the blog site, but you will face problems in getting AdSense approved. Remember that stealing someone’s writing will not get you far in your blogging career. If you somehow steal someone’s writing and publish it on your blog/website, Google will catch it very easily! So beware! Don’t be overly clever about your blog.

Number of pages:

Many times you create a blog or website and upload various posts and apply for AdSense. Later it is seen that the authorities have rejected it. Among the several reasons for this, one of the reasons is that your blog or website is known to Google as baseless. Because your site does not have the four pages that are mandatory for a blog site. As a result, your site is of no importance to Google. So apply for Google Adsense only after confirming these 4 pages

Create a contact page and get it indexed by Google. In this case, online contact form voucher code is available! Choose any one of these and set it. You will complete the Google index phase by creating an About Us page by writing completely what your website is related to and what kind of service or post you are providing through this website. Set certain conditions for your blog or website.

Digital Agency – Company Website Template HTML Free Download

Which will make your website meaningful to Google. This page should also be indexed. Finally, for the purpose of protecting your website or blog, create a page called privacy policy and get it indexed by Google and then decide to apply for Google Adsense.

Don’t rush to get Google AdSense approval tomorrow if you open a blog or website today. Take at least 1 month! 2/3 months is even better. If you apply if you have 50+ posts on the blog, you will get Google AdSense approved very quickly.

In the case of YouTube:

You cannot apply for Google AdSense unless you have at least 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel. The videos to be uploaded to the channel must have a total viewership of more than 4000 hours. Copyright free video uploads should continue.

You will get opportunity to apply only after everything is done correctly.


Hope I have been able to give details about Google AdSense. Before applying for Google Adsense, you should understand this completely. Otherwise, various problems may arise later. I hope you understand. Thanks for being with us. If you like it, please comment and share your opinion with us. Your kind opinion increases our interest in writing a little more.

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