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What is Youtube Channel Monetization? YouTube Channel Monetization Rules

YouTube is currently the most popular online video-sharing and social media platform. The progress that YouTube has made in almost two decades is unforgettable. And by using this advantage, the young generation of different countries including Bangladesh are earning money through video sharing. If the work you do with your passion or hobby brings a lot of money in your pocket, then you can care about your passion.

You must have thought by now how to earn money from YouTube. Yes, you guessed it right, this huge amount of money comes through YouTube monetization. By monetizing YouTube, many young people in Bangladesh have become YouTubers.

Now if you also want to become a famous YouTuber then monetize your YouTube channel today. By reading the entire article, you will get a complete idea about it, inshallah. So stay tuned!

What is Youtube Channel Monetization – YouTube Monetization 2022

The literal meaning of monetization is monetization or monetization. So, YouTube monetization means monetizing YouTube. Simply put, YouTube monetization is the process by which you make YouTube monetizable. Through the process you can earn in various ways including video sharing, advertising, affiliate marketing, and sponsorship.

CSS Neumorphic Elements Design Free Download

Advertising is the most popular among the above income sources. By doing YouTube Monetization, you allow advertisers to place advertisements in your videos. At one stage of monetization you need to open a Google AdSense account. And in this account all the money earned from YouTube is deposited and you can withdraw money from there.

Better to say, when you allow YouTube to display ads in your videos through this process, Google includes ads from its advertising partners in your videos. And 45% of the amount of money that will be displayed in the ads will be kept by Google itself and the remaining 55% money will be deposited in your Google Adsense account.

YouTube Monetization Terms – YouTube Monetization Policy 2022

There are some terms of YouTube channel monetization. In context of 2022 you have to fulfill certain conditions for monetization. The conditions are:

First of all the condition you need to fulfill is 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel.

4000 hours public watch time will be applicable

2 step verification must be turned on.

YouTube has some community strikes or policies that cannot be violated. For example: sharing of any child abuse video, audio, video or thumbnail of another YouTuber cannot be used.

By following the above conditions you can easily apply your YouTube channel for monetization.

How to monetize youtube

  First you need to login your YouTube channel. In order to go to the channel dashboard from the browser. Now you can see the monetization option by scrolling down the options on the left side of the dashboard. Clicking on monetization button will take you to another page.

There you will see how many hours of watch time, subscribers you have. If you have minimum 1000 subscribers, 4 hours public watch time, two step verification and community policy is correct then Apply now option will appear in front of you. Now click on apply now option. After clicking you have to follow 3 steps. Step 3 is:

Review partner program terms

Sign-up for Google Adsense

Get Reviewed

Step 1: Review partner program terms

Coming to step 1 you will see a start option below. Click there.

After clicking you will see many terms and agreement. Read them well.

Now at the very bottom you will see the “I accept YouTube partner program terms” option. Click on it

Now at the end click on “Accept terms” button and right. Congratulations you have successfully completed step 1.

Step2: Sign-up for Google Adsense

This step is more difficult than other steps. Let’s see how to complete step 2.

In Step 2 you will also see the Start option. Click on that button.

Now the text “Do you have an existing account” will appear in front of you. Click there.

After clicking 3 options will show in front of you.

If you do not have a Google Adsense account, then select the option “No, i don’t have an existing account” and click on the Continue option.

Or select it if you already have.

If you don’t have an account, your Gmail account will be shown in the next step. Select your Gmail account.

Now the home page of Google Adsense will show in front of you. From there, select only the country you belong to in the “your country and territory” option.

Then some terms will show, read them carefully and yes and click on Create account.

Now an interface will show in front of you. It will ask for your personal information. After giving them correctly click on submit option

After submitting you will be taken back to Channel monetization page. It may take up to 72 hours for YouTube and Google to link AdSense to your YouTube channel. Until then, be patient.

Then you will see right option before step 2. So you have successfully completed step 2.

Step3: Get reviewed

Coming to Step 3 you don’t need to do anything manually. If step1 and step2 are done correctly, Google will review your YouTube channel monetization. Review if everything is OK then you will see right next to step 3. Now your channel is monetized. From now Google will advertise in your YouTube videos and you can earn money from it.

How YouTube pays us

YouTube is a service of Google. And another service of Google is Google Ads. Big business men pay Google to deliver their products or services to everyone. And Google shows ads from those advertisers on your YouTube videos.

Through which the advertisement reaches the common people. Google keeps 45% of the advertiser’s money and gives you the remaining 55%. Because if Google didn’t give you money through YouTube, then you wouldn’t have got the taste for just making videos.

CSS Neumorphic Elements Design Free Download

So far you know how you can monetize a channel, but there are some other things like monetization of your channel can be stopped for some reasons. Now let’s talk about that.

No YouTube channel will receive monetization

YouTube is always looking for creative people. If you copy someone else’s video i.e. other’s YouTube waz and post it on your YouTube channel then your YouTube channel monetization may stop. Also, if your YouTube channel contains pornographic or sexual video content, your account may be terminated. Also your monetization may be stopped by sharing any video of child abuse, animal killing i.e. anti-community. So you have to work beautifully with your own content so these problems will not be a problem.

Rejecting YouTube channel monetization is doable

If Google rejects your monetization, it will notify you through the email you provided. There is nothing to panic about. You have to wait 30 days. Then you can see again why Google rejected your monetization. Find out the reasons and fix them and reapply according to the monetization conditions. If everything goes well you will definitely get monetization.

Ways to earn from YouTube in different ways

There are many ways to earn money from YouTube. Let’s explore some ways.

1. YouTube sponsorship deal or brand deal:

Whether your YouTube channel is big or small, you can earn $100-$400 by adding a product or service to your video through a sponsorship deal.

2. YouTube affiliate marketing:

You can easily add a link to the products of an online shop in the description box of your YouTube video or in the middle of the video. If someone clicks on that link and buys the product, you will get a flat commission from it.

3. YouTube Live Stream:

You can also earn by YouTube live stream monetization. Visitors to live streams provide SuperChat to video creators. And through this money can be earned.

4. YouTube shorts videos:

YouTube has brought a huge advantage for YouTubers in 2021. It announced a $100 million fund for short video creators. So you can grab this money by sharing short videos.

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