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Complete Responsive Tour and Travel Website Template Design Free Download using HTML CSS JavaScript Bootstrap

Thinking about a platform of our own:

If you want to be successful in e-commerce marketing in a short period of time, then you should not depend only on Facebook marketing. You have to think of a platform of your own. An E-commerce website can be one of the best platforms for you.

Because on a commercial website, you can write a blog for your customers and provide detailed information about your business products. Even e-commerce websites have different categories and sub-categories through which you can arrange your products very nicely.

In this, your customers will not have any trouble finding the desired product. Again the e-commerce website has a payment gateway method. With an e-commerce website, you can make a customer’s shopping experience safe, smooth, and enjoyable. And by satisfying customers, you can strengthen your own platform. That is why an e-commerce website is called the key to success.


The purpose of writing this article today is to reduce our dependence on Facebook in the field of online business. When we do business online, we need to think about working on sites other than Facebook to create a platform and build up the community. For this, you can create a commercial website from a good agency. You don’t have to worry about where to find a good and reliable agency.

Complete Responsive Tour and Travel Website Template Design Free Download using HTML CSS JavaScript Bootstrap

Because the Yappobd website is always by your side. And if you have started a new e-commerce business, then we will provide you premium quality ready-made e-commerce website at an affordable price. So contact us today without delay and keep an eye on the YappBD website to get updates on new blogs.

What to do for the security of Facebook business page!

What is a Facebook business page? In one word, the Facebook pages that are used to manage your business are essentially Facebook business pages. In order to sell your own business products, if you want to do business through Facebook, you must have a Facebook business page.

You can open a Facebook business page with just one click. But now it is being said that opening a Facebook business page is not enough, the security of the business page is required. You need to be careful not to hack your business page.

Admin ID must be kept safe for the security of the Facebook business page because the business page depends on maintaining all the security of the admin ID. Because for some reason if the admin ID is hacked or if Facebook cancels, there is a possibility of losing the page. So what you should do for the security of your Facebook business page is discussed below:

Do not give an admin role to everyone

For posting on Facebook, replying to messages, boosting, etc., many times external people need to roll the page. In that case, you should never give an admin role to anyone. You can perform the admin role yourself or you can assign this responsibility to someone you trust.

Many times it can be seen, you gave the admin role of your business page to someone with trust, he then removed everyone as an admin and is ruling the business page himself. Your hard-earned wealth will be gone in an instant. In some cases, the editor role may be required, but the admin role is not.

Keep the admin role to yourself. No need to be an admin to add, post and reply to messages. If someone asks you for an admin role, check the exact reason. But it is wise to have more than one admin on your page. Because if for some reason you ever lose access to your page, someone you trust can continue to update the page and get you back there.

Do not share payment information:

If you do not trust the privacy, do not give your card details to anyone else. No one knows your card information except you. Many use their card for boost. But if someone else knows your card information, you can face various dangers. So avoid sharing payment information with anyone.

Do not share Facebook ID password:

Account holders often share their passwords with other Facebook users, which leads to account hacking If you share the password with a friend, if he enters your account and changes the password, you will no longer be able to use your Facebook ID and business page. Or if you give your Facebook ID password to someone, he may annoy your customers with reverse messages.

This will damage the reputation of your business page and later it will be seen that it is harming your business. Many times it is seen that someone logs into their business page with someone else’s phone, this should never be done. Avoid doing such things. Otherwise, there is a possibility of hacking. Select a password for your Facebook ID that is difficult for anyone else to guess.

Facebook passwords do not give your name or common words. The password must contain special characters or strong words. Many people use a normal password such as Hafiz1234. Hackers or spammers try to use such passwords. So instead of giving such a password give Hafiz1234$$# such a password. Try to keep password numbers 7-8. You can save the password somewhere else so that you don’t forget it. Do not use the password associated with your Facebook Business Page on any other ID.

Keep your email to yourself:

Email is critical to Facebook’s Business Security. I can be hacked not only with Facebook passwords but also with email. So make your email address password very strong. If the ID is hacked or disabled for any reason; If the email address is not added then the possibility of recovering the ID later is very less. Never add someone else’s email to your Facebook ID, only add your own active email account. Use an active e-mail account for business pages. Avoid sharing your e-mail address with anyone else.

Complete Responsive Tour and Travel Website Template Design Free Download using HTML CSS JavaScript Bootstrap

Open a Business Manager account:

If you work as a social media marketer then you must open a business manager account on Facebook. Facebook Business Manager is a platform from which you can manage all pages including business accounts. To open a Facebook Business Manager account, you must have a personal Facebook profile.

If you don’t have it then create a Facebook account with your desired username and password. If you have a Facebook profile, you can open and use a Facebook Business Manager account. Then you need to go to and complete the registration. Once the registration is done, go to Business Info and do the Business Manager Verification with the basic information of your business.

What you can do with a Facebook Business Manager account –

  With a Business Manager account, you can have one or more ad accounts and multiple users.

  Can manage Facebook pages and ad accounts. See who has access to your pages and ad accounts, and delete or modify their access.

  Your Business Page will be included as the Primary Page in Business Manager. As a result, no one can delete you from Admin access and there will be no risk of hacking.

With Facebook Business Manager account you can manage all your Facebook pages and ads accurately and effectively.


Currently, as businesses are gaining popularity on Facebook, some unscrupulous people have come forward to destroy popular e-commerce businesses. If you are looking for someone who will provide security for your Facebook business, then you can rely on the Yappobid website.

Along with the security of your business, we will deliver your e-commerce business within the reach of everyone by boosting and branding the business to everyone through Facebook advertising. So if you want the success of your Facebook business contact us today. If you like our blog then definitely stay with our blog. Keep an eye on our Facebook page to get all our updates.

Complete Responsive Tour and Travel Website Template Design Free Download using HTML CSS JavaScript Bootstrap

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