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The government says that this decision has been taken due to the housing crisis. But the European Union has been pressuring Portugal to stop it for a long time. Because they think that money laundering opportunities are created through this visa.

Under the Golden Visa, rich foreign nationals would get a permanent residence permit in Schengen countries if they invested five lakh euros. Portugal introduced this visa in 2012.

At least 12,000 investors have availed this opportunity in the last 12 years. As a result, the investors along with their family members have legal residence in the European Union.

In the end, Portugal has to withdraw from the golden visa under the pressure of the European Union. Prime Minister Antonio Costa said the visa program will end on March 16.

Ana Gomes, a member of the Socialist Party of the European Parliament, has been opposing Portugal’s decision to attract wealthy foreigners with investment opportunities.

Portugal should not have introduced such a visa,” he said.

Gomes also said that this visa encourages money laundering, “through which many criminals and terrorist organizations have the opportunity to legally enter the Schengen zone.”

According to Gomes, more than half of the applicants for golden visas are citizens of countries known for money laundering. Rather, he claimed that Portugal never questioned the source of the money in hopes of investment.

Even a decade ago, Portugal’s economy was not so good. Basically, the country gave the golden visa opportunity to boost the economy through investment. However, it has some benefits.

But despite the talk of investment, foreign investors have bought luxury apartments in and around Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, without creating new businesses or employment. Most of them are from China. Then there are Brazilians, Turks, South Africans and Russians.

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About seven billion euros have been added to Portugal’s economy through this visa facility. 90% of this money has been invested in real estate or housing sector.

Statistics from the Portuguese Immigration and Border Service show that only 22 visas have been issued to create employment. As a result, only 280 people have been employed in the last 10 years.

The Portuguese Association of Real Estate Developers and Investors has expressed disappointment at the decision to stop the process of granting permanent residence through the Golden Visa.

“This decision is an attack on all foreigners interested in investing in Portugal,” said the association’s president, Hugo Santos Ferreira.

The housing businessman also believes that Portugal will “lose its credibility and reputation as an investment-friendly country”.

Santos Ferreira said that Portugal needs international investors to strengthen its economy and this opportunity to generate six hundred million euros per year should not be missed.

Santos Ferreira, representative of the country’s housing business, also claimed that thousands of jobs have been created in the construction and housing sectors due to the golden visa.

Portugal succumbs to skyrocketing housing prices and EU pressure

Property prices in Portugal have skyrocketed in the past few years. Especially in the two main cities of the country, Lisbon and Porto, this problem is the most. Critics say the Golden Visa is to blame.

Many citizens of European Union countries have also bought houses or apartments there. As a result, the Portuguese have lost the financial ability to buy houses in their own country.

Ana Gomes said, “Golden visas are responsible for the increase in housing prices. And keeping this incident in front, the government has got the opportunity to take the initiative to stop such visas.”

Gomes sees the government’s decision to end the golden visa because of rising house prices as an “excuse”. He said Portugal had to come to this decision due to pressure from the European Union.

When war broke out in Ukraine, Russians were banned from investing in Portugal and excluded from the Golden Visa program.

However, it remains to be seen what the Portuguese government thinks about those who have taken advantage of the golden visa opportunity to legally reside in the Schengen zone.

Presumably, among those who have started to live permanently in Portugal, an exemption may be granted. But for those who are not living with permanent residence permit, there may be a new decision.

IT Company Portfolio – Software Company Website Design Free

According to the news of this Indian media, water will be diverted and more agricultural land in Jalpaiguri and Cooch Bihar of West Bengal will be brought under irrigation.

According to the news, Jalpaiguri district administration has handed over about 1000 acres of land to the Irrigation Department in the presence of West Bengal Irrigation Minister Partha Bhowmik on Friday. This land will be used for digging two canals on the left bank of Teesta Apart from this another river flowing through Jalpaiguri district water from Jaldhaka will be diverted to the canal for irrigation.

Bangladeshi and Indian analysts say, as a result, the Teesta water flow in Bangladesh will decrease further

According to The Daily Telegraph, a 32 km canal will be dug up to Changrabandha in Cooch Behar district to take water from Teesta and Jaldhaka. Another 15 km long canal will be dug on the left bank of Teesta As a result, about one lakh farmers will get irrigation facilities

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The area Now 1.04 lakh hectares of land can be irrigated through the project West Bengal Irrigation Minister said on Friday, “Jalpaiguri district administration has handed over 1,000 acres of land to us for digging canals.

The central government (in 2009) declared it a national project, but did not provide funds Even if we don’t get the funds, we will try to complete the work (construction of canal network) in phases.”

The West Bengal government’s decision to dig a new canal under the Tinta Barrage project after more than 20 years will cause more damage to Bangladesh.

Professor Dr. Climate and River Science of Bangladesh. “This is their plan 60 years ago,” Ainun Nishat told Deutsche Welle That is what they are implementing As a result we will die more due to lack of water The more water they draw, the more damage we will suffer Now we have no choice but to cry? What do we have to do? What the government has to do.”

Water.” How many questions are there now? The first question is when will they withdraw the water? If they withdraw all the water in the dry season, there is no question of taking that water, because the water is not there in the dry season! Second question, the two barrage projects of Bangladesh and India in the Teesta basin, the demand for water is highest in September-October.

Then some water comes in the river, Bangladesh also gets some water Bangladesh gets the bottom line after India withdraws all the water for its projects Now if India withdraws more water from that bottom, then there will be severe loss in Amon season of Bangladesh Rangpur, Bogra, Jaipurhat, i.e. Teesta project areas will be severely affected The Mahananda Basin will be severely affected.”

Department of Geography at the University of North Bengal in Siliguri told The Telegraph. This means less water will be available for Bangladesh during the dry season.

And India’s environmentalist Dr. Deepayan told Deutsche Welle, “Any river has to hold a certain amount of water, which in scientific terms is called ‘environmental flow’.” Teesta water is already flowing under it due to multiple dams If two more canals are constructed, the water level will go down further Because, that canal will be cut by stopping the normal flow of Teesta This will cause massive damage to the environment and the condition of the Teesta will worsen.”

According to Deepayan, India shares the waters of the Indus River with Pakistan, so India’s policy is the same, but India’s policy on Teesta water sharing is the opposite. For this, India needs to be heard on the international stage If two new canals are built, Bangladesh will get less Teesta water This will worsen India’s position on the international stage It will also affect relations with Bangladesh.

Bangladesh water expert engineer Imamul Haque said in this context, “India cannot do this according to international law.” According to the Water Course Convention of 1997, India is supposed to compensate the damage we are suffering However,

this convention comes into effect again if there is an agreement between the two countries But since 2011 there is no agreement between our two countries There should have been a solution through a diplomatic negotiation; But it didn’t happen Both countries have historical rights to the river But India is using Teesta water unilaterally by depriving us of our rights They draw all the water.”

He said, “This water is being sent outside West Bengal.” We must now carry out more vigorous diplomatic activities Mamata says water is being blocked in Sikkim Sikkim cannot do that We should want to know where they are being held.”

IT Company Portfolio - Software Company Website Design Free
IT Company Portfolio – Software Company Website Design Free

Former Ambassador Major General (Retd.) Shahidul Haque thinks, “What is being heard about Teesta now is a very unfriendly move. Now it is to be seen whether it is done by the West Bengal Government, or by the Central Government of India Because of

Mamata, the Teesta agreement has been stuck for more than a decade It remains to be seen how the matter will be addressed from our side Prime Minister said, we have given a lot to India But my question is what have we got?
The China But it was too late If they withdraw the Teesta water more, the cropland in the north including Ahl Rangpur will disappear.”

The Teesta is now said to receive 100 cusecs (cubic meters per second) of water during the summer season. But analysts say, it is unusual This is due to water withdrawal upstream About 1,600 cusecs of water is required for irrigation of agricultural land in India and Bangladesh has been waiting for the Teesta water sharing agreement with India for more than a decade to solve the water crisis.

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