Airplane Animation – CSS Animation – Animate JS – HTML – CSS

Animating the plane on a website is a great way to make it come to life. The first step is to find out what you want the plane to do and then create the animation for it. Airplane Animation – CSS Animation – Animate JS – HTML – CSS

For example, if you wanted the plane to move up and down, you would create two keyframes for the start and end of the animation, and then create a transition from one keyframe to the next. The next step is to put the animation in your HTML code and change some CSS properties to make it work.

Animation is a great way to make your website stand out. There are many different types of animations such as CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5 animations. With HTML5 you can use CSS animation to achieve the perfect effect. All you need to do is add an id to a div and then add a class for the animation. You can now add a series of keyframes to the class and set the animation speed, easing, and delay.

Watch the Airplane Animation – CSS Animation – Animate JS – HTML – CSS YouTube Video Tutorial

Airplane Animation – CSS Animation – Animate JS – HTML – CSS

When it comes to changing your website’s appearance, the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to change the background color of your site, add animations, or make it more interactive, there are many ways to make your website more engaging. In this article, I’ll show you some easy ways to change your website’s appearance by introducing you to CSS animation and HTML, which will help you make a website that looks like an airplane.

CSS animation is the most powerful and flexible animation tool in the web. It is a cross-platform, open-source, and standards-compliant way to animate HTML elements with a wide range of effects. With CSS animation, you can create anything from simple animations to complex interactions between elements. Animating HTML elements with CSS is easy and intuitive with any web browser, as well as most JavaScript frameworks.

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In this age of internet it is very difficult to find people who have never used any website in their life. At least we all have used websites like Facebook and YouTube. No matter how fancy the front design of these websites is, it is just a lifeless structure. Back-end web development is the work that needs to be done to make a website functional.

This article highlights some frameworks that can be used to easily create a functional website.
What is a back-end web development framework?

Everything we see in front of our eyes on the Internet is the feat of the front-end of web development. But this is only a small part of the whole website world.

A website exchanges a lot of information with different servers. Even in a very simple website we unknowingly use some server for various needs. This server is a whole computer in itself, just like we might be using for browsing. But this computer only has the ability to do certain things, so it doesn’t have a mouse, and it doesn’t have a keyboard. It may be stored in a database.

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Programming such a computer in a special way is called back-end web development. And various frameworks have been created to make their development easier. These are basically server-based web frameworks that allow the use of pre-built features to make websites dynamic. By doing this, even beginners can easily and quickly do the back-end web development of the website with these frameworks. In a word, these frameworks are a platform with various features, through which web development can be done very easily.

Why learn back-end web development frameworks?

Everything that needs to be done to keep a website running is back and development work. When we visit a website, we never fully use the back-end. Rather we only use servers directly or indirectly with full access only to back-end developers.

Code written by back-end developers runs on the server. Even the back-end developers are responsible for writing the API code for web applications that are used on mobile phones.

Nowadays, there are hardly any websites that do not deal with huge databases. Even a small company website has to deal with hundreds of data every day. If a website cannot receive or exchange data, it is considered a dead website in today’s era.

Only back-end work brings life to a website and makes it work. From these we can easily guess that the demand of back end developers is high in the world of websites.

But the back-end work is not very easy. Developing the back-end of a website involves considerable complexity. Just as it is difficult to work the back end with only raw code, it is more difficult for someone else to understand that code. But using these frameworks it is possible to easily do the back-end work without breaking the details of the code. So just having a basic knowledge of these frameworks can pave the way for your foray into the world of back end development.

Some popular back-end web development frameworks and their pros and cons


PHP is essentially a server-based scripting language that allows back-end developers to build dynamic websites. Not only that, through this, interactive websites can be easily created with the database. Most websites these days either ask the browser for data input, or provide the browser with some data as output. Such websites are quite popular and easy to use.

PHP provides the ability to work with many popular databases. Among these are: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server etc.

Its syntax is almost like C language so it does not have much difficulty in using it. With it, files can be easily created, opened, read and closed when finished. Various functions of session or cookies can also be done very easily.

Advantages of PHP:

 The language syntax is almost C-like, so it can provide easy access to all kinds of databases.
 Supports numerous protocols like POP3, IMAP
 Enables sessions and cookies
 Easy to use
 Lots of features
 As it is very well known and popular, its tutorials or resources are many
 Very compatible with HTML
 Hosting services are available at very low cost

Disadvantages of PHP:

 It is losing popularity as more and more simple languages are constantly being invented for creating websites
 Currently, the growth of machine learning is going on. Almost none of the modern library facilities needed to match it (eg TensorFlow, Keras, etc.) can be provided by PHP.
 Because PHP is so widely available, and almost all of its code is readily available, it doesn't offer much of a barrier to hacker penetration. So the security is very less

Examples of PHP websites:


This back-end web development framework has become quite popular nowadays. It is basically a part of Microsoft.NET platform. It provides a comprehensive software infrastructure, programming model and many more features. So ASP.NET is very useful for building any powerful web application. The framework works with the best HTTP protocols in the website world and is capable of providing all sorts of command browser-to-server based facilities.

This application contains some precompiled code. That is, all reusable code is already provided in the framework. So the back end developer does not have to rewrite these codes every time. With ASP.NET code can be written in basically four languages. These are:

1) C sharp

2) Visual Basic.NET

3) Java Script and

4) Jay Sharp

Using the framework, it is possible to create interactive and functional websites easily and in a short time.
Advantages of ASP.NET:

 It makes creating web applications very easy
 It is very useful to write the code once and use it again and again at will
 Its security is much stronger than other frameworks
 Compatible with all Microsoft applications
 Easy to understand

Disadvantages of ASP.NET:

 Newer versions are incompatible with older versions
 Integrating anything other than Microsoft into its website is very difficult
 Machine learning requires learning C# rather than coding in Python, which is very outdated.

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It is a web application framework based on the Python programming language. It has almost every popular functionality required for building web applications.

While using other frameworks often involves the hassle of separate libraries, Django doesn’t. Because all library features are already provided in it. That is, if one learns the use of Django, one can easily use all the library features required for back-end web development. Since Django’s community is expanding day by day, it’s easy to find tutorials and code these days.
Advantages of Django:

 Reusable code is already provided, so developers don't have to write new code
 Since various library packages are already built-in, there is no need to install new packages
 Since it is written in Python, its code is compatible with almost all languages
 Python makes it easy to integrate machine learning with Django
 Fully compatible with all required and powerful libraries for machine learning (eg PyTorch, Nampai etc.)

Disadvantages of Django:

 As the language is based on Python, it becomes quite difficult for many back-end web developers to learn.
 Being very different from other frameworks, it cannot be easily integrated with the work of other frameworks
 As the Python language is somewhat slow, unoptimized websites require a long time to create

Node JS is basically a JavaScript based framework for Google Chrome. It provides a very effective platform for building any server based application. It has an extensive library, using which it is possible to easily do web development on Windows, Linux everywhere.

One of the notable features of this application is that it has no data buffer. You don’t even have to wait for the API to return data. So it works much faster than other frameworks. That is, with the help of it, it is possible to create a website easily and in a short time.
Advantages of Node JS:

 Provides a wide range of free tools
 There is no buffer
 Provides reusable code
 Can do very fast processing
 Data return is not dependent on the API

Disadvantages of Node JS:

 For large requests, the computation task is completed very late
 Nested callbacks cause the task to run too late.
 Some tooling documentation is not yet well established.

Node JS Website Example:


Laravel being a PHP based framework can be easily integrated with any PHP based project. It follows the Model View Controller design pattern and facilitates the use of reusable code like other frameworks.

So it is compatible with many more frameworks like PHP, Ruby etc.

PHP is a very simple and widely used platform, so the framework comes under the control of the user in a very short period of time. It also has built-in security features
Advantages of Laravel:

 PHP based framework
 Simple and very easy to learn, compatible with almost all other frameworks
 Being an MVC framework, PHP and HTML code can be written in the same file
 Provides protection from unwanted hacks as it has built-in security

Disadvantages of Laravel:

 Not compatible with Django or other such complex frameworks
 Code is not easy to find due to lack of documentation

As the use of internet is increasing worldwide, so is the number of websites. And numerous frameworks are being prepared to meet the huge demand of these websites. Among the above-discussed back-end web development frameworks it is very difficult to say which framework is the best.

Hopefully the article will encourage developers new to back-end web development to use the frameworks. You may find the right framework for you by using the latter.

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