Online Clothing Shop Website Design

This free website template for an online clothing shop website design has been carefully crafted with attention to detail. It includes a beautiful homepage design with a unique header, which features a beautiful background image and two columns of product images. Online Clothing Shop Website Design HTML CSS JavaScript Free Website Create.

There is also a blog page, which includes a featured article section and a search bar. The template also includes a store page, which allows customers to browse and purchase items. Finally, the template includes a contact page, which allows customers to get in touch with the store.

Online Clothing Shop Website Design HTML CSS JavaScript

Free Online Clothing Website Template

Fullstack Web Development

Full-stack web development is a bit newer than the rest of the concepts. Basically back-end and front-end work done and coordinated is called full-stack development. Web development, and in some cases web design, is the creation of a complete strategy that combines all the steps. Full-stack developers usually have experience working in different roles at different stages of web development. So being a full-stack developer requires insight and foresight into the entire web development process. Take a full-stack web development course if you want to acquire the skills to work in various server, network and hosting environments, including front-end and back-end languages and frameworks.
Fullstack is a programming language used in web development


Generally, for full-stack development, familiarity with all front-end languages is recommended, but on the back-end it is good to specialize in any one of these languages. And the more experienced are proficient in multiple languages.
Skills required to become a web developer

Now let’s know what skills you need to emphasize if you want to make a career as a web developer.
Educational qualification

It is good to say at the outset that, in the context of Bangladesh, most job advertisements in the job market seek candidates with a bachelor’s degree. Needless to say candidates with computer science background get preference in this regard. But in most cases the quality of the applicant is checked on the basis of skill. Therefore, it is possible to overcome the shortage of degree in computer science if you stay ahead of the skill level in the particular field.
Proficiency in programming languages

We have already learned the languages required for front-end, back-end and full-stack web development. Basically, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby, Java take more possession.

JQuery, Django, NodeJs, Flask, Laravel, SpringBoot are many useful frameworks for web development.

Web development does not necessarily require a detailed knowledge of mathematics, but the better the mathematical sense, the better.
Data Structures and Algorithms

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Data structures and algorithms are very important skills for web development. This is where one can make the best use of one’s programming knowledge by improving skills.

Take the Data Structures and Algorithms course to learn how to create perfect algorithms from scratch in the most efficient way possible, to learn algorithm design techniques and to know which data structures are best to use.
Database management tools

MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, PostgreSQL etc. are used as database management tools.
Cloud system

It is essential for a web developer to be familiar with various cloud systems like AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Azure.
Software development

Software development refers to designing, supporting, testing and deploying computer software using programming languages. Software is a combination of instructions or programs that give direction to a computer. It is hardware independent and makes the computer programmable.
Type of software
System software

Software used to perform core functions of a device such as operating system, disk management, utilities, hardware management, and other operational tasks is system software.
Programming software

Software is also needed to create software. Software that helps programmers code (eg text editors, compilers, linkers, debuggers) is programming software.
Application software

Application software helps users perform tasks. Like Microsoft Office, or media player, or security software etc. Web and mobile applications like Facebook, Instagram or Amazon are also application software.
Who develops software?

Software is mainly developed by programmers, software engineers and software developers. These roles often interact and overlap, and the dynamics between them vary widely across departments and communities.
Programmer or coder

Programmers or coders write programs to instruct computers to perform specific tasks such as merging databases, routing communications, searching data, displaying text or graphics, etc. Programmers usually follow the instructions of software developers and engineers to write code in languages such as Java or C++.
Software Engineer

Software engineers apply engineering principles to creating software and systems to solve problems. They use modeling languages and other tools to specify solutions that can often be applied to a general problem, as opposed to just giving a solution to a specific instance or individual client. Software engineering solutions are developed following a scientific method and have to be applicable in real world situations.

Online Clothing Shop Website Design HTML CSS JavaScript-freewebsitecreate
Online Clothing Shop Website Design HTML CSS JavaScript-freewebsitecreate

Software developer

The role of software developers is a bit more practical than that of engineers. They have to be closely involved with specific project areas, including writing code. Working with the entire team to turn the necessary requirements into features. They also have to focus on software testing and operation and maintenance.
Skills required to become a software developer
Programming language details

Proficient in speed, performance and efficiency for software development, Java programming language skills can help you in almost every field.
Discrete Math, Data Structures, Algorithms

One can best utilize one’s programming knowledge by developing skills in discrete math, data structures, and algorithms. By using proper data structures and algorithms it is possible to solve the problem in much less time and less space.

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When it comes to frameworks, cross platform frameworks are good to know.
Object Oriented Programming

Object oriented programming is very useful for software developers. This data based programming approach is applicable in all languages Java, JavaScript, C++, Python.
Ideas about new technologies

Always keep abreast of new technology, software development world news.
Basic differences
Web Design Web Development Software Development

  1. Web design is the process of creating the layout and other visual elements of the website. 1. Website creation and maintenance is known to us as web development. And deployment can be anywhere on the web or offline.
  2. In this case it is not necessary to know programming language. 2. In this case it is necessary to know the programming language.
  3. In this case also it is necessary to know programming language.
  4. In this case, you have to be proficient in graphic design software. 3. In this case, logical sense should be kept as good as possible. 3. Good logical sense is also required in this case.
    Basic similarities

The basic similarities that can be seen in these three cases are –

 Must be computer literate.
 Must have good knowledge about website as possible.

last word

Now choose in which sector you want to build a career. It is our hope that this article will help us to make a good career decision by choosing our choice properly.

Why learn Python?

There is no one who is aware of computer science but has not heard the name of Python programming language. From data analysis to building complex applications – Python is popular for everything. Just by learning this language you can become proficient in several tasks at once. But how? Learn about that from this article.
What is Python?

Python is a high-level programming language. That is, it is closer to human language. Because of this, you can easily write and understand programs through it.
How did the name Python come about?

Python’s naming story is quite interesting. When Dutch programmer Guido van Rossum was developing it, he was also reading the script for a comedy series called Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Suddenly it occurred to him that the programming language he created needed a short, unique and somewhat mysterious name. He then chose the name Python.
What is the justification behind the fame of Python?

Python is more popular than other languages because its writing rules are simple. Anyone can learn and use the language in less time. Even for non-programmers. Data analysis work can be done through the language, as well as complex work like software development can be done. So developers prefer to keep it in their skill set.
Why learn Python?

Demand for Python Developers: The demand for Python developers in technology organizations is increasing day by day. You’ll find it on every list of the most in-demand programming languages.

Benefits in Non-Programming Fields: If you are not a professional programmer, you can do excellent data analysis in no time with Python in any field.
What are the advantages of Python?

 Python code is easy to write, understand and learn.
 Python language rules are simple so development takes less time.
 Diagnosing or debugging any errors while writing the code is relatively easy.
 Python has extensive library support for useful functions.
 Once the code is written, you can run the code on different platforms.
 You don't have to worry too much about variables or data types.
 Since Python is an open source language, you can use it in any application development.

What are the disadvantages of Python?

 Python code execution may take time.
 Python's memory usage is much higher than many other languages. So while making any project, you have to look at less memory loss.
 It's hard to do big things with database access in Python.
 Because the data type is dynamic, there is a risk of errors when running Python code.
 Python is not very suitable for mobile applications.

Where can you use Python?

 In data analysis and visualization
 In data collection or scraping from the Internet
 Automation works
 In web application development and testing
 In game development
 In Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Project

Some Python libraries
Python OpenCV (OpenCV)

The library is used for image processing. You can do many things in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator with this library.

It is a machine learning library. With its help, you can automatically determine various dynamic computational graphs and gradients.

The library is most commonly used for machine learning tasks. Its use is particularly notable in building deep learning models.

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Numpy library

Basically can be used for various mathematical tasks.
Some Python frameworks
Django framework

Django is a framework that lets you build secure web applications in no time. For example:

 Content Management System
 Social media websites
 News site

Its advantages are:

 Can setup in less time
 Can be used with any database
 Get a lot of website development functionality at one place
 User interface is easy to use

Django is used in many well-known applications and website development. For example:

 National Geographic

Flask framework

Flask framework provides the basic features of a web application. It has the facility to use extensions as per requirement. This is generally useful for prototyping. The reason for this is:

 The development server comes with the framework itself
 Faster debugging
 Unit testing is supported
 The codebase size is relatively small
 Easy database integration is possible

Hug framework

With this framework, you can essentially use an application programming interface (API) once and reuse it over and over again. Flexibility to work with less code is available here.

Complete Online Clothing Shop Website Template Design – HTML- CSS – JavaScript – Free Website Create

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