How do you know how old the kitten is?

Today we discuss How do you know how old the kitten is?

Sometimes we don’t realize how old the cat is. This is very important to know because eating, treating, and misjudging the age can harm kittens. A cat’s age can be determined by its behavior and some physical signs. But an experienced vet can determine the age very early. How do you know how old the kitten is?

Now we tell you about How do you know how old the kitten is.

How Can You Tell the Age of a Kitten? – Determining a Cat’s Age | How Old is My Cat – How to Tell How Old a Kitten Is – How Old Is That Kitten? Kitten Progression: At-a-Glance

Newborn – 7 days:

Weight will be 3-4 oz.

Eyes and ears will be closed.

The skin will be pink.

A partial pulse may be seen in the abdomen near the navel. On the 3rd day, it falls.

The body trembles a little.

The nose and forehead are parallel.

Week 1 – Week 2:

Weight will be 6-8oz.

Eyes and ears will partially open.

The eye color is usually dark blue.

My stomach crawls a little bit.

Can hold the head and neck up for a while.

Eats and sleeps most of the time.

Can’t poop and pee alone.

The nose begins to rise a little.

2 weeks – 3 weeks:

Weight will be 6-12 ounces.

Eyes will open completely.

Can sit and touch objects with paws.

Can walk a little bit and starts playing with something close by.

The voice grew louder.

Little teeth start growing in the gums and want to bite everything.

Ears begin to open at 14 days and are fully opened at 21 days.

3 Weeks – 4 Weeks:

Weight will be 8-12 oz.

Can walk well and run with jumps.

Can poop and pee alone.

Can understand and look at sound.

Eye color begins to change.

Can lick himself clean.

4 weeks – 5 weeks:

Weight will be 12 ounces – 1 pound.

Can scratch the ground.

Can run and wants to climb high.

Food other than milk can be eaten little by little.

Prefers playing more than sleeping.

Learns to recognize the litter box.

Wisdom teeth and gums emerge.

Week 5 – Week 6:

Weight will be 1 lb-1.5 lb.

Don’t want to stay in one place.

Learn to be social.

Eye color changes completely.

Stops drinking milk.

Learn to hunt.

More than 6 weeks:

Learns to eat all kinds of food.

Can use litter box regularly.

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Introduction: Cats are mammals and quadrupeds. It looks like a tiger. That is why the cat is called ‘tiger’s aunt’. According to zoologists, tigers and cats are related animals. Cats can easily understand people’s moods and emotions.

Physical Description: The cat’s body is covered with thick and soft hair. Cats have two ears, two eyes, one nose, one head and one tail. Its teeth and claws are very sharp. They have soft pads under their feet. The cat can move silently as the claws are hidden in this pupuli.

Color: Cats are usually white, black, red, brown, gray etc.

Diet: Cat’s favorite food is milk. Besides, they also eat fish, rice, meat etc. They also catch and eat various types of insects.

Habitat: Cats are very comfortable animals. They always love to be clean. They sleep comfortably next to the blanket, on people’s beds or on chair mattresses. When they are hungry, they call. Their sense of smell is strong. They can see well in the dark. They get camels for hunting at night. Cats hunt mice. Female cats give birth to four to five cubs at a time. They love to live in close proximity to people.

Location: Cats are found in almost all countries of the world. They also live in forests. Cats living in forests are called forest cats.

Benefits: Cats provide many benefits to humans. They kill rats and other harmful insects. Most homes have cats. Pet cats play a significant role in the entertainment of people with various games and gestures.

Disadvantages: In addition to benefiting humans, cats also do harm. If they get a chance, they steal fish, meat, milk and eat food. In addition, cats spread the germs of diphtheria.

Conclusion: Cats are beneficial friends of humans even if they cause harm in some cases. We should be kind and caring towards them.

I have a cat, her name is Minnie. she is very beautiful His skin color is white, when I went to buy the cat, it was hidden among many cats. Father did not want to buy him. It was with great difficulty that I convinced my father. Then when I took it home, my younger brother said, such a beautiful cat, this is our cat. I said, yes! Then my brother brought a small ball and started playing with the cat. Since then Mini has remained with us like a member of our family.

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