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In this post, we share a renewable solar energy website template in html css totally free of cost. You can download this solar website template from here.

Solar energy is used to heat homes in winter countries. Solar energy is used to dry grains, fish, and vegetables. Fish can be dried and stored for a long time. Other examples of solar energy are solar water heaters, solar cookers, etc.
Solar cells have been created using modern techniques. The characteristic of solar cells is that when sunlight falls on them, electricity is directly obtained from them. Solar cells have many uses.

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1- This cell is used to supply electrical energy to artificial satellites. For this reason, artificial satellites can rotate in its orbit for a long time.
2- Various electronic appliances such as pocket calculators, pocket radios, electronic clocks are being run with the help of solar power.
3- At present, the demand for electricity is being met by producing electricity in many villages, homes or offices with the help of solar energy in our country.
The advantage of using solar energy is that the use of this energy is less likely to pollute the environment. There is no danger of danger in the use of this power. There is no possibility of the loss of solar energy. This energy is therefore very likely to be used as an alternative to fossil fuels, a conventional energy source.

Hydropower (conversion to mechanical energy): Water is one of the sources of renewable energy. Energy can be produced using water currents and tides. There are different types of energy in the flowing water stream, such as kinetic energy and potential energy. The electricity or electricity produced by using the flow or current of water is called hydroelectricity.

Hydropower projects in different countries of the world use potential energy to produce hydropower. The process of generating electricity using flowing water currents is simple. A turbine is rotated with the help of a stream of water. From the rotation of this turbine, the mechanical energy and magnetic energy are combined here.

Hydropower is the name of this type of electricity because mechanical energy is collected from the flowing water current and produced by combining magnetic energy. In our country, electricity is produced using the potential energy of water at the Kaptai power generation plant. People have been trying to use the tidal power of rivers or sea water for a long time.

The idea of using the power of tides to run various machines has been invented a long time ago. In France, the electric power project is working successfully with the help of tidal energy. At present, efforts are being made to produce electricity using the power of tides in different countries of the world.

Wind energy: Air flows due to the difference in the temperature of the earth’s surface. We can convert the kinetic energy caused by air flow into mechanical or electrical energy. Such an energy conversion device is called a windmill. Using the flow of air, the people of ancient times used to take water from wells, run ships, etc. Wind power is still used today by raising sails in boats. Currently, electricity is being produced using wind mills using technology.

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