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Complete Responsive Agency – Company Website Template -HTML Free Download using HTML CSS JavaScript Bootstrap

E-Commerce Website Security Requirements

E-commerce website is a virtual store, where visitors have no alternative to e-commerce website to display all their products properly. Although Bangladesh was a little behind, but now due to Corona, e-commerce has gained a lot of popularity. Buying and selling alone is not enough to sustain this popularity. To retain customers for your business you need to ensure the security of your e-commerce website. Security is the primary reason for website maintenance.

So, you must ensure that your online e-commerce site is protected from potential threats. Every day thousands of websites are being hacked by thousands of websites becoming useless. Especially e-commerce based websites are getting more hacked. Due to the lack of security of a website, not only the admin is affected, but also the subscribers and users of the website are affected.

Complete Responsive Agency – Company Website Template -HTML Free Download using HTML CSS JavaScript Bootstrap

Moreover, think, starting from the promotion of your important business, you are managing all kinds of procedures from your website, if this website of yours goes under someone else’s control, how much can you suffer commercially? So you have to take responsibility for the security of your e-commerce business website. To know more details let us know about e-commerce website security –

How to ensure e-commerce website security:

If you plan to build a website, you should first discuss with the developer. If your developer is experienced, he or his organization will surely warn you about security. Then get hosting as per the developer’s suggestion. Then you must pay your developer a fair price for complete security of your website. Often times, clients hire developers to build websites at low cost.

As a result, many developers do not discuss security issues with clients. It can be seen that later the authority or admin of that website is affected. Before developing a website, contract with your developer or organization for maintenance. If your website is damaged in any way, you can re-secure your website with that developer or organization. Website security is ensured by some scripts and lines, you need to be sure if they are present on your website or if they are of good quality. Also refrain from using themes, plugins or scripts that contain viruses or malware on the website.

Ensure the security of your e-commerce website:

Not only is it important to keep your website data secure, you are also responsible for protecting your visitors’ data. Security is essential because it serves as a central aspect of maintaining your website. Lack of website security will leave your e-commerce brands vulnerable to cyber attacks.

You must protect your e-commerce website from TK hackers. The most important part of your website is the data back-up, which helps to keep the e-commerce website safe. Backup your site files or data in the cloud to restore when needed. So when some files of your website get corrupted or there are some errors that can damage your website and it becomes extremely difficult to fix it at that moment, data backup is required.

Moreover, software updates are always changing and require regular updates. Staying on top of software updates is essential to protecting and maintaining your website to avoid data theft issues. So follow these steps to ensure the security of your e-commerce website. And if you want to create a beautiful and secure ready-made e-commerce website, then contact us today. We have fully-arranged ready-made e-commerce websites that you can use very easily.

Traps of hackers:

Nowadays it is difficult for hackers to understand hacking or traps. Because cybercriminals are constantly coming up with different ways to carry out hacking activities. Hackers offer free download or use of premium software through various spamming websites for hacking purposes.

Then if someone downloads those software on his electronic device, hackers can steal all the information of that person. Also seen, hackers mostly conduct their hacking activities through phishing method. In this way they give attractive offers through different phone numbers, emails. Along with these offers they basically provide a phishing link, which helps in hacking. Most of the time, the offers are attractive and inexperienced people, who are not familiar with these hacking aspects, fall into the trap of hackers. Also, many more types of traps are constantly being created by hackers.

To keep the website safe from hackers:

If you want to secure your website from hackers then you can follow the following tips.

After uploading files to the server, backups should be taken immediately after updating. In this, even if the site is hacked, it can be redeployed after recovery.

In most cases, after taking domain-hosting, username and password are not changed. This default credential can cause various dangers including losing access to the website at any time.

Awareness is the most important thing to keep your website safe. In order to protect the website from hackers, do not step into the trap of various attractive offers by email, mobile number or other platforms. That is, you should refrain from clicking any attractive or suspicious link.

Always use genuine software for e-commerce business. In addition, the website should be backed up regularly.

Avoid downloading premium software from various third party spamming and untrusted websites.

Provisions should be made to prevent hackers from repeatedly attempting logins with usernames and passwords based on guesswork. Plugins can be used in this case. This allows you to set the number of times someone tries to enter the wrong password before the IP gets blocked. As a result, if someone tries to login with wrong password multiple times, he will not be able to login from that IP.

Use strong passwords:

For e-commerce website security you must think about hosting cpanel, email, wordpress dashboard login password. In that case, strong passwords should be used. Basically, it is forbidden to keep combination of symbols, numbers and capital letters and small letters in the password. For example: A@ss56% password will protect your website from hacking. You can create a strong password that is easy to remember.

Complete Responsive Agency – Company Website Template -HTML Free Download using HTML CSS JavaScript Bootstrap

Some ways to keep e-commerce website secure:

PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard, it is useful payment gateway for credit card fraud prevention and a secure organization. It helps to keep website data secure. Also includes SSL certificate. SSL certificates are secure sockets that protect your website’s data and customer data from attack. You can also entrust the maintenance and security of your website to a trusted IT firm.


A website security and maintenance is integral to the success of your e-commerce business. To keep your e-commerce website secure, you need to think about security issues. Yappobd ensures maximum website security while giving importance to the client’s needs. Get in touch with Yappobidir for any digital service and stay worry free.

Complete Responsive Agency – Company Website Template -HTML Free Download using HTML CSS JavaScript Bootstrap

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