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Complete Responsive Dental Clinic – Dental Hospital Website Template Design Free Download HTML CSS JavaScript

Complete Guide to Web Development as a Career

Basically giving life to the web site is the job of web development. A website can by no means be created automatically without the work of web development. He has to be made. And this creation is done by a web developer. Who does this based on his work in different sectors of web development. Our topic today is what is web development and its complete guidelines. If you want to be a future web developer then I think you should read this entire article today. Because today we will discuss about various important topics about web development.

Complete Responsive Dental Clinic – Dental Hospital Website Template Design Free Download HTML CSS JavaScript

What is web development?

The work of web development is to create a website by making the website design or image as a tool. In this case a web developer has to create a beautiful and meaningful website by combining client side language and server side language. Besides, being able to coordinate the design or template, content management system and database while doing web development is the perfect fulfillment of web development work.

If someone doesn’t have knowledge of PHP, MySQL as well as HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, Bootstrap then he/she can’t do this web development job in any way. In that case, w3 School is a very important website for beginners

From building a new website to making it live on the Internet, a site’s web development works. Web development is the name of combining all the work in it. Since a web developer is developing a website from scratch, the work is undoubtedly called web development work. Hope you understand the matter.

Why learn web development?

Before knowing why you should learn web development, think about whether you are interested in web development work! If there is no interest in this sector, there is no option but to fall into the abyss. Because web development jobs teach that it is more important to focus on your own interests.

Now let’s talk about the reasons for learning web development Nowadays as the demand for online websites is increasing and almost everyone is chasing a website, the demand for this web development job will continue to increase at a comparatively higher rate now and in the future. If you want to exploit the opportunity of increased demand pressure, I would say it is better to learn web development and focus on this sector.

Web development is one of the highest paying professions and you don’t have to stress about the cost of this job. But if you think about income all day without learning how to work, then you will do the most stupid thing. Because no one will have any speed in this sector without knowing the work. In this era, you will be lost in the crowd of experts.

What is web development?

Do you know what web development work is? If you don’t know, find out. Web development is the process of creating a website or application and all the work including coding and programming has to be done under it. Let’s get familiar with some of the tasks of web development:-


Database is a very important part of a website. Developers give more importance to database as it stores all the files of a website. A web developer works on this database using a relational database management system (RDBMS).

This database is essential for the functioning of the website and is responsible for retrieving, organizing, editing and storing the information of a website. A website is available on the Internet only when the database created by the web developers is moved to a server and users are able to use it.


This server-side point contains customization with relevant information in the form of frontend code. Server-side scripting, or backend development, creates the back story of a website. The backend is essentially the part of a website that is never publicly displayed or seen by users. This server-side function of a website is done to store and collect data to keep the website running smoothly.

If the user wants to have face-to-face contact with the client or directly use the website, then a web developer has to do the necessary work of this website i.e. server-side work. A particular side contact page is created with this server-side and by creating it the user can easily contact the website authority.

client side

A web developer creates this client side with scripting, or frontend development. This is a code that when executed in a web browser determines what the user sees on a website! This client side is most involved especially layout, fonts, colors, menus and required pages.

Complete Responsive Dental Clinic – Dental Hospital Website Template Design Free Download HTML CSS JavaScript

How long does it take to learn web development?

Since it is a technology subject, how much time it takes to learn web development will depend entirely on the learner. If he can catch everything quickly then it will take less time. In this case, if you want to learn web development, you need to be constantly updated. Because being updated with the latest technology, it will be easy for you to learn to work according to the various updates related to web development.

I think it is an important point to keep an eye on the updates that come to Google especially related to the website. This will increase the quality of your work as the client will be satisfied. But learning web development properly can take more than 3 months to around 1 year It depends on your learning ability

What are web development and web designing the same?

A web designer determines how the website will look or how it will look in general. On the other hand, the responsibility of giving life to a website falls on the shoulders of a web developer. One is designing and the other is developing. In this respect both are completely different sectors. Data processing, database management, building security, controlling user and admin capabilities, making all the features of the application functional and dynamic are done in the web development sector.

On the other hand, the website designer has to work in the web designing sector. But a future web designer needs to be creative to go into the designing sector.

How much money can be earned by web development?

How much money you can earn from web development depends on how many jobs you get monthly. If you don’t get any project orders then it is absolutely foolish to expect income. A junior web developer earns an average of Rs 8 lakh per month in the beginning. What? Wondering? It’s about to happen!

But it is not our native prize. This amount of payment is usually received by foreigners. I just mentioned this to have an idea. But you can generate income of Rs 20,000 – 30,000 per month by doing web development work in Bangladesh. Although this prize is only for beginners. Those who have learned the job many years ago and skilled themselves can generate more income.


Web development is a promising career place. Where you can utilize your skills and dream of a beautiful future. Even if you don’t have any educational qualification, you can generate a handsome income monthly by doing web development by utilizing your personal skills.

What to do to get the job of web design?

You can get website design jobs by using word of mouth, social media marketing, email marketing. Remember that even if you know a lot of things, it will be of no use if no one knows what you are doing. So you have to tell everyone about your work. In this case, you can use the about section of social media. Where you present your work correctly to attract different clients to your work.

What is the demand for web design?

There are many freelancers in Bangladesh who usually have fixed monthly work rates. If you want, you can follow these rules for web design as well. But it is best if you can work on hourly rate. As the demand for web sites is increasing in today’s world, your demand as a web designer will not decrease anytime soon. Its demand will increase as much as the demand for web site developers has increased or will increase.

What is the future of web design?

Web design jobs usually pay more in freelancing considering the maximum amount of work or income. So anyone can easily take up this sector as their career. Also nowadays there are many sectors online and offline where various web designers are hired for web design work. In this case, if a web designer can present his work through his skills, he should not think about income or future at all.

Because the income in this sector is always relatively high. In this regard, professional graphics designers deserve to be the most ahead. Keep in mind that online marketplaces have a wide variety of sectors in which to work in web design. You just need to know the tips to get your clients by learning on the job.

What is the income potential of web design?

Do you know the estimated average monthly income of every web designer is ৳25,000? Yes! You heard right! However, if you go outside the country, this income will increase from Tk 400,000 to Tk 700,000 or more. Also, those who want to work hourly can generate an average income of $10-15 per hour by doing web design work. In this case, you can take the help of Upwork. More than web designers are posting jobs on this marketplace.

It’s over

This article on web design is more like a guideline. Remember, as long as there are websites, there will be demand for web designers. So acquiring skills in this sector would be the most sensible thing to do. And yes! Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get a job learning project! Because maybe a big opportunity is waiting for you!

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