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Some tips to increase website visitors from social media

When the question is, how to increase visitors to the website? But then, along with this question, some more questions arise. That is: Are you talking about organic visitors from Google? Or is a paid visitor speaking through any ads? Or it may be that you are thinking of getting website visitors from popular social media.

Increasing website visitors from social media is much easier than Google organic visitors. But how many can generate it well? In this case, if visitors increase quickly through social sharing, what is the harm? Hope our today’s article will help you in this regard. Thanks everyone, stay tuned for the rest.

Optimize the profile properly

When a visitor wants to understand more about your brand, they visit your profile or bio section to do a little research about you and your work. So I think a profile and its bio play a very important role in conveying your brand’s value proposition to a large number of visitors quickly.

But remember that the profile should not contain any wrong information about your brand or website. This is enough to confuse the visitor. However, just a few lines are enough to get your brand right. Try using the bio and about sections along with your home or landing page as visitors’ calls to action.

Keep the share option active

Let’s say a person comes to read one of the posts on your blog site and they really like it. Instantly when he tries to share your post or article he is able to share your post because the share option is not working or because the share option is not placed in the right place on the website. As a result you are losing the opportunity to get organic visitors!

So this can never be done. Set the social share option of the website correctly. So that any interested visitor can easily take any step in your visitor generation by sharing their favorite article read.

Complete Responsive Entrepreneur – Startup Website Template Design Free Download HTML CSS JavaScript

Use popular platforms

If you want both your web traffic and social media focus at the same time, I’d say using popular social media platforms is the smartest thing to do. Below is a discussion about some of the most popular social media platforms and how you can generate traffic to your website from them:-


With 478 million monthly users, this communication medium is currently quite popular. Currently, Pinterest is playing the most effective role behind the role of social media sites for blog SEO. Besides, it also helps to increase the social signal of the sites. Also as a user you will get Dufollow backlinks through Pinterest profile! What a chance, right?

You know that getting a DuFlo backlink from such a high-quality authority site like Pinterest is no easy feat! Also these backlinks are one of the legal sources of your traffic. However, you can get this backlink only by verifying the site with Pinterest. I believe dufollow backlinks are more powerful than 100 nofollow backlinks so no one wants to miss this opportunity…!


Since it is a popular social media, I don’t think it will be very difficult to generate a lot of traffic to the website very easily. In this case, according to the niche of your website, if you can participate with resources on the subreddit, the work is done. In this case you don’t have to think about visitors.

But only those whose karma is around 200+ on reddit can promote website links and generate traffic to the site. The Reddit site has around 52 million daily active users. My special tips in this case is to try to generate visitors strategically instead of using reddit for direct promotion and/or marketing. By publishing various required content links can also be inserted.


Nowadays almost all of us like to spend time on Facebook or social media. So if you create a niche group on the site and market it, you will get like minded visitors there. Those who will enjoy any post on your site and that article or content will become useful for them.

However, only promotional posts should not be given on that page or group. You must remember that you have to prioritize the opinions of visitors or other members and that they are not bored with your marketing but you have to keep an eye on them.


If you work on Twitter smartly and effectively, you can generate website traffic from Twitter as well. But the sad thing is that most bloggers have no idea how to use Twitter! Ashi Kari will prefer Twitter if you think about posting a link to your website from now on. Because you can use it to get different visitors doing niche related queries.

People who use Twitter mostly prefer to use Twitter for professional purposes. You can also take this opportunity. This way you don’t have to get any velocity to get real visitors. In this case, if the hashtag is used correctly, it is a plus point! Try using different trending keywords or hashtags. But refrain from sharing anything illegal.


You can bring traffic to your website from Instagram in different ways if you want If your profile has a lot of followers, IG TV views, Instagram alone can bring you billions of visitors. In this case, if you want, you can share the link of your website to the follower’s inbox. But this work cannot be done very well.

If you have 10000 followers or verify Instagram ID then if you share link in story on Instagram then normal user can enter it. You can also avail this opportunity. If you look closely, you will see that there is an option to upload videos to your Instagram TV. Upload the video there and share the link on your website there If you can upload videos with very good professional optimization, then sharing the link there will easily get you a lot of traffic.

Complete Responsive Entrepreneur – Startup Website Template Design Free Download HTML CSS JavaScript


Quora is a question and answer site. Where one group asks questions and another group answers them. If you want, you can insert the link of your website by answering these questions correctly. But in this case you must select niche based questions and answer those questions. Sharing irrelevant links can also annoy customers. So never do this. If done right you can generate tons of visitors from quora.


You can generate a good amount of website visitors by using LinkedIn, the world’s largest social media platform for professionals. As this site is used to increase interaction between people involved in various professions, you can share various skill related content and links to your website with it. This will create a positive impression of your website in the mind of the customer and they will be forced to visit your website regularly and stay active on the site.

It’s over

You can also use other social media for website traffic, which you didn’t mention. By promoting your website on these sites you can easily get more targeted traffic without any hassle. Remember, if you can reach your website to the right customers by marketing on these sites mentioned above or letting them know that you are working on a selected niche, then you don’t have to worry about your visitors anymore. Visitors will start arriving automatically

Complete Responsive Entrepreneur – Startup Website Template Design Free Download HTML CSS JavaScript

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