What will be the CV of fresh graduates?

Today fresh graduates had to look at a few CVs for the trainee engineer position. This post is to tell you the common problems that have been seen. It may be helpful for newcomers like the CV of fresh graduates.

  1. Unnecessary personal information
    Many people fill half the page by mentioning the name, father’s name, mother’s name, marital status, current address, permanent address, number of siblings, etc. It’s a very annoying thing.
  2. Highly focus on SSC, HSC, and BSc results
    Fresh graduates will have the subject of studying in the CV. But many people fill half a page with a lot of information like any school, college, any department (science, arts), etc. Although the result is bad, he does not understand that bad result in the CV. It’s unfair.
  3. Skilled in MS Word for Programmer
    Many people apply for the programmer position but also mention Microsoft Word and PowerPoint in their CVs. It becomes ridiculous. It’s better not to do it.
  4. Skipping the main focus point
    Even if you give a lot of unnecessary information, there is no description of what technology has been used in the final year project or in any project he made and what he has contributed. Just by reading the name, it isn’t easy to understand what the project is related to in the case of the recruiter. So if the “key point” can be mentioned in a few lines, then it is easy to understand what kind of work the candidate has done before. This part is very important in the whole CV, at least in a job application as a programmer.
  5. CEO, CTO, Lead position at Demo Company
    It is a little embarrassing for the recruiter when it is seen that the position is an internship. But the candidate is the CEO of such and such a company, the CTO of Tamuk Company. So if you open a Facebook page and form a company, it can be skipped. However, it is not that it can not be given in exceptional cases. You need to understand the areas.

What should we share and what should not? Any rule?
I can mention whatever I want in my CV. What are the rules again?

Even if there are no rules, it is better to give a little precise information to the CV to get an interview call. For example, many people give the NID number in their CV. What does it really need? What will HR do with this number? Verify whether the candidate is actually a citizen of this country with a national identity card. If the job is confirmed, then you may have to give a photocopy of the NID. But in the CV, it is absolutely unnecessary. Another example can be given about attaching pictures to the CV. I don’t think there’s any need for a recruiter (at least in a programming career). In the same way, blood groups, and permanent addresses are also unnecessary. Adding the name of the area of the current address is not bad. Hr interviewer may talk about it if the house is far away.
It seems better not to make a much more colorful, Jhakanaka-type CV. Simple-clean font, using the standard font size. Bold the text if necessary.

What will be the CV of fresh graduates?

What will be the CV of fresh graduates?
What will be the CV of fresh graduates?

In the freshers’ CVs, recruiters expect 2-1 words about the candidate’s final year project. GitHub links, problem-solving profiles, LinkedIn profiles, portfolio sites, and information to do some online-offline courses. As far as the recruiter can understand, I have not spent 4-5 years of honors and watching TV series. I also sweated and did some work.

At the same time, it is also necessary to keep in mind that all the topic names or buzzwords of the industry that I have heard should not be given in the CV. I mention such things in the CV which are my strong points. Which I have worked on and am somewhat confident about. Let’s continue to discuss the topics for 2-1 minutes. Looking at many topics covered, HR may think that the candidate can’t actually do anything. He copied someone else’s CV or put the name he heard in the CV.

The latest tips:
If you search a little Google, you can find a demo of the CV in a beautiful-simple format. Google Docs also has a Résumi template. It’s not too difficult to spend 2-4 hours on a CV. If you think it’s a problem, what else… Waiting for you are hundreds of Linkedin’s native “International CV Writers”. Those who get nauseous after seeing marketing…

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