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Now let’s come to the part that I originally started writing to teach, online jazz hand writing. When you solve a problem the online judge will tell you whether it is correct or not. Online Judge is actually a type of online software that checks your code and tells you within seconds whether it is correct or not. There are tons of online jazz to practice.

You may know that one of these widgets is created by a Bangladeshi, the widget is called lightoj, created by Jane Alam Jan of Dhaka University who is currently working at Google. But we will start with the most popular UVa online judge among Bangladeshis, it is developed by Valladolid University of Spain, the link is You first open an account here.

After opening the account, go to the “Contest Volumes” link on the left from browse problems. There you will see volume C, volume CI etc written as above. You click on volume C. There you will see a list of problems.

The right columns show how many solved the problem and how many tried. The more people who have solved the problem, the easier it is likely to be. You scroll down and click on problem 10055 – Hashmat the Brave Warrior. The problem was set by Shahriar Manzoor from Bangladesh, he is a very famous problem setter and one of the very few people in the world to judge the World Final. Once you read the problem, I explain.

Grocery Website Design Free Download HTML CSS JavaScript

Any problem can be divided into 3 parts. The first part contains the description of the problem. Next is the “Input” section. This section tells you what kind of value you need to solve the problem for. The “Output” section contains how to print the output. Some sample input/output are given for ease of understanding. But it is not the jazz input.

But only problem setters know what is in the real judge input file, you or I will not be given that, you will be told what type of input is in the input file, how big is the input file, how big are the numbers or strings to be input etc. For each input you have to print the output according to the instructions given in the problem. Jazz has an answer file.

Judge will move the output you print to another output file. Then compare the output from your code with that in the answer file. This is why you can’t print anything extra to the output, like in a hashmat problem if you print “the answer is 10” nicely on every line, you just have to print the answer as it says. You don’t have to worry about files, you just work with printf, scanf, and judge handles files.

Now you will write a solution.

I gave the image without giving the code directly so that no one copy-pastes and misses the fun of writing the first solution. Maybe you haven’t seen such use of scanf inside while, for now know that if you write like this, your code will work as long as 2 numbers are input, the code will terminate when the file ends (EOF=end of file). Write this code and input the sample inputs with the keyboard to see if it matches the output. Note that only the output part is saved in a different file and compared to Jazz.

Now click on quick submit on the left. The problem ID is 10055 which is written above the problem itself. Select language C++ 4.5.3.

Then click on submit button. If the jazz server is fine, it will be jazzed up in a few seconds. Now click on my submissions on the left. “Accepted” will show when it is done. That means your code is correct, you just solved your first problem in online jazz!! If there are many server problems at UVa that delay the verdict, then you have to wait a bit, but that is rare. The verdicts you can get after submitting the code are:

Wrong answer: Your solution is wrong. Although your code gives the correct answer for sample input, it cannot give the original input file of Jazz. For example, in the hashmat problem it is said that up to 2^32-1 will be input, the limit of normal integer is 2^31-1, so if you don’t use long long, you will get wrong answer. wrong answer Actually think for which input your program is not working.

Time limit exceeded: You may have seen writing on the problem time limit: 3 seconds, that means you have to give output within 3 seconds for all the inputs, if the time is exceeded then you will get this verdict. Then think about how to optimize the code. We don’t usually assume that up to 10^8 loops can be run in 1 second.

Run time error: Your code has stopped executing for some reason. Like maybe somewhere you are trying to divide by null or your array size is too small.

Grocery Website Design Free Download HTML CSS JavaScript

Presentation error: You will get this verdict if you print extra space in the code. That means your solution is correct but the printing format is not correct. It is usually very easy to remove these eros.

Accepted: Your solution is correct, congratulations, now solve another problem.

Now click on My uHunt with Virtual Contest Service link on the left. This site was created by Felix Halim of the National University of Singapore. Here you can easily see all your statistics, after submitting you can see the verdict here. From the “Next Problems to Solve” section below, you can find the problem to solve, first solve all the easy problems, then start solving difficult problems to improve your skills.

You can see your position in the “World Ranklist” section. You can find the link of any problem very easily by putting the problem id in the search problems box at the top. Besides, there are some other work tools on this site, you will understand after a little digging.

Grocery Website Design Free Download HTML CSS JavaScript

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