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Facebook or website is necessary to sustain business?

Today in the digital age it is necessary to update oneself with the times rather than following the analog method. Most of the activities of people’s daily life along with business have become dependent on online.

A website is essential to make an online business more powerful. This website will help your business to build a sustainable business in the online world. Who does not want to create a sustainable business identity online in this competitive world? Which in turn helps to create the brand. That’s why people trust websites more than Facebook pages. Websites and social media help your business increase audience engagement.

How to give digital touch to business:

Online presence of your business essentially brings the digital touch to the business. In order to present your business well in the online world, you need a website as well as social media. We like Facebook more so we stay on Facebook all day and night.

CSS Box Shadow – Text Effect Design Free Download HTML CSS JavaScript

If we get an opportunity from work or want to know something, we go to Facebook and search before Google. It’s true that having your profile on social media will get your business in front of more people. But to fully digitize the business, the ultimate medium is the website.

Just like we like to decorate our house as we like, websites also give us the facility to decorate our business as per our mind. Hassel high on social media and resentment comes along with other issues including fear of fake IDs.

But the only solution to all these is a beautiful website for your business that will be loved by you as well as your customers. The survey also found that because of the beautiful website, new customers turned into repeat customers. So you decide whether you need a website for your business or not?

Facebook based business:

Since the outbreak of Corona virus, all activities have become online dependent. Many small and big businesses have been built through Facebook. New entrepreneurs have also been created. Many started new businesses but could not survive the competition. We initially create pages and groups to do business on Facebook, but they are not fully optimized.

However, in the case of Facebook business, the customer’s trust is important and which is not easily achieved. Normally, if a visitor goes to your Facebook page and does not get the important contact information, then the doubt enters his mind, whether the page is authentic or not?

A few days ago Facebook was down for some time due to some reason. Now if your business only depends on Facebook, then you also have to stop the business at that time. And wait for Facebook to fix it. This matter seems very small to many but it is very harmful for big business and start up business. Because customers don’t like to wait. Customer frustration is just the beginning of the downfall for your business. Which we should all stay away from.

Many people may think that there can be no problem in such a big platform like Facebook. But currently social media platforms are competing with technology and user variation in terms of trending. This is why one should not depend on any one social media platform. A suitable solution to this problem is a business website or an e-commerce website.

Do you find it time-consuming and expensive to create a custom website? If your answer is yes then we have a simple solution for you. You can buy ready-made website of your choice. It’s as simple as buying a ready-made dress from Newmarket Brand Outlet. You can buy ready-made website of your choice with just a few clicks. Want to see ready-made websites? Then visit

Is it okay to be dependent only on Facebook?

You promote your business on social media where your target audience is small. Currently, along with Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and other platforms have more users. In this case, it should also be seen that the common people of the country where you are targeting the business use more social media and are active.

Also, track more audience engagement time and sell products or services to customers instantly via live chat. This is why you need to promote or share your business on Facebook as well as other social media platforms. Even if there is a problem in any one of the platforms, your business will not suffer much in any way.

Website Based Business:

You and your competitor have similar businesses. But your competitor has their own business website and you don’t. In this way, you are slightly behind your competitors. In today’s world of internet and technology, people want to have everything at their fingertips in less time.

CSS Box Shadow – Text Effect Design Free Download HTML CSS JavaScript

So, because of the website, anyone who wants to can search on his Android mobile and see his website to know about the business and at the same time get contact information easily. Later on contacting at a convenient time and taking care of the initial conversation over the phone. This saved time for both.

Because of the website you can monitor your business progress and get real time customers in a specific area or city or department. Social media does not play the same role as the website plays for the growth of any business.

It is for this particular reason that your business relies on social media as well as a website. Because website and physical location help to create brand value of any business. But social media cannot create brand value that way. And if someone claims to create social media brand value, he already has a website.

Website vs Social Media:

You can create and arrange the website according to your mind. The website is the way the user likes it; In one word user friendly website. While creating the rules or privacy policies, they are in their own favor and within the reach of the customers in accordance with them. You can decide independently. The website brings a huge amount of traffic to the largest search engine Google.

Also second largest search engine Bing (Bing) you will start getting results within 3 to 6 months if you SEO your website. This will take your business to another level that is effective beyond social media. This way you will help your business become a brand. Google displays results based on various factors and always tries to provide the best results to the user.

On the other hand, if you want to do anything on social media, you have to follow some basic rules and regulations of that platform. You cannot go outside these rules and regulations. Sometimes you can’t make independent decisions about your business. Social media rules will directly influence your decisions.

Sometimes you have to face the loss of your business while following social media rules. Which is very harmful for your business. Social media has its own search engine where your business appears. That is, your business stays within certain boundaries and you and your customers cannot go outside of it.

Why should I spend money if it is free?

Finally, the question may come to many people’s mind, when you are making profit from social media for free, why should you spend money to create a website or buy a ready-made website? The simple answer is that if you want to do business as a hobby for some time then you can definitely run a business on Facebook.

You might make a small profit. But if you want to do business in long term and want to create a brand value then there is no alternative to website. Because of the website, people will trust your business and brand and people will want to buy just by hearing the name. Then there will be no doubt about the product quality among them. Because then people already gain trust on you. Which is not possible to achieve in social media or Facebook based business. The difference is here.

If you need any guidelines regarding website then contact us. You can read the article and give your opinion. And share on social media.

Box Shadow – Text Effect Design Free Download

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