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Which is better Facebook Ad VS Google Ad for Business?

Facebook and Google are giant platforms for advertising on digital platforms. Both platforms have billions of users and data structures set up that allow companies small and large to get their ads in front of their ideal customers. Both platforms have good audience size set and audience targeting systems.

If you have the budget to run ads on any one platform, it becomes difficult to select which to run ads on Google and Facebook. One thing to keep in mind while running an ad is that if you get one small step wrong, your entire campaign will fail. The result will be unsatisfactory or null. That’s why you have to make the right decision by understanding it.

You can decide which platform is best for you by finding answers to some simple questions without directly telling you which platform is better to add to. Let’s find out before that what is Facebook Ad and Google Ad?

Hotel Website Template Design Free Download

Facebook Ad

Facebook is single largest platform than any other social media platform which connects 1.6 billion people worldwide. At the same time, it has created opportunities for small businesses to reach billions of people. Campaigns are created on Facebook to run ads through Facebook Ad Manager. Audience targeting is most important when setting up an ad campaign.

Audience targeting requires location, profile data, and more demographic data to speed up the process. In running ads, you can specify where you want the ads to show and they will show the ads on the spot. You can also specify Instagram, Messenger, or on which device the ad will be shown, mobile or desktop. You can also see the performance of any ad campaign. If necessary, you can take necessary steps.

Importance of Facebook Ad:

Facebook Ad ensures the following major aspects of any business.

Assists in enhancing the branding of the business

Customer engagement increases

An easy way to generate leads for any business. Maximum leads also convert to customers.

Drives traffic to the website which increases the audience reach of the content on the website

Websites with upcoming events or email subscriptions or e-books are useful for collecting leads. Later, marketing to them can be done during various offers.

Facebook ads are important for your business because of the above reasons.

Google Ads

Google Ads is the biggest platform when it comes to PPC Advertising. It is widely used in Google advertising platform. We are all familiar with the “Paid Search” option and use it in various fields. But the same thing is known about Bing Ads. Bing Ads works in the same way as Google Ads. But due to the high number of users of Google search engine, Google Ad is used more. Using paid marketing methods to generate revenue from your website. For marketing you need to create a strategy and work accordingly. A cell is generated if the strategy is full proof.

According to the 2019 survey, it has been seen that any small or big business uses Google Ads or spends dollars for their marketing. Among them, maximum number of brands add to Google. The 2020 survey shows that Google Ad has the highest click-to-action rate (CTR). Which is more than any other platform like Facebook. The reason for this is that Google shows ads based on ad relevance. If the search volume of the keyword to run the ad is high and if the bid is high on that keyword, then Google shows the ad depending on the search intent.

Marketing doesn’t just have to be done once. Rather, you need to do marketing again when the offers are running in different auctions. This poison is called re-marketing. Google Ad has made re-marketing easier. Let me explain how it made it easier.

Suppose someone comes to buy something on your website and adds the product to the shopping cart according to their choice but does not complete the purchase. Now you can remarket to them. Also, Google Ads has some simple and advanced features that allow you to track your entire campaign and generate reports effortlessly to help you plan your next campaign and generate revenue accordingly.

Where will you add:

After discussing all these things, you may have a question in your mind that there are advantages to adding in both places. But where to add will be perfect for me. If you are in such confusion, you should run a few ads first to see how the performance of any add is. The ad strategy with higher CTR and higher conversion rate is more effective among ad perfons. You can understand this by running a few campaigns on Google and Facebook in different places. You will run the ad on the platform from which your response will be good. In this way marketers run various marketing campaigns.

You have targeted customers in both Facebook Ads and Google Ads. But as businesses are of different types, your business needs are more or less depending on the location. For this reason the location has to be specified while running any add. You can also specify which age group your product is perfect for. As a result, you can target customers of specific age groups according to specific locations. Which helps to increase the sales of your business.

In case of Facebook ads:

In this case the user acts as passive. Because the user may not immediately search for the product or service. After seeing your ad, the user can buy the product or service later. Everything can be set by looking at the user’s demographic interests, life events, location and the user’s buying behavior. Facebook ads have ad placement options.

You can place ads in those places. Facebook Feed, Stories, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Messenger with in-stream video, Instagram and their Stories have the opportunity to show ads. Images, videos, slideshows, carousels, etc. can be added while giving Facebook ads. Their average click through rate and conversion rate are relatively high. If you are new and don’t know how to add then visit

In case of Google Ads:

In the case of Google Ads, viewers are users who search for products or services. Their intention is to buy the product or service of their choice. Google ad shows based on user’s location and search intent for ad targeting. Google also allows ads to be shown on their own as well as their partner program platforms. Ad types are text, direct call and shopping ads. Besides, there is no other type of add. Click through rate and CPC for Google Ads is higher than Facebook Ads.

Hotel Website Template Design Free Download


The purpose of Google Ads and Facebook Ads is completely different. Facebook Ad is the best way to promote your brand awareness and services. In this case, there may be a chance to get your service immediately or it may not. But with Google Ads, your target is to increase sales. But in this case you have to take care of one thing depending on how much area you want to add.

If the targeted location is right, your sales will continue to come in well. In the case of Facebook ads, you can target the audience, but while giving Google ads, the ads are run by targeting keywords (user’s search intent). Now I hope you understand whether Google Ad or Facebook Ad is important for your business. You can contact us for any advertisement-related consultation.

Hotel Website Template Design Free Download

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