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Successful  software company’s work environment:

Most importantly, we need to understand how what we do works for us. We will take the software industry forward, and how a software company can be successful.

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I usually always try to portray the real picture, but of course, that won’t be true for everyone, that’s normal. So let’s say that the frame with which I am writing this article may match the situation of many companies we have seen but does not apply to everyone.

an event,

Rafiq sahib is sitting in his room drinking tea and wondering what to do. Yesterday, all the programmers in his office left the job without notice. As far as he knows, they’ve all moved to another new company at a higher salary. Now he is thinking about what to do, how to handle the project, how to explain to the client, and how to find a programmer quickly. Also thinking, about how unprofessional people are, and how ungrateful they are. A notice has to be given before leaving the job, and how bad the company or how bad it is who takes away all the employees of another company at once. If people leave the responsibility in this way after getting a salary of only 5000 rupees more, then he is thinking about how to do business and is gossiping in anger.

Ashik, one of Rafiq Sahib’s runaway employees, on the other hand, sits in the new office, laughing with his teeth and talking to colleagues about the previous office. Today he is happy. It’s such a high salary, a new job in a beautiful office, and a desire to take revenge on the previous office on it. A successful end to the anger that has accumulated so far.

Ashik sits and talks about those previous days. He had nothing to say about life. He had to go to the office at 10 a.m., and return home at night at 11 p.m. or later. Sometimes I had to stay in the office. Even on the day of fasting, he had to work like this.

Even then, he never got sympathy from the boss, most of the time he was destined to hear abusive, sarcastic jokes. He was often called to the office on holidays. He did not get many government holidays, even many times he had to endure even with eid holidays. Being on homework and emergency standby during the Eid holiday was the most annoying. The day of Eid could not have been spent peacefully. He seemed to have saved himself in exchange for a salary.
Beyond that, there were many other disturbing things. Putting another work in one task, listening to the chatter when you see learning something new. There was office politics. He has given suggestions to implement many good things in the office, none of them have been implemented till date. There was no system in the work, there was no plan.

And the last word of all the words, the salary was not even on time. The salary that was supposed to be received at the beginning of the month was given at the end of the month. Talbahana used to run with Eid bonus. He breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that at least he would not have to face these faces here.

This picture above may not happen at the same time in all companies, in many cases some things may happen. All of them have been briefly highlighted here, but beyond that, many things can happen many times. Let me know in the comments. But I know that each of the events I’ve highlighted has happened in at least one company, and I think a lot of them happen in many companies.

Here I have presented the views of both the owners and the employees. I have worked in a software company myself and am running a software company myself, so it is not my intention to be biased towards anyone. I think this is an old disorder of our software company and due to this our software industry is facing a lot of losses. Therefore, the purpose of this article of mine is that we can understand the harmful side and how we can all move forward together happily in peace.

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Human resources and raw materials are very important for a business. Depending on these two, a product is made and its quality depends. Interestingly, in the software industry, both of these are actually software developers (I’m also taking network engineers, graphic designers, and others here).

When a programmer leaves a company, it leaves that company far behind. A new person has to come and start working from the beginning. Mistakes are made, time is wasted. So it must be the goal that an employee remains in the company for as long as possible.

In our country, a complaint of the departure of the hoothat programmer is constantly heard. In this case, the owners see the unprofessionalism of the programmers as the reason. That is why many owners feel that a law should be enacted against it in the country. Many people want to sign the bond again in the case of recruitment, many want to withhold a month’s salary again. But is it really possible to find the right solution?

In my opinion, the right solution to this problem can be-

1) Working longer hours cannot be considered as the key to the success of the company. In the software industry, if you write 1000 lines of code throughout the day and delete it with one click at the end of the day, then the result is zero. Therefore, it is not possible to move forward here by doing more work, to move forward, you have to learn the formula to do the right work in less time.

I have seen in many companies that it takes 12-13 hours in the office, but actually the work is 4 hours, the rest of the time the employees sit down and pretend to work. When this kind of mentality works, it is doubtful whether 4 hours work properly. If there is no sincerity towards the work, then it is unusual to create good software.
2) The salary should be paid at the right time. It is the order of Islam to pay the wages of the worker before drying his sweat. Therefore, we should understand that the expectation of success on the contrary is nothing but a mistake. It is only a matter of time to lose an employee if you talk about salary. As long as he’s not getting a job anywhere else, you’re here. Because everyone works for a salary. If he does not get it right, then it is meaningless for him to get a job.

3) Awareness and team spirit should be created among the employees. Explain to them why an employee will be in your company, how important it is for the company and to achieve its purpose. They have to be given a goal or vision so that they can understand what the company wants to do in the future, which path it wants to walk. And every team member should be made a partner in this vision so that they can also think about how the company can reach its goal, give their opinion. By doing this, all the employees will be able to associate themselves with the ideology of the company and their sense of responsibility towards the company will increase.

4) Create an environment of learning. The employees have to understand that they have to constantly learn and take themselves forward. There is no need to sit in the office and learn, but sometimes the office can arrange for the training of employees. This will make the workers skilled. In the meantime, the company will benefit more.

5) It is very important to treat employees well. If someone is wrong or wrong, it should be highlighted professionally in front of him. By doing so, he will be able to feel his negligence. Bad behavior is of no use. It only has the opposite reaction. All people want to work with dignity. If you respect others, you can respect yourself.

6) The system has to be brought into the work. The question that most companies face while implementing the above points is, if I do so much, will it actually work or the result is to make the empty employees happy. In fact, everything works, but you have to work like a system. You have to follow the rules of creating software, use tools, so that everything is under your control. And if you do not do this, then there will be no work. Whether today or tomorrow, the company will not succeed.

7) Employees should be properly evaluated. There are always some skilled people in the company who are better than others at work. If they have a sense of responsibility towards the company, then they should be properly evaluated, otherwise they will be forced to leave the company. Through this assessment, you can make him a role model to others. However, keep in mind that the criteria for this assessment should not be to stay in the office for too long.

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8) The mentality of the employee should be checked while recruiting. In the interview, not only should you see who knows how much work, but you also have to see how much interest he is in working in your company. If someone wants to work in your company just for a salary, why won’t he leave your company if he gets paid more? The mentality of many employees may not be compatible with your company culture, so you have to save yourself from the temptation of hiring them on the basis of low salaries and more skills.
I think, if you can do these things that can be done very easily, there will be a lot of stability among the employees. We often think that only big companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook can do this. It’s really 100% wrong. We have to remember that they were also small one day and they have come to today’s level by implementing these things. And those who did not want to do it or could not do it, they are lost (but the business idea and plan have to be okay with it). The fact is that they can also be implemented in a team of 5 people and results can be obtained from it.


Our software industry is still very new. In fact, this art is relatively new all over the world. On that this art is a merit-based, creative art. And a lot of things are hard to control here. It can be seen that it becomes very difficult to manage such an organization with traditional management knowledge. The modern world now believes in new types of management. If we can’t reconcile ourselves to it, we have to accept defeat. So let’s all turn our organization into an ideal work environment-friendly organization and open the door to success.

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