How to Make JavaScript Bubble Shooter Game Project

In this tutorial, we will learn how to make a bubble shooter game. We will start by learning about the basic JavaScript code that we need to make the game work. After that, we will learn about adding images and making them more fun. How to Make JavaScript Bubble Shooter Game Project Tutorial | Learn JavaScript Project

We will then learn how to use JavaScript to detect when the player has won the game and add an ending sequence. By the end of this tutorial, you will have a fully working bubble shooter game.

Bubble Shooter is a free online game that you can play on any browser or mobile device. It is a classic game that has been around since the 1990s. Bubble Shooter is a very simple game that can be played with just a mouse or a touchscreen.

The Bubble Shooter game is a fun, addictive, and easy-to-learn game. In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to make a Bubble Shooter game using HTML and JavaScript. You will learn how to make a basic game like this as well as how to make a more advanced version of the game. If you have any experience with either HTML or JavaScript, then you will be able to follow this tutorial. If you don’t know either of these languages, then this tutorial will show you how to learn them quickly and easily

Traveloka has decided that the new engineering team will be based in Singapore. There are already several hundred engineers at the head office in Jakarta. When I joined, there was only 1 engineer in the engineering team in Singapore, he was our team leader.

I and another Vietnamese engineer joined together in September 2017. Then our office is right in front of Singapore’s famous tourist area, Marina Bay, from the window you can see Marina Bay and Sands Hotel, the hustle and bustle of countless tourists, and the statue of Merlion after a 2-minute walk.

How to Make JavaScript Bubble Shooter Game Project Tutorial | Learn JavaScript Project

Of course I am not the one in the picture :). Of course it was a shared office, after a few months we moved to our own office, now the office is much bigger but I can’t see this scene anymore.

I thought that the first 1-2 months will teach work, but what! Before 1 week passed, it was announced that the product will be released within 3 months, 3 of us have to do almost all the work, the expectation during the probation period is to release the product! A typical company has a probation period for the first few months, during which the company can fire you if the performance is poor.

I had no hardcore software engineering experience yet, had built a few small features on hackerrank but that was a huge difference to building an entire project almost from scratch. Even then the product requirement was not clear, there was no guideline on how to do it, they threw me completely into the sea and told me to learn satar. The first 3 months were spent under a lot of stress, we had to spend 1 week at the head office in Jakarta because we were all in Jakarta except for 3 engineers, so if we needed any help, we had no choice but to go there.

It was not possible to release the product in 3 months, due to licensing complications, the release was delayed by 1 month at the last minute. Finally in mid-December we released the product. Then gradually some more engineers joined the team and gradually the maddening pressure subsided.

Currently at Traveloka, at least our team has a very good work-life balance, we can easily leave the office at 10am by 6pm, with separate time for lunch, billiards and table tennis! Now the Singapore office is very big, I have 12 engineers in my team, there are also several other teams, more than 60 engineers in total and many more will get jobs in the future.

The first 3 months at Traveloka was a huge learning period for me, I really thought I would never pass the probation, even though my Vietnamese colleagues had done a lot of work beforehand, I couldn’t because of my lack of experience. It took a while to realize that not all business success strategies are the same. The strategy that I did well in contests cannot be done well in software engineering.

To be an engineer, not only the code works, the code has to be maintainable, scalable, and must be readable, you have to know how to design databases, you have to know how to use the cloud. And it’s not just coding well, understanding requirements, negotiating with product managers, collaborating with team members, documentation and many other skills are required to be a good engineer.

No one asks you to write code and match the output with a nice problem statement like in a job contest. The product manager does not think deeply about the problem while giving the requirement, you have to find out what the problem is by thinking deeply and you have to solve it. So what programming contest is futile?

No, if you are not good at Algorithm at all you will be eliminated in the first round of interview, your logical thinking ability will help a lot by contesting. And if you’re lucky, you might get a job at a company where you also implement algorithms, but most of the time you’ll spend your time arranging modules like Lego blocks into a larger structure.

The advantage of joining a new team is that even if it is difficult at first, there is an opportunity to learn a lot, you can keep this in mind while entering the job. Not just coding, the whole team culture is created with new members, that story will be another day.

How to Make JavaScript Bubble Shooter Game Project Tutorial | Learn JavaScript Project

I did similar work for the first 1 year, the excitement of learning a new job for the first 5-6 months gradually reduced and turned into routine work. The new domain is supposed to work from this year, but the domain cannot be said before it is released!

This is my starting experience as a software engineer. Then maybe someday I will write about how we have developed a team culture at Traveloka, how we explore new technologies. Good luck.

String matching: Knuth-Morrison-Pratt (KMP) algorithm

Today we will learn string matching using KMP algorithm. The term KMP is derived from the names of 3 computer scientists Donald Knuth, James H. Morris and Vaughan Pratt.

Our problem is that two strings text and pattern are given, we have to tell whether the pattern string is substring inside the text. For example, suppose the text is “MOD”, this string has 6 substrings “M”, “O”, “D”, “MO”, “OD” and “MOD”, now if pattern = “MO” we will return true .

Time complexity of string matching using bruteforce algorithm is O(n∗m)

, where n and m are the text and pattern lengths. But using KMP is O(n+m)

Patterns can be found in complexity.

We will first learn the bruteforce algorithm and as we learn, we will see that we are doing some things over and over that we don’t need to do if we think a little more intelligently. From there we will learn KMP algorithm. It is a bit difficult for me to explain the KMP algorithm without a notebook-pen or white-board, but I am trying, I hope you read the text slowly and carefully rather than trying to read it quickly.

Suppose our text is “abababacd” and pattern is “ababac”. In the bruteforce algorithm, we loop through each index in the text and try to find the pattern.

How to Make JavaScript Bubble Shooter Game Project Tutorial | Learn JavaScript Project

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