FAQs On freelancing career and Advice for newbies

Freelancing Career and Advice for Newbies

Working in a freelancing marketplace requires a minimum of some qualifications. One of these qualifications is to decorate or complete your own profile. If you complete one step, a certain amount is completed. Such as.. 50% … 80% of… 100% if it is completely complete. However, after being 100% complete, there is more to be done. Freelancing Career and Advice for Newbies.

But for those who cannot complete 100%, who do not have minimum qualifications, how will they work in marketplaces? Marketplaces have to give two exams to complete this 100%. In which department do you work? The test of basic knowledge. Now if you can not take the test, then you should learn the subject first.

How bizarre is it to ask those who do freelancing to complete their profile? You have to work, if you get work, no one else will do it. And even if someone else does, you will not be able to satisfy your client properly. Your career will suffer. So it is necessary to learn these things on your own.

You can ask someone to understand how to give the exam, and how to do well in the exam if you do not understand something. If you have a problem, you can take advice on how to solve it. At first, everyone had a problem. So it’s not a bad thing to ask. The bad thing is to request someone to complete your profile, to give your exam to someone.

It’s not the purpose of writing to make someone small. The purpose is to tell. The purpose is to say that if you can’t learn anything. If you don’t know where to learn from, ask someone. Everyone will help you with resources. But no one will do your job. It will harm you…

For those who are new, keep learning. Spend some time. If nothing happens, read about the same thing over and over again. It will be…


Reinforcement learning

The manifestation of human intelligence is not only in seeing and hearing, but also in the movements of hands and feet, such as walking, running, sports, etc. Underlying all this is a kind of control ability, which is partly innate and partly learned. It is also a type of intelligence, which is not rational, and operates largely from a subconscious level.

Imparting such capabilities to machines is not easy at all. It is a huge challenge to make a robot move stably and reliably, by estimating the mass of each of the robot’s limbs, calculating how much current should flow through each of its motors, and following the laws of kinematics and control. In this case, robots can acquire these skills through continuous learning rather than relying entirely on formulas. Neural networks and deep learning are very relevant in this regard. But another concept also comes to mind – reinforcement learning (reinforcement learning) [2].

It is a learning method in which the robot determines its actions partly based on its previous experience and partly randomly. According to the results of an action, its experience is modified and the pattern of determining future actions also changes. In this way the robot gradually becomes more and more efficient. This is a very effective method of learning, and this is how we acquire most skills. It just takes a lot of learning time. So usually some basic teaching is done in simulation, i.e. making a model on the computer. Then, in the real world, the robot builds on that experience and gradually becomes proficient by learning from mistakes on the job. This learning continues without any supervision. Some precautions have to be taken to avoid any damage to the robot from mistakes.

The future of AI

An important contribution of AI to our environment will be driverless cars. By understanding the surroundings with cameras and range sensors, this car moves forward by itself. Just tell the destination. Its technology is almost ready. Google and Uber have also run a limited number of cars. It will take some more time to make it more reliable. A special advantage of this is that every motorized vehicle follows the traffic rules keeping in mind the overall safety, so the chances of accidents are greatly reduced.

In addition, automated industrial robots are being developed, which can see and hear everything in its workspace and decide how to perform the assigned task. Many times he has to work hand in hand with people. In that case, people have to promise the safety of their colleagues to the robot. Flexible robots are being developed that can exert sufficient force for the task, but soften themselves in anticipation of an unexpected collision with a human colleague. Gore’s ideas of AI originated within a few decades of the invention of the computer. Although they have been much refined and refined since then, AI’s recent success is mainly based on high-quality sensors, small computer size, high speed of calculation, and infinite storage capacity. AI through mobile has enriched all of our lives today to various extents. As computers continue to get smaller and faster, their intrusion into many of our daily uses is inevitable. The fifth generation internet also has its systems. It is difficult to imagine what the consequences will be. A myriad of computer chips and sensors surround us in all our activities, helping us get things done. Will it suffocate us? Even if it seems so now, in time we may find the ability and encouragement to keep up with him.

What can we ultimately expect from AI? A humanoid robot, that is, a robot that looks like a human, that can be my companion and give information or advice on various things, encourage me when I am confused, or help me with tasks. The first of these is largely mastered. Google Assistant is the predecessor of Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, or Microsoft’s Cortana, although they speak from behind a computer. There have also been human-like talking robots – like America’s Sophia, Japan’s Erica, etc. For them, mastering the humane manner of speaking is more important than the prudence of speech. Although renowned logician Harish Natarajan defeated IBM’s Project Debater, everyone was impressed by how much relevant information the computer could provide to support its arguments.

Such is the ability of computers to reason, reason and tell stories. Robots do not yet have the ability to move and perform tasks like humans. Most experimental robots can operate in controlled environments. Boston Dynamics, however, has created several robots whose mobility is remarkable. But robots that can mate with us have not yet been created. It will surely be made sometime. Then can this group of infinitely powerful robots dominate the people as in the story? Many speculations can be made about this. But no matter how human-like or even stronger and more efficient a robot is, it will only obey our commands. We still do not understand what human consciousness is. It is in the light of this consciousness that we have affection, love, desire, ambition, passion, creativity, even sadness, jealousy, hatred. As long as robots do not have consciousness, robots will be our slaves. we are safe But by the same token the personality of the robot will not be enriched enough to give us the joy of real friendship, to gain trust.

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