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A Completely responsive travel website template with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript. This is also called tour and travel website template design and you easily free download it from our website free website code. Elegant Travel Templates Tutorial-Bootstrap Tour and Travels Website Free Download

Tour and travel websites are a popular way to promote a destination. They help to build a sense of community around a place and show visitors what it has to offer. They also give visitors a way to contribute content such as photos, videos, or blogs. One of the most important aspects of a tour and travel website is the templates. You need them to create a website that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. This post will walk you through the process of creating a website from scratch and give you the templates to use for yourself.

Elegant Travel Templates Tutorial-Bootstrap Tour and Travels Website Free Download

Graphics: There is a lot of mathematical theory behind the beautiful graphics we see in computer games or animated movies. For example, there are many theories behind how to make lighting and shading realistic in games. This topic explains in detail about the terms “anti-aliasing”, “shading” etc. that are common to gamers.

A lot of geometry is needed here. For example, if a 3-D box is rotated 45 degrees, how much the coordinates will change, these calculations have to be done here and graphical programs have to be written accordingly in the lab, so learning is not limited to memorization. You may have learned equations of circles and straight lines in college, here you will learn how to use them to create graphs.

Distributed system: You may know that many computers are used together for large tasks that require a lot of memory and power. Large research work is done in this way, websites also have many servers working together. This course is about how to design distributed systems.

Software Engineering: Modern software design techniques are taught in this topic. It is probably not in the curriculum of all universities.

Now come to some hardware related topics. In this regard, the interest and knowledge is low. Computer science teaches a lot about hardware. Computer architecture teaches the basic structure of computers. How the computer’s data bus or “data bus” works, differences between AGP and PCI, cache memory, etc. are taught.

Like electrical circuits, computers have special digital circuits, which are taught in the Digital Systems topic. Besides, if you add different devices, how it communicates with the computer is taught in the hardware part. Different types of circuits have to be made in the lab. In the project part there is an opportunity to show a lot of creativity, someone made a robot, one of our class made a mobile controlled toy car.

This is roughly a summary of what is taught in computer science. Many things may have been left out due to not being in the mind at this moment. An interesting aspect of computer science is “contest”. Throughout the year, various universities or companies organize programming contests and software contests.

Programming contests are basically Olympiad-style problem solving with the help of algorithms. Here is an opportunity to compete with great programmers from all over the world. Bangladeshi people don’t have many things to be proud of, but programming contest is definitely one of those few things, since many years Bangladeshis have been doing well in these contests.

In software contest basically different software, web site has to be designed, mobile especially android based mobile software contest is very popular nowadays. Bangladeshis also participate in major international software contests like Microsoft Imagine Cup. If you want, you can also do hardware contest, you can surprise everyone by making a great robot.

Elegant Travel Templates Tutorial-Bootstrap Tour and Travels Website Free Download

Another interesting aspect is the research scope. Some credits in the final year of Computer Science are for research or projects. Every year honors students of Bangladesh publish papers in good journals. One advantage of computer science research is that you can do big research using your own desktop computer, you don’t need crores of equipment (of course, but you can do a lot without them).

By doing computer science honors you can study other subjects if you want because computers are needed for everything now.

For example, recently a subject called astroinformatics is being researched, their job is to work on how to better use computers in space exploration. If you want, you can go to the line of physics and work with quantum computers. If you like biology, you can study bioinformatics, you can work with nanotechnology, DNA/protein analysis. A thousand such possibilities will be in front of you.

Hope after reading the article an idea about what is taught in computer science is formed and misconceptions are broken. I will not say anything about the job market, this is not written for those who think about the job before choosing the subject, but even then, let’s just say that today I have not seen anyone sitting unemployed after completing computer science.

I would say to the admission candidates, try to know well about each subject you are thinking of studying, find out what is taught there, and if you really like them then get admission, no subject is 1st-2nd, electrical at all than mechanical. No “good subject”, the “good subject” to you is what you like, even if it’s a backward subject in the eyes of people like nutrition, that’s fine, if you follow man-made divisions, you’re cheating yourself.

Good luck to all the admission candidates, hope you can get through this terrible time easily.

“What’s the world’s greatest lie?” the boy asked, completely surprised. “It’s this: that at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. That’s the world’s greatest lie.” – The alchemist, Paulo Coelho

Data Structure: Segment Tree-2 (Lazy Propagation)

The most elegant part of the segment tree is the lazy propagation technique. There was a big problem with the way we updated the segment tree in the previous episode. We are able to update a specific index, but updating all indexes within a range will be dangerous.

That’s why we need to learn Lazy Propagation, this technique will be useful in almost all segment tree problems. You must have solved a couple of segment tree problems before reading this chapter, and you will have trouble understanding. In the previous section, I have given some problems that do not require lazy propagation, which must be solved first.

You are given an array of size n and you are querying the sum of all elements between index i and j. And in the update operation you are told to add a certain number x to all the numbers between index i and j.

For example if the array was initially like this:

  4 1 2 3 9 8 7

Then adding 2 to all the numbers at index i=3,j=5 will give the array:

  4 1 2+2 3+2 9+2 8 7

Again i=3,j=4 index sum of all numbers will be 2+2+3+2=9.

In the previous problem we simply updated an index. Then I added this image just to show the update in index number 3:

We go all the way down the segment tree and update the node where 3 is, and update all the other nodes along the way up.

Elegant Travel Templates Tutorial-Bootstrap Tour and Travels Website Free Download

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