How to Create a Real Estate Website

How to create a Responsive Real Estate Website Design with HTML CSS JavaScript and BootStrap Template.

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How to learn Python?
Official website of Python

All the information to learn Python can be found on its official website. Read the documentation to learn by yourself. The Python Developer’s Guide provides useful resources in one place.
Mozilla Foundation

You cannot learn Python directly from Mozilla Foundation’s ‘MDN Web Docs’. There you will find mainly Django framework learning guides and resources.
Online courses

Bahubrihi has several courses to learn Python in complete Bengali. You can take courses according to your knowledge level and choice.
Basic level

If you are a complete newbie then ‘Python for Beginners’ course will suit you. In this course you will learn about the basic concepts of Python and their usage. There are useful practice problems for this.
Advanced level

If you want to use Python for web and application development, you can learn Django framework in 2 courses:

 Django: Backend Web Development with Projects
 Django Projects: Blog, eCommerce & Social Media Websites

In both the courses you will get opportunity to learn practical work along with projects.
Career level

If you want to make a full web development career by learning Python and Django frameworks, you need to learn a few more languages. For example, JavaScript. Must also learn how to use databases. You will find them in one place in Bahubrihir’s Python and JavaScript based full stack web development course program. You will learn a total of 11 projects in this 6-month online training with mentor support, career guidance and portfolio support. Besides, you will make 11 projects yourself. After completing the course, your CV and portfolio will be sent to Bahubrihi’s partner companies and firms.

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Some of the popular front-end web development frameworks are:

Nowadays, the first importance in creating any website is whether the user can use the website comfortably. Let’s say, a website can do many essential functions. But if the user cannot understand how to use the website due to the complex and confusing design, then the website is of no use to them.

No matter how complex the backend is, it’s the front-end’s job to make it nice and simple for the user.

Let’s learn about front-end web development frameworks.
What is a front-end web development framework?

Framework is a buzzword in the world of web development these days. The framework is basically a combination of some reusable code that gives developers a very simple platform. So it is now very easy to create a website using the framework.

Everything we see in front of our eyes when we enter a website is the feat of the front-end. For example: different button colors, labels, writing fonts etc.

This shows that front-end work is a very important part of web development these days. Because among the many busyness of people, people now find that website which is the most convenient for them to use. So all famous websites in the world are in competition to make the front-end beautiful.

But the problem is that working on the front-end is not that easy. Writing a bunch of code to place one button at a time. Or making small changes to huge code. All these various issues hinder the creativity of developers. Because they have to focus on coding more than design.

But using a framework frees developers from all this. Because it contains various design codes in advance. So to place the button, it is possible to place it directly by using the default code of the button.

Button is a very small example. Thousands of other designs can easily be deployed using front-end web development frameworks whose code-behind may be huge. Thus these frameworks further develop the creativity of developers. Developers can focus on creating functional, intuitive designs without thinking about coding.
Why is front-end web development framework important?
Increases website popularity

The more beautiful and perfect the front-end work, the easier and more popular the website will be for users. As an example we can look at sites like Facebook or Instagram.

When we use these websites, a lot of work is done for just one react. That react gets assigned to specific pictures of specific people in the database. Also, other things from that person or page’s account keep coming up in our newsfeed.

But we don’t see any of it. We only see a React button. On clicking this button, the rest of the work is done automatically in the backend. These types of websites are most popular because they are very user-friendly

How to Create a Real Estate Website-freewebsitecreate
How to Create a Real Estate Website-free website create

It is possible to easily design complex websites

Creating the perfect website design with grassroots coding is very difficult. But using various front-end web development frameworks, complex designs are easily possible.

On one hand, frameworks are very easy to learn, and on the other hand, amazing websites can be designed using them. So at the end of the day it is very important to have an understanding of front-end web development frameworks to create a simple and attractive website.
Websites can be developed quickly and easily

In this era, everyone wants everything to be done in one click. One click ticket booking, one click data entry. To complete hundreds of tasks with one click, the user interface needs to be designed very simply. Since the framework provides reusable code, it is possible to build large websites quickly and easily by using them over and over again.

Various front-end web development frameworks are being used to address these inconsistencies in complexity with such demands.

Various popular front-end web development frameworks

A very popular front-end web development framework these days is Vue.js. It is basically a JavaScript based framework. Vue.js can easily reduce the complexity, while its size is not very large. So it is much more convenient than other frameworks.

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Vue.js is basically a DOM and component based framework. It provides platform for various tasks. So almost everything including web applications, mobile apps can be done with it. Whether the website is static or dynamic, it is very easy to design a beautiful website using it.
Advantages of Vue.js

 Ample documentation is available
 Very flexible for any design
 Anyone can use it easily just by learning JavaScript
 Reduces complexity a lot
 Supports TypeScript

Disadvantages of Vue.js

 The components are relatively less stable
 Since the community is very small, in many cases the proper source code is not available
 Finding plug-ins or components is sometimes a hassle

Examples of Vue.js

One of the simplest frameworks is React. It was originally created to solve code maintenance problems. Since most websites these days are very feature-rich, a framework like this for code maintenance opens up a lot of possibilities.

It provides the convenience of virtual DOM. It provides a stable platform, which is essential to build a straightforward website.
Benefits of React

 Components are reusable
 Components can easily be used with other components
 All modern tools can be used
 Performance is higher because virtual DOM can be used
 Easy to learn

Disadvantages of React

 Due to lack of proper documentation, developers have to face various hurdles to keep pace with the updates
 Using JSX can be difficult without proper knowledge of JavaScript
 For brand new developers learning is a bit daunting

Example of React

Angular (angular.js)

Angular is basically a TypeScript based framework. It uses tow-way data binding. So the real-time pattern works between the model and the view. Because real-time connection is very important in building a dynamic website. So Angular is the most effective framework for dynamic websites. It is also very suitable for creating multi-page websites.
Advantages of Angular

 Real-time connections between models and views can be observed using the framework
 It is possible to create large webpages with very little coding
 Reusable components can be used
 Community support is great so all problems can be solved easily

Disadvantages of Angular

 Being TypeScript based, it is harder to learn than other frameworks
 There is no proper documentation, so many problems to learn

Example of Angular
React Native

React Native basically provides native components. So if someone wants to use native components instead of using DOM components, React Native is a very useful framework for him. If a developer is familiar with React, React Native becomes very easy for him. Because their coding is almost similar.

React Native also uses JavaScript libraries. So if you have a proper understanding of JavaScript, you can easily design a website using it. Also it provides cross-platform.
Advantages of React Native

 The code takes very little time to build
 Since it uses JavaScript libraries, a wide variety of packages can be used
 Can be refreshed much faster
 The user interface can be made very simple and intuitive
 With a large community, it is easy to find solutions to problems

Create a Responsive Real State Website Development With HTML CSS and JavaScript

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