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Company Website Template Design Free Download HTML CSS JavaScript

What is the difference between web design and development?

Today’s article is mainly for those who consider web design and web development as one subject. Simply put, web design is deciding how a website will look and work accordingly.

On the other hand, web development is creating a new website by following the design and coding. Basically a web developer does the work to make a user able to use the website. Now Ashi Kari understands why web design and web development are considered completely different things. Nowadays web design is popular as UI/UX design. Again web development is divided into front end development and back end development.

What is web design?

The web design sector deals with determining how a website will look or how it will look in general. Basically creating a complete web site template is the job of a web designer. Where the menu will be in the header of the layout, whether there will be a sidebar, where the images will sit is set through web designing. A web designer decides how the website and its content will be displayed. These tasks are done using some programming, scripting languages and markup languages.

What are the functions of web design?

There are many things you need to learn to do in web design. Website design is to design what we see on a website on the internet and this is done by a web designer. A web designer decides what colors will be liked by the user on a user’s website or what things will be perfect if placed in a place. In this case, the tasks that he has to do are:-

Relevant content

This content is treated as the message of each website. A web designer needs to know about content management or designing in order to better convey what a website wants to convey and to decide where this content is best placed.

Company Website Template Design Free Download HTML CSS JavaScript


Layout is used to design how you want a website to look and one of the important tasks of a web designer is to know about layout and design the site accordingly. But sometimes your customer or client can dictate how it will be arranged.

Color combination

The beauty of a web site depends on the right selection of colors. In this case, the customer should select the color as desired. If the client does not want to say, you can easily select a color according to the purpose of the website and what the website is for.

Correct graphics

If you want to do web design, you must have a basic understanding of graphic design. Because it is very important to know graphics designing to design logos, images, icons. The website you created can be presented correctly only if these contents are placed in the right place

Correct font selectshock

Different types of fonts can give different looks to different websites. In the text used on the website you need to know how to use different fonts to make the site stand out.


The menubar that is seen on the website is basically the menubar. Every website has a menu bar so that the user can easily find all the things on the website and a web designer needs to know how to set that menu bar.


It is very important to have multimedia content on the site to explain the user in more details about the website using videos or animations. You should also set up multimedia on the site to easily send your speech or message to the user.

How much money can be earned by web designing?

The estimated average monthly income of a mid-level web designer in Bangladesh is Tk 25,000. However, with skill, it is possible to take this amount from ৳400,000 to ৳700,000 per month.

What is web development?

The work of web development is the functionalization of the external part of the website through the admin panel of a website. After installing various themes, the options available for theme design or website design are created by web developers. Web development is done using click and drag drop functions.

What are the jobs of web development?

The specific tasks and responsibilities associated with the website rest with the web developer Creating and maintaining websites are some of the important jobs in the web development sector. Functional system web development should be done by ensuring the client’s needs and customer’s needs. A web developer ensures regular fixes and functionality of a website.

In this case, a frontend developer sets the layout, interactive and navigational elements of a website such as buttons and scrollbars, images, content and internal links. A backend developer, on the other hand, ensures that a website’s servers, applications, and databases all communicate with each other. However, both types of developers need to be experts in the coding sector. Again, many in the web developer sector also work as fullstack developers. They have to specialize in servers, networks and hosting.

How much money can be earned by web development?

Web developers in Bangladesh have the ability to generate an average income of 8 lakh rupees per month in the beginning. Although it is difficult to get this type of job in this country. And even if you get it, you don’t get proper remuneration. But I can safely say that by doing web development in a country like Bangladesh, you can start with an income of 20,000-30,000 rupees a month and if you take yourself to the position of senior, you can easily earn up to 1,50,000 rupees a month.

What is the difference between web design and web development?

In web design sector Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Adobe InDesign but in web development sector you need to have a good understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, various CSS frameworks, various JavaScript libraries etc.

Company Website Template Design Free Download HTML CSS JavaScript

A web designer has to design the part of the website that is in front of our eyes. The interface of a website is an indicator of the web design work of that website. And the job of web development is to make that website into a usable website through coding. Besides adding the website to a server and making the site open for all users is also the responsibility of a web developer.

Which is better between web design and web development?

Which one is better between web design and web development depends on your skills. The sector in which you are more interested and the sector in which you can excel is better for you However, you can learn to work quickly in the web design sector. And it will take some time to earn by working in web development sector.

It’s over

Hope you can generate good amount of income by doing this web design and web development. Although it is foolish to learn the work of two sectors at the same time! No one will be able to stop your work order if you are skilled in one sector and enter the marketplace. Happy Readers.

Company Website Template Design Free Download HTML CSS JavaScript

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