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Software Architect

This designation is for more experienced web developers. The job of software architect is not yet developed in Bangladesh. Software architects typically make the most high-level design choices. Proposals for various technical standards — such as coding standards, tools, or platforms — come from software architects. Architecture of hardware environment, or design methodology of code – software architect also engages in these.

It started as a junior

Junior web developer is the entry job of web developers in our country’s industry. In this case of course the industry will assume that you know some work and since you are being paid from the beginning, you will be given small tasks from the beginning. Junior web developers are mainly tasked with following instructions.

Generally, the complete website vision is not created without experience. So in this case, a junior developer should follow the instructions and learn as much as possible by doing small tasks, so that the ability to give these instructions is created. This learning must be done on your own, as most organizations will expect you to learn to push.

After that, there are web developer or software engineer positions in many organizations from junior to senior. In these positions you may not have to work on any big picture scenarios, but you will have to build small components of the website without anyone’s instructions. If the company is confident that you have this ability, then the company will give you that responsibility.

Junior web developer or level-1 web developer time in Bangladesh is very short. Promotions happen very quickly in the industries of this country, even within six months to a year. Therefore, it is very important to internalize the experiences gained during this time, said Md. Khawsar Habib.
Then Senior Programmer

After being promoted and becoming a senior web developer, the key to this position is management and the larger vision. Senior web developer means you will have multiple web developers working under you. You will complete the big projects assigned to you. Work on the project by having your subordinate web developers work on different parts of the project and then adjust the whole. This is where your leadership will come into play and the proper practice of which will be very useful in the future stages of your career.

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Apparently, the labor seems to be less in delivering the work, but the experience and skill required here is much more. Which protocol should be chosen to work on a project, which framework should be done — these decisions are for senior web developers to make. Think about software or website architecture, scalability. The difficult or challenging parts of the project are also usually taken up by senior developers, which juniors do not have the expertise to tackle.
Team Leader or Project Manager

Major projects come to senior developers from team leaders. The team leader has to be the most visionary because his vision has to be future-proof. Team leaders have to think about whether the project that is being undertaken today will be viable in two or three years, and whether the changes that may need to be made can be made now or not.

And he must have the responsibility of looking after whether the work done by the senior developers is correct or not. In that case, different specific requirements are created at different times for the needs of the company – the burden of explaining them to the senior developers and getting them properly is on the shoulders of the team leader.

The team leader has to think about multiple projects together and understand if those tasks are progressing properly from a global context. Nowadays the world of tech is very changing, there the team leader has to take the responsibility of staying updated as everyone follows his orders. So the team leader has to do the least amount of hands-on coding, but the most knowledge has to be kept.

Also soft skills are most needed for team leaders. The soft skills required for developers will be discussed further in this article.
How is the freelance route of web development?

In this regard, Sakibul Islam and Md. Khawsar Habib both expressed almost the same opinion. They are not biased towards making a career in freelancing. Because freelancers are usually tasked with doing small jobs.

For example, doing freelancing separately won’t require you to work on real-life scalability, or worry about site efficiency as much. Your managerial skills, ability to work in a team — these will also be lacking.

Most of all, doing the same work over and over again destroys the creativity of the freelancers. Therefore, at the very beginning of the web development career, freelancing can be done for a few days, but trying to make a full career there is a wrong idea, according to Sakibul Islam. Because there isn’t much opportunity to develop yourself, freelancing can make you lose your usefulness in the job market without realizing it.

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Soft skills that should be practiced in a web development career

Md. What came up again and again in discussions with Kawsar Habib and Saqibul Islam was the need for managerial skills for web developers. Everyone has more or less coding skills to tackle the type of coding required in an organization. But what really makes the difference between the two developers is management skills. Even at one stage of career many do MBA to acquire management skills, and it is useful for future.

One who can manage multiple responsibilities simultaneously, manage multiple people simultaneously, keep customers satisfied and superiors satisfied—can secure the most beautiful future in an organization. Even if you want to become a tech entrepreneur yourself, this skill is most needed.

Communication here means the ability to convey something without hesitation. A web developer must have the ability to communicate confidently with clients, colleagues, and designers throughout his web development career. The biggest thing here is to explain highly technical things to non-technical people. Because while other web developers may understand the industry jargon of the web development world, it goes without saying that clients may not. This skill is also needed in collaboration with other teams in the company while developing a product.
Emotional Intelligence:

Developing good emotional intelligence is essential for a web developer. Understanding what the client wants, being able to manage the ego with them and conveying one’s side, being able to understand whether the client is satisfied or dissatisfied – these must be able to do well in the career. If you want to keep your happiness in your daily professional life if you work for a company, you have to maintain good relations with everyone. In that case, emotional intelligence is truly one of the most important skills.
Attention to Details:

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A very small mistake can render the entire website or app you have developed useless. So the ability to pay close attention to detail can help a web developer a lot.
Work Ethic:

Web developers often have to work under very tight deadlines, sometimes under a lot of pressure. Coding isn’t always fun either. Succeeding as a web developer can be a bit difficult if you don’t have some patience and ability to work under pressure. But if you have the habit of working with regular hours, these problems are reduced a lot. So a good work ethic can come in handy for a web developer.
Learning can never be stopped

Web development is a dynamic field. Cultures are constantly changing here and languages are evolving rapidly. Keeping track of all these things together is a bit difficult to say the least. But learning can never stop for web developers in the context of this country.
Learn from various online forums and platforms

There is no substitute for regularly visiting online forums to stay updated about your field. Communities on Quora and Reddit are always very active. Md. According to Qawsar Habib, these forums should be regularly searched for in one’s specialized field. Also Stack Overflow can be a good resource.

It is better to keep the focus on career while using social media. There are many groups of developers on Facebook where if you join you can get the latest updates in your field right on the homepage. Twitter’s online community of web developers is also quite active, and can be tapped into if needed.
Must read books

The importance of the habit of reading books has come up again and again in the discussion of Khawsar Habib and Sakibul Islam. It is important not only for technical skills but also for soft skills. For technical skills one must read the latest books in one’s field, but for soft skills, like management skills, leadership skills, communication — there are many good books on these and the books can really change your personal life. So even if you can make a habit of reading such self-help nonfiction books, it will be useful in your professional life.
Online tutorial

Apart from this, various good quality online tutorials are also available from the forums. A web developer should always stick with some online course. Surfing about it on YouTube is also essential.
You have to give time to yourself every day

The best way to maintain all of this is to set aside some time each day to give back to yourself. If a developer doesn’t spend several hours every day on himself, at some point he will find that he has lost his usefulness in the crowd of young developers. So you must give time to yourself every day.
Boost your learning ability too

But when it comes to learning, you have to ask yourself how you are learning. Entering the career means you have definitely learned a lot at this stage. Now look back and ask yourself,

         Was your learning process productive?
         Could this learning be done more quickly and effectively?
         If you were to learn the same thing again, would you learn it the same way?

Complete Responsive Free Charity Website Design – HTML – CSS -JS- 100% Free Download.

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