Spooky Hero Section Design Tutorial

Here is a quick tutorial on how to create a spooky text design using HTML, CSS, and some cool text effects. I have made a few text designs with different effects to help you get the look you’re going for. Spooky Hero Section Design Tutorial – Spooky Text -HTML -CSS.

Sliding range min query

Suppose you are given an array where n

There are numbers. You are asked to find the smallest number from all the subarrays of size m=3 of that array.

Spooky Hero Section Design Tutorial -Spookey Text -HTML -CSS

For example if the array is 10,2,5,9,6,4 then all subarrays of size m=3 are:

  10,2,5, minimum number is 2

  2,5,9, minimum number is 2

  5,9,6, minimum number is 5

  9,6,4, minimum number is 4

Then your output will be [2,5,5,4].


Its value is 1 to n instead of 3

can be any number up to


If its value is small, we can easily solve the problem by looping over each subarray. Take a look at the Python code below:

The complexity of this code is O(n2).


We have O(nlogn)

The problem is O(n) using sliding window and monotonous DQ.

Complexity can be solved, that’s what we’ll learn today. A monotonous DQ or double-ended-Q is a DQ in which the numbers are always sorted.

Suppose the numbers in the array are [10,50,15,12,4] and m=3.

We will continue to work from left to right with one number at a time. We will insert the numbers into the DQ in such a way that the smallest number is always to the right of all. When i is at the i th index (i−m+1,i)

The lowest number in the subarray will be found at the far right of the dequeue.

The first number is 10, which we insert from the left in the DQ:


The next number is 50, also inserted from the left:


The next number is 15. Now notice, of all the numbers we’ve got so far, those greater than 15 can never be the lowest number, because they’re to the left of 15, and the subarray they’re in must also contain 15. Understanding this is the most important part of the algorithm. Before entering a number into the DQ, all numbers greater than that number must be removed from the DQ.


Then the smallest number in the first 3 size subarray [10,50,15] is the rightmost number of DQ 10.

The next number is 12. Then we drop 15 and insert 12.


Notice we are now at index i=3 and we don’t need any numbers left of index i-m+1=3-3+1=1 because they are out of range. The rightmost number of queue 10 is located at index 0 of the original array, which we can discard.

Spooky Hero Section Design Tutorial – Spooky Text -HTML -CSS


Then the smallest number in the 2nd 3 size subarray [50,15,12] is the rightmost number of DQ 12.

The next number is 4. We drop 12 and insert 4:


Then the smallest number in the 3rd 3 size subarray [15,12,4] is the rightmost number of DQ 4.

then O(n)

In complexity, we extract the lowest numbers in all ranges.

The above algorithm is implemented in the following Python code. Even if you don’t know Python it won’t be a problem to understand:

Issues to ponder:

1. think you n

Given a number and a range q, the ranges are [a1,b1],[a2,b2]…….[aq,bq] and ai≤ai−1 and bi≤bi−1 for each i<q. Find the minimum number in each range. How do you do?

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Spooky Hero Section Design Tutorial – Spooky Text -HTML -CSS.

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