Portfolio Glassmorphism -Personal Portfolio Website Tutorial

A Completely responsive resume website template with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript. This is also called a portfolio website template design and you easily free download it from our website free website code. Portfolio Glassmorphism -Personal Portfolio Website Tutorial HTML CSS JavaScript

The resume website template tutorial is a great place to start when you are trying to find work. It can be difficult to create a resume that captures your personality and conveys your skills. At the same time, it can be difficult to find a website template tutorial that is designed specifically for resumes.

That is why I have created this ultimate resume website template. It is designed to be a modern, creative, professional, and polished website. Whether you are looking for a job or are an entrepreneur, this template will provide you with the tools you need to create a resume and website that will impress employers and clients.

Programming: When you say computer science, programming definitely comes first. Programming is the way to make the computer listen, make the stupid computer do whatever you want. Since the computer does not understand human language, it has to be explained in a special language called programming language.

Portfolio Glassmorphism -Personal Portfolio Website Tutorial HTML CSS JavaScript

By learning programming language, it is possible to create software, websites, solve mathematical problems, determine the trajectory of rockets, research on quantum mechanics, DNA analysis is possible. In short, the knowledge of programming is the modern superpower that can control the world.

In most universities in Bangladesh, C language is taught in the first semester which can be called the mother tongue of programmers. Then Java is taught in Object Oriented Programming courses. Java is popular for software programming and large scale projects. Some universities teach programming on Android while teaching Java.

The programming language course is conducted in two parts. There is some theoretical talk in the classroom, but the core of this course is in the lab. There, various problems are solved with programming languages. Finally, students are usually given a project to show their creativity.

Although there are many other parts of computer science, knowing good programming is a prerequisite for doing well in this subject.

Next there is another course for assembly language. Here you can directly work with different parts of memory at a very low level. By knowing the assembly language, you will know how the computer calculates the bits/bytes in the memory and keeps the data, you will know how the data is kept at the hardware level. If you learn assembly well, you can do fun things like make viruses, programmatically control different parts of memory.

Algorithm: Do you know how to compress a large file to reduce its size? How does Google find useful data in the blink of an eye from millions of websites? How to discover the secrets of life from millions of terabytes of DNA sequence? Such problem solving is dealt with in Algorithms course.  Algorithms courses mainly teach problem solving techniques. There will be no direct teaching of solving such real life problems, but this course will create a base, teach some common problem solving techniques.

It teaches how to solve problems by using less memory and time on the computer. This course also consists of both lab and theory. While doing this course you will understand that there is no point in just knowing the programming language, you need to know how to use it to solve problems.

Portfolio Glassmorphism -Personal Portfolio Website Tutorial HTML CSS JavaScript

Data Structure: How does Facebook store so much human information? Random storage is difficult to find quickly, so there are certain techniques for storing information. If you keep the documents level in the drawer, you can easily find them, so if you save the data by following a certain structure, it can be easily found during work. Data structure course gives an idea about these.

Algorithms and data structures are the foundation of computer science, they are used in every topic.

Mathematics: Computer science students need to know good mathematics. The reason for this is not clear to everyone. When designing new algorithms or data structures, mathematics is needed to determine how well they will work. A problem can be solved in many ways, which method is the best, which one will work in less time with less memory, knowledge of mathematics is very necessary for these calculations. The better you know math, the better your problem solving skills will be. I have heard many people call computer science “applied math” for this reason.

Many of the most difficult problems in mathematics are solved by computers these days, and even theorems are proved. In mathematics, combinatorics, probability, number theory, geometry and linear algebra etc. will be known. Also some calculus is taught. There is a separate course for Probability and some very interesting problem solving. If someone likes maths it becomes easy for him to do well in computer science. Also it can be a good subject for someone who wants to learn real life applications of mathematics.

Operating System and System Programming: Learn how operating system works. But that does not mean that Windows is taught to run! Here we learn about the internal structure of the operating system. If 10 tasks are performed simultaneously on the computer, the operating system has to create special schedules for the 10 tasks, which are taught here. Then suppose 2 programs want to use the printer at the same time, who will be kept waiting and who will be given this kind of resource management work is also taught.

System programming deals with the source code of the open source operating system Unix/Linux. If you do this course well, you will learn how to create drivers for modems or various devices, how to modify the code inside the operating system. In the future, if anyone wants to create an operating system or want to do related research, the background is created here.

Databases: Websites or large software stores large amounts of data in a “database”. This course is about how to store data in the database, how to retrieve data from there, etc.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): As the name suggests, this course is a very popular topic for thesis. How to make robots work, game characters make different decisions on their own, how computers play chess are all interesting topics covered in AI. These techniques have to be implemented by programming in the lab. If you are interested in game programming or robotics, you will love this course. Can learn cool things like neural networks, genetic algorithms.

Compiler: In simple terms, the job of a compiler is to convert programming language into machine language so that the hardware can understand it. Compiler course on how programming language works, how to create your own programming language. Programming language instructions are taught here how the computer works by making machine code. Like human languages, programming languages also have grammars, learn about them.

Portfolio Glassmorphism -Personal Portfolio Website Tutorial HTML CSS JavaScript

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