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What is e-commerce? The importance and future of e-commerce in Bangladesh!

Part – 2

Tips to Succeed/Proceed in E-Commerce Business

1. Conducting e-commerce business through a website

I told you at the beginning that you must have a website to do e-commerce business. This will create a positive side of your business in the customer’s mind. Which will help to make your business more beautiful.

2. Website development with skilled web developers/firms

If the website you do business with is not well organized, your customers will get annoyed. This leaves the possibility of losing your customers. So you should build the website with skilled web developer/firm. So that your website is beautiful and elegant.

3. Creating user friendly website for customer

User friendly website means that all the website you are creating for your business can be easily used by your customers. For example, product images, details, prices, etc. can be seen beautifully on the website. Proper delivery of products etc.

Complete Responsive Solar Energy Website Template Design HTML CSS Free Download using HTML CSS JavaScript

4. Beautifully designed website

Suppose you went out somewhere but you didn’t like the location, then you don’t like the place. Similarly, if your business website is not beautiful, then your customers will come and leave without buying anything. So you must focus on website design to create a fast impression on the customer.

5. Keeping product prices lower than competitors

Before you go to the market and buy any product, you must check the quality and price of that product and buy the product with good quality and low price. Also, you must keep the quality of the product you are doing business with and keep the price of the product low compared to your competitors. This will increase your sales.

6. YappoBD e-commerce website design

Now if you are wondering, where can I get a skilled web developer?

But there is no reason to worry, now you can get skilled web design and developer company “Yappobdi” at your fingertips. Who will help you to design your desired website very easily. Apart from this we have various types of ready made websites. Which is very easy to use and user friendly. But why delay now e-warder your required website. And make your business prosper.

Advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce

With e-commerce you can now easily exchange products worldwide. For example, one can buy his preferred product from distant America if he wishes. Product is available in very quick time without any hassle. Because the consumer or buyer himself orders the product knowing the details without any third party. Moreover, the most important thing is that anyone can sell their products to anyone around the world. E-commerce sites are open 24 hours or 7 days a week.

From Anywhere E-commerce sites can be accessed from anywhere. So through e-commerce people can buy products from home. However, some of the disadvantages of e-commerce are that many people sometimes find it difficult to buy products online. Again, many times customers face problems in accessing the internet. It is often necessary to provide a lot of personal information while purchasing products from e-commerce sites.

Besides, it is seen that when customers order products online, there is a problem with product delivery. However, the biggest problem with buying anything online is that some products do not have any quality guarantee. But in that case, it happens because of the negligence of those who live on the website.

E-commerce site creation

Contact us if you want to create an e-commerce site.

Importance of e-commerce in Bangladesh

Like other countries of the world, the importance and popularity of e-commerce in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. Due to the significant increase in the number of internet users, various organizations big and small are turning to e-commerce.

Another reason for turning to e-commerce is the ease with which a large number of customers can be reached on this platform. E-commerce has made the life of those who love comfort or hobby a lot easier. Also, e-commerce in Bangladesh is playing an important role in the current Corona situation.

New trends have been added to economic growth, employment opportunities have been created for the younger generation, new entrepreneurs have joined e-commerce and are enriching the journey of digital Bangladesh in many ways. And these are the reasons why e-commerce is so important in Bangladesh. So it can be said that e-commerce is very important in Bangladesh.

The future of e-commerce in Bangladesh

In order to make e-commerce or online business popular in the future, it must be ensured that the customer has confidence in every e-commerce or online business organization. Because this e-commerce or online business is as popular as it is successful in the developed world.

And this e-commerce or online business has been launched in our country with the ideas of those developed countries. Therefore, the conditions and criteria which have made this e-commerce or online business popular and successful in developed countries, must be properly followed in our country, otherwise incidents like Evaly will continue to happen.

Even before e-commerce started its journey in the country, the Evely scandal raised questions about the future of e-commerce in Bangladesh. But e-commerce or online shopping is now a new reality. Whether we admit it or not, there is no doubt that the next decade of business will be heavily online-based.

Even as online business in the developed world has reached its highest level, the world’s biggest online businesses such as Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart have now expanded their business towards developing countries. In India, billions of dollars have already been invested in these companies.

Due to the economic progress and population of Bangladesh, it can be said with certainty that their eyes are on our country as well. In such a situation, Evaly scam is not good news for the future of e-commerce or online business of our country.

What is the future of e-commerce in Bangladesh?

A few days ago, people could not leave their homes due to the corona virus. Due to this many people could not go to the shop even if they needed a lot of things. That’s when people rush online and are left with rage. It can be said for sure that the future of e-commerce in Bangladesh will be very advanced by the way people’s attraction towards online is increasing day by day in Bangladesh. is working to expand e-commerce in the country

E-commerce has created a space of potential in Bangladesh. People are now buying products at home. The country is going digital. is a partner in that journey. has carved a niche for itself in the promising e-commerce sector. E-commerce company ( started its journey to spread the products made by local entrepreneurs all over the world.

Complete Responsive Solar Energy Website Template Design HTML CSS Free Download using HTML CSS JavaScript is working to expand e-commerce as a top local popular e-commerce site. This company started its journey in the country’s market in 2012. has not only sold but also served as branding for the country. has presented various products including traditional products like Jamdani of Bangladesh to the whole world. Besides, small businessmen are constantly making arrangements to sell their products. has highlighted the country’s products among thousands of foreign guests in the government’s digital world.

Guidelines for starting an e-commerce business

Click on this link to get guidelines for starting an e-commerce business.


If you want, you can easily start an e-commerce business like Alibaba, Amazon or even But in this case, a premium quality e-commerce website is essential for branding your business. It is proven that an e-commerce website can bring success to an e-commerce business. So, without delay, get an e-commerce website for your e-commerce business today and contact us for any kind of digital services.

Complete Responsive Solar Energy Website Template Design HTML CSS Free Download using HTML CSS JavaScript

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