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Website Development Cost: How much does it cost to build a new website?

The current trends and requirements say that with any kind of new business planning, website creation also comes up. And with all the other investments in business, one has to think, how much does it cost to build a new website? What is the cost of creating a website? The cost of building a new website can vary based on the type of website, and functionality. And through today’s post we will discuss everything about the cost of creating different types of websites.

Different types of websites:

First let’s discuss how many types of websites are usually? Because to understand how much money it takes to make a new website, it is important to understand what types of websites there are. And budgets vary wildly based on the type of website.

If you want to know what types of websites there are, the answer will never be the same. Because we visit more than 50 types of websites on a daily basis depending on the use and purpose.

But today we will discuss the most popular 5 types of website building costs. For example:

  • E-commerce website
  • Personal website
  • Portfolio website
  • Business website
  • Blog website

Throughout the article we will try to give an idea of the approximate cost of creating these 5 types of websites. But before that there are some expenses that are necessary during the creation of every new website. For example:



Theme/Web Design and Development

Website Content

Domain Cost:

The address (URL) or name of the website is called the domain. There are different types of domain extensions. Like: .com, .org, .info, .xyz, .io etc. However, dot com domains are considered as top level domains based on importance. And there is some difference in price depending on the type of domain. Depending on the type of domain, the price ranges from $0.35 (Tk. 30) to $15 (Tk. 1200). But to simplify the total calculation, we can take the average price of the domain as 900 ৳.

Cost of hosting:

Hosting is the source of storage or management of a website. Because all the content is managed through hosting to make any website visible on the internet. That is, hosting can be called the CPU of your website. The cost of hosting depends on the features and data processing capacity of the hosting. So based on the type and requirements of your website you have to choose the hosting configuration you need.

But if you want to know the price, in this case you may have to pay 3500 rupees in local money to buy a hosting of reasonable quality. And there is no end to the goodness, the more jaggery you pour, the sweeter it will be.

Theme/Web Design and Development Cost:

A website theme is the foundation or complete design of any website. That is, a complete visual idea of what your website will look like. You can create a website with any theme and develop it with a custom design. The cost of creating a website with a theme is relatively low and a bit more for custom design. Because different types of website themes are also available for free. However, the average price of premium themes starts from 59$ or 5000 Bangladeshi Taka.

And if you want to design your website as your own, then you have to do custom design and development. In this case, your cost can start from approximately 10 thousand rupees, depending on the type of website.

For example, starting from 10/15 thousand for business website, portfolio website, personal website or general blog website, and starting from 20/25 thousand for e-commerce website.

Website Content Writing Cost:

Website content is the various types of text, audio, video and images on the website through which we can interact with visitors to the website or convey our objectives. Or it can be said like this, web content is the communicator of web traffic with the website. That is, the better you can present the content of your website, the better your users’ experience will be, and the higher your success rate will be.

You may have already heard a lot about Content Is The King. However, to create the king of the website, you have to maintain a fairly good budget. Or if you plan to reflect on your goals yourself, you can do that through the website. So if you can manage the content yourself, there is no cost and if you want to write it by someone or a freelancer, there is a good cost.

There will be a lot of budget difference between Bengali and English content. A medium-sized website may require approximately 10,000 words of content (excluding blog content). And for every thousand bangla content you can spend 200 to 700 taka. And for every thousand English content writing you can spend from 500 taka to 3 thousand taka.

Website Development Cost by Type

So far we have discussed about the necessary expenses of creating a website, which expenses we cannot avoid in any way. Now I will discuss how much money it takes to make a new website based on the type? That is, how much it costs to build an e-commerce website, business website, portfolio website and blog website.

E-commerce website development cost

The word e-commerce (e-commerce) means electronic trade. That is, the business that is done through electronic media or internet is called e-commerce. Basically the websites where we can shop online are e-commerce websites. Like: Daraj.com, Picabo.com, Chal Dal.com etc.

Now if your question is, what is the cost of creating a website like Daraz.com, then it is difficult. Because these are multi-vendor e-commerce websites and Daraj.com didn’t happen overnight. It is at this stage today through years of development and constant addition of various features as needed. But if you calculate the cost, you can get several million dollars.

But today we will calculate how much it costs to build an e-commerce website for individual management. Then add and subtract the previous approximate calculations and do a simple math. For example: Domain approx 900 taka + Hosting approx 3000 taka + Web Design Development 20000 taka + Content 5000 taka. That is, the cost to create a custom design e-commerce website will start from approximately 25000 thousand.

Cost of creating a personal website

Websites that are maintained to inform the world about yourself and give daily updates about your activities are actually personal websites. Personal website does not have any special features so the cost is also very low. So the cost of creating a personal website can start from approximately 10 thousand rupees.

Cost of creating a portfolio website

An online representation of a person’s completed work and a website that showcases talent and skills is called a portfolio website. Generally freelancers and other professionals who want to present and sell their skills, services online use portfolio websites. The budget for creating such a website depends on various features. However, the portfolio website creation budget can start from 15 thousand rupees.

Cost of creating a business website

A business website generally refers to a website that presents all types of information about a business or a company. Any company or organization sells their products or services through a business website. That is, the business website is a direct gateway to providing services through electronic media.

Many times some business websites also include e-commerce. And the features are a bit more than other websites, so the cost of creating a business website is also a bit higher. To start a decent business website, you should have a budget of around 20 thousand rupees.

Cost of creating a blog website

A blog website refers to a website that publishes informational content on any topic. They can be current news, various informative tips, news etc. By publishing content online through such websites, various types of ad publisher companies such as Google Sense, Ezoic etc. monetize the content.

How much money does it take to create a blogging website? Generally, this type of website can be started by purchasing a domain and hosting, installing a free theme, and changing the content. In that case, there is no separate cost except the cost of domain and hosting. But in the future, it is better to get custom development so as not to face any kind of security issue. The cost of creating such a custom designed website can start from 15 thousand rupees.

Hopefully, through this article, I have been able to give you a rough idea of how much money it takes to create a new website. But if you have any problem to understand, you can tell through comments. Moreover, if you need any professional quality web development services, you can contact us. thank you

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