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Demonstration demanding hanging of former municipal mayor in Narsingdi

People from the plaintiff’s party protested to demand the hanging of the former municipal mayor and joint general secretary of the district Awami League Kamruzzaman Kamrul, the main accused in the murder case of Narsingdi municipality ex-commissioner (councillor) Manik. Kamruzzaman’s effigy was burnt in front of the District and Sessions Judge’s residence when the police stopped the protest march with brooms on its way to the court premises.

Table Flipping Website Slider Design – HTML -CSS -JavaScript

These incidents happened before Kamruzzaman went to court on Monday afternoon. Hundreds of people including relatives, family members and local Awami League party leaders and activists participated in the protest march and cremation of effigies.

It has been revealed that on January 1, 2001, Manik Mia, then Commissioner of Ward No. 1 of Narsingdi Municipality, was publicly murdered in Velanagar area of the city. A day after the murder, Amir Islam, the brother of the deceased, became the plaintiff and filed a case with the Narsingdi Model Police Station, naming 10 people including former mayor Kamruzzaman of Narsingdi municipality, his elder brother former mayor Lokman Hossain and Sumon, the husband of Jubo Mahila League leader Papia, and 15 others who were not identified.

According to the court sources, during the judicial proceedings in Narsingdi court, on February 10, 2004, the supplementary charge sheet was submitted in the name of the accused. On July 10, 2007, the case was transferred to the Dhaka Speedy Trial Tribunal. Later, charges were framed against the accused in that court. In 2011, former mayor Lokman Hossain, accused number 3 of the case, was killed. As sufficient witnesses and accused did not appear in that court, the case was again transferred to Narsingdi court.

The day of taking the first testimony in the case was scheduled for noon today. Accused number 1 Kamruzzaman appeared in the court on this occasion. Among the 9 accused in this case, Suman is detained in another case in Central Jail.

The police, multiple sources and witnesses said that around 11 o’clock, the people of the plaintiff went to the court square to testify in the case. Knowing that Kamruzzaman will also appear in court as a defendant, the plaintiffs and several hundred leaders and activists of one of the local Awami League parties gathered at the upazila complex. At this time, they marched towards the court premises with brooms in their hands.

Later, the police stopped them in front of the residence of the District and Sessions Judge. Failing to go to the court premises due to police obstruction, they burnt Kamruzzaman’s effigy and raised slogans against him. At around 12 noon, Narsingdi Model Police Station members brought the situation under control. Later Kamruzzaman entered the court under police guard.

Among the people who participated in the protest march were former organizing secretary of district Awami League Oliur Rahman and former secretary of education affairs SM Qayyum, convenor of district labor league Ripon Sarkar, former general secretary of district celebration council Deepak Saha and others.

Amir Islam, the plaintiff in the case, said, ‘After 22 years, the first evidence of the case was received today. We want the accused Kamruzzaman to be given the maximum punishment by completing the trial of the case which has been pending for a long time. The supporters of Manik Commissioner staged a protest march with brooms and burnt his effigy demanding the execution of the main accused as the proceedings of the case continued after so many days.

Kamruzzaman’s mobile phone was called several times to get a statement on the matter, but he did not pick up the call.

Table Flipping Website Slider Design – HTML -CSS -JavaScript

Narsingdi Model Police Station Officer-in-Charge Abul Kashem Bhuiyan said that a group wanted to go towards the court premises with a protest procession. They were stopped at a distance of about 100 meters from the court premises. The situation was brought under control. No one has the right to spoil the atmosphere of the court.

Earlier, on August 16 last year, Kamruzzaman came to Narsingdi court for the first time in that case. On that day, after he entered the court premises, the argument of the accused started with the plaintiff. After the appearance, while leaving the court premises, the people of the plaintiff raised various slogans against Kamruzzaman. At this time, the two sides started fighting.

A back-and-forth chase ensued. Shoes and bottles were thrown at Kamruzzaman’s car while leaving the court premises. Later, he left the scene when the police brought the situation under control.

ETIN is not available from NBR website

Common people cannot get Electronic Tax Identification Number or ETIN. No one is getting this service as the National Board of Revenue (NBR) ETIN collection server is down. As a result, those interested in taking ETIN are in trouble.

According to the Income Tax Department of the National Board of Revenue (NBR), the tax identification number has not been collected for a week. The server has been fixed three times during this time. But after fixing it broke again. I went to the NBR website from noon today and tried to open the ETIN section three times but it did not open. The system was down till 6:30 pm.

An official of Income Tax Department of NBR said that the ETIN system is not working due to hardware problem. Trying to fix it quickly. It is known that the ETIN system needs to be updated. Various organizations are being contacted for this.

At present, TIN cannot be obtained by filling paper forms in the traditional way at the tax office. There is no option but to get TIN by going to the NBR website and filling the specified form.

ETIN system was introduced for the first time in 2013. In the last 10 years, the server has been down for a short time at various times, but it is reported that it has not been down for such a long time. According to official sources, this ETIN system has not been maintained for a long time.

According to National Board of Revenue (NBR) sources, as of December 31, there are 84 lakh 60 thousand 384 TIN holders in the country. In the last six years, 6.45 lakh people have taken new TINs. As such every year about 11 lakh taxpayers get TIN.

Table Flipping Website Slider Design – HTML -CSS -JavaScript

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