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How to create a responsive Web Hosting Domain Website Template Design Free Download

What does it take to create a website? Rules for creating websites? Part-1

We are very familiar with these two terms: Website Development – Online and Offline. But nowadays we are most familiar with the word online and refer to it in everyday conversation. Websites are the easiest and most reliable means of online presence. Only through the website we can know what is happening in any corner of the world at home. A website consists of a number of web pages or pages that contain information. Before creating a website, you need to plan. But before that, you need to know what it takes to create a website and what are the requirements of the website? Why is it necessary?

What is a website?

We all are more or less familiar with the term website. But at the beginning we need to know what is the website? In today’s internet age, the only way to present any information is a website. This is what you can call your online property i.e. assets.

Currently, various individuals, business organizations, educational institutions or various service companies submit their various information online through this website. So that a user can easily know about their various information.

Why is it necessary to create a website for your business?

To grow your business and present yourself online, you need to create a website. If your business doesn’t have a website these days, many may question its legitimacy. If there is no such trend in Bangladesh, the demand for websites is increasing day by day because of the new generation and now everything is digital. Any website creates the first impression of your business in the mind of the customer which instills trust in people. At the same time, through your website, your services are beautifully presented to the customer.

Steps to create a website – How to create a website?

Before all this, you must first understand and plan why you have a website? What kind of design will it take, how will it look? You should have a clear idea of where you want to display what on the website. Then you can create your own website.

If you understand this well and can create your business plan step by step then the website will be beautiful as well as your audience will like it more. A beautiful and responsive first website will take your business to another level and at the same time your customers will also get fast service from you. Who does not want to get any product or service at hand in less time!

To create a website, you first need to buy a domain and hosting for your website or business. Complete plan of how you want to build the website. You need to have the desire to implement that plan and also need to spend a certain amount of money to get a beautiful website.

SEO should be done by introducing the website to the search engines. However, SEO is not included in the cost of creating a website. Because SEO is needed to get long term results after the website goes live. Below is a step by step guide on what it takes to create a website.

How to create a website

Domain selection

Next you need to select a name for your business. If your business has been offline for a long time but not online. In that case you can buy the domain in the name of your business. But check whether the domain is available online or not. Many people may be wondering what is the domain? Simply put, a domain is the name of something. Your business name is your domain name. A specific name that will easily identify your business.


After fixing the domain you need to buy hosting. Hosting refers to a fixed amount of space where you put your website online. To put it simply, you have a memory card in your mobile. There you can put your favorite songs, videos, pictures, etc. and are saved there. Similarly, the place where the website is kept is called hosting. That is, the website is hosted from there. This is web hosting.

Your website has information hosting. According to the user’s search query, Google search engine will bring relevant information to the user if it finds relevant information on your website. Basically this is how any user comes to the website and buys the service. This is why hosting is so important in creating a website.

Website design layout plan

If you have decided or are thinking of buying domain hosting for your business, then you need to decide how you want the layout or design of your website. Which option will be available and which will not be available and how much easier it can be made for the user, what payment method do you want to keep etc. You have to plan carefully. Because there are different categories of businesses in the market, there are also different categories of websites. Those whose look or layout do not match with different categories.

Simply put, if you have a hotel restaurant business, then you don’t have to make a website like a furniture or hardware store layout. By doing this, your target audience or customer will get bored and will not want to take the service. But if the layout of your website is similar to that of a restaurant website, then any customer will eagerly browse through the various pages of the website to know about your business. Web site design is important for this reason. In simple words, first the philanthropist, then the judge.

UI/UX Design

UI stands for User Interface. That is, the part that your customers/users see (Visual Design). Through which customers/users are connected to something. In other words, in simple terms, designing what kind of options will be there for users on a website, etc.

UX on the other hand is User Experience. Who are the target customers of your product, why will they buy your product and what is their experience with the product after buying the product – these are the issues that UX design works on.

Creating a beautiful and attractive UI/UX is a very challenging task, especially if it is easy for users to understand. In a survey, some users were asked, which one do you prefer between Xiaomi or Apple mobile, most of the opinion is that they prefer Xiaomi phone more. The main reason is that it is very user friendly.

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