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Requirements of portfolio website

If you go into battle against the enemy without your shield and sword on the battlefield, will you be able to fight or win the battle? Likewise, there is no substitute for a portfolio website to showcase your expertise in any job field. To stay competitive in the current digital age, you must stand out among the rest of the 10 people. And so portfolio websites have become important to everyone all over the world.

Because, whether it’s employment or freelancing, there’s no other option than a portfolio website to showcase your previous work style, process, results or expertise to employers or buyers. Even if your CV or resume mentions about your work area, scope etc., it doesn’t give a clear idea about everything. But through a portfolio website, you can visually present the areas you have worked on in the past. It’s helpful to show the recruiter what your work is and having a portfolio means you’ll be one step ahead of other candidates for any job.

Complete Responsive Lawyer Website Template Design – HTML Free Download HTML CSS JavaScript Bootstrap

  What is portfolio?

If you’re a freelancer and don’t know what a portfolio is, it can be an impossible and awkward task. The first thing freelancers need to get work is a portfolio. Simply put, a portfolio is a collection of your work and skills. That is demos or samples of the work you do. Imagine you are a graphic designer and you tell your client to do this job for $200. Now, will your client pay you $200 without seeing how good you are at the job or how well you can do it? No, that never happens.

No client will want to give work without seeing a sample of your work. Because he doesn’t know if you can finish his work properly. So, if you arrange the demos of the work you have already completed and the work you want to do in the future, then your client will get an idea of your skills by looking at those works. Also will not hesitate to give you work. Your portfolio is the place where you organize your best work.

What is a portfolio website?

If you are a freelancer, make your work visible and contactable. If you are a photographer or a writer, you can create your own blog and present your artwork through a website. The main purpose of a personal portfolio website is to present a person with his work in a beautiful way to the world. Because the portfolio website will be viewed simultaneously by people from all over the world. Here you are a brand. If you are a web designer/writer/photographer etc then you should definitely have a portfolio website.

Requirements of Portfolio Website:

Suppose you are a photographer. You take very good pictures. Can highlight the beautiful scenery of the village. But those pictures of you are still captured by that camera. Due to the lack of publicity, there was not much expansion. But you know what? Many photographers of Bangladesh are exhibiting pictures abroad across the borders of the country! Maybe you can take good pictures too.

But if you limit the photos to Facebook, Instagram, or your known circle, then you will have a lot of momentum to establish yourself as a professional photographer. Those who have established themselves at the top of the profession showcase their best work and spread it around the world with the help of the Internet. Then, they are bought by various companies. In this way, a huge amount of money is also earned. To understand how important a photographer’s portfolio website is!

Not only a photographer needs a portfolio website, but if you are a freelancer, such as a graphic designer or web designer, you can showcase the demo sites you have designed through a portfolio website. Also, you can organize your designs. So it can be said that a portfolio website plays an important role in this digital era.

Why is it important to have your own portfolio website?

Creating a portfolio website may seem complicated and expensive, but in reality, it is not that difficult. There are many logical reasons behind creating a portfolio website for yourself. For example, you have been working as a digital marketer in a multinational company for the past four years. You are working with the best in your position and have already brought the best success to your company.

Highlight the achievements you have brought to the company on your portfolio website. And if you are working in a team, mention your contribution to the team through the website. Earlier you were asked to keep your CV updated, but now you are asked to keep your portfolio updated. So, that way you can keep your portfolio website updated. This will subsequently increase both your title and position in your workplace by the day, week or month.

If you spend a little time on this website, the benefits it will bring you are priceless. This portfolio website will be your CV when you next look for a job in a new organization, and since this CV is not printed on old-fashioned paper, you will be 1 step ahead of the rest of the job seekers. So you understand how important it is to have your own portfolio website.

How to design your portfolio website:

You can use a beautiful logo to decorate your portfolio website. Because the first thing a visitor sees after entering the website is a beautiful logo. Then choose a beautiful name because everyone tries to remember a simple and beautiful name. So start the portfolio website with a nice name instead of your own name.

In this way, if you want to transform your work area into an organization in the future, you can do it easily. Then you can use “tagline”. There will be a brief introduction of you and a summary of what you do. That is, who are you? what do you do Are you a freelancer or a company? etc. Put the answers to such questions in the tagline. Since, you will be creating a portfolio website, present your website in such a way that it is attractive to the visitors.

Visitors to your site will certainly be interested in seeing samples of your past work and special features. So you can arrange to see some good pictures of your projects, demos if possible. Also, give a brief description of each project. It is better if you have the option to give feedback to your customers. That is, those who are currently taking services from you are satisfied with your work.

Complete Responsive Lawyer Website Template Design – HTML Free Download HTML CSS JavaScript Bootstrap

After knowing so much about you, it is natural that anyone would want to contact you. Put your phone number, e-mail, etc. in a place where it is easily noticed. You must check your e-mail daily and reply to each e-mail. This will create a good relationship with everyone and you will show your responsibility. Besides, you can have a blog on your site. Since you will be creating a portfolio website, you will definitely need a domain and hosting.

In my opinion, in terms of domains, pick a name that is compatible with your work and get a .com domain. Because, if there is an opportunity to work on a large scale in the future, then this domain of yours will work as a band. Within 1000 rupees you can start working initially. But one thing goes without saying, many of the newbies make wrong decisions about domains and hosting. But you can buy by discussing with those who are experienced in this matter.


If you have read the entire article thoroughly, then you must have understood why the need for a portfolio website is so important. so,

Choose the portfolio website that suits you best in line with your goals and objectives. Besides, you can purchase your desired portfolio website from YappoBD with peace of mind and awaken your future job prospects. For any kind of digital service, our website is always next to you! So contact us today.

Complete Responsive Lawyer Website Template Design – HTML Free Download HTML CSS JavaScript Bootstrap

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