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A former Mexican beauty and her partner have been sentenced to prison for stealing 45 bottles of wine from a restaurant in Spain. The price of the wine is 16 lakh Euros (about 17 crore 86 lakh 52 thousand taka). The court gave this order yesterday on Monday.

The police say that the pair committed the theft with extreme caution.
In October 2021, bottles of wine were stolen from the Arterio Hotel in the southwestern Spanish city of Caceres. Among them was a bottle of Shantu D’Cam wine worth 3 lakh 50 thousand euros (about 3 crore 90 lakh 80 thousand rupees). At that time, the incident was well received by the media.

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A court in Caceres sentenced the Mexican beauty to four years in prison for breaking into a restaurant and stealing. And his partner was sentenced to four and a half years in prison.

The couple was arrested from Croatia in July last year. In addition to imprisonment, 7 lakh 53 thousand 454 euros (about 7 crore 81 lakh 62 thousand 720 taka) should be paid.

According to Spanish media reports, the court said that the former Mexican beauty was in the hotel with a fake passport. After feasting at the hotel’s Michelin three-star restaurant, the pair were given a tour of the Atrio’s famous wine shop. Around two in the morning, the Mexican beauty asked one of the receptionists to make a salad. At first the worker did not agree. Because he alone was in charge.

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Apart from this, the couple ate 14 types of food. But after repeated requests, he agreed to make the salad.

While the worker was preparing the salad, the Mexican beauty’s partner stole the electric key from the reception area. He thought, with that key, he can go to the place where wine is sold. But the key was wrong.

The man then asked his girlfriend to keep the receptionist busy from the wine counter. Then the woman asked him to serve sweet food.

He then entered the wine shop and stole 45 bottles of wine.

The person has the citizenship of Romania and the Netherlands. Before the receptionist returned, he carried the bottles into his room in a large bag.

Spain’s National Police said in a statement that the pair planned the theft in detail.

Dhaka College, Dhaka City College and Ideal College – these three colleges of the capital are located within one kilometer. Yet the distance between them is like yojan yojan.

For many years there has been a conflict between the students of the three colleges. In the past there used to be taunts, fights, minor skirmishes. Over the years, it has been seen that major conflicts are taking place over trivial incidents. As students get injured in it, it also causes public suffering.

City college students also participated in it. Traffic was stopped in Science Lab and Green Road areas of the capital for about three hours due to the incident.

Talking to the teachers, students and police of the three colleges, it is said that there have been 9 incidents of clashes between the students of the colleges in three years. No action was taken against the students involved in the clashes in any incident. When they found out, they clashed again and again.

Watch the Architecture Website Templates -Interior Website Design Free YouTube Video Tutorial

Architecture Website Templates -Interior Website Design Free
Architecture Website Templates -Interior Website Design Free

Shahen Shah Mahmud, additional deputy commissioner of Newmarket zone of Ramna division of DMP, said that the higher secondary students of three colleges are causing the incidents for trivial reasons. The police are in dire straits. He said, ‘We take the necessary legal measures to prevent these incidents. But we cannot go 100% hard line. There is a matter of age of the students and that is the matter of the educational institution.’

When did it start, what is the source
Dhaka College was established in 1841. Now the number of students in higher secondary and post graduation is about 2500. It is a government institution.

Dhaka City College and Ideal College are private. City College was established in 1957. Then its name was Dhaka Night College. Once upon a time the college activities were going on in the Dhaka college campus. The journey of the institution started in 1970 as Dhaka City College. Higher secondary education is conducted in this private institution. Ideal College was established in 1969. About four thousand students study in higher secondary and graduation.

No one could tell where the conflict between the three colleges started. But according to several teachers, students and police officials, the students are somehow indoctrinated into winning fights to prove their superiority. The new students are getting this education from the old ones.

Now students are encouraged using social media. Teachers feel that there are two things at work in the students—one is the fervor called college ‘nationalism’, the other is ethnocentrism.

Various deficiencies were found in the Seema Oxygen Limited factory in Sitakunda about 14 months ago during the inspection of various government agencies. A delegation of nine government agencies led by the Board of Investment Development (BIDA) then visited the factory. According to the inspection report, the factory had safety deficiencies in five categories – electrical, fire, infrastructure, environment and explosion-related. And now after the explosion it was found that the factory was running with only two diploma holders (diploma degree in engineering) manpower.

Bidder’s delegation visited Seema Oxygen Factory on 19 December 2021. The committee submitted its report on March 30 last year, identifying defects in the factory during the inspection. Originally, after the terrible fire in Hashem Foods factory in Rupganj, Narayanganj in July 2021, the government took the initiative to ensure safe working environment in factories across the country. After that, the National Committee was formed headed by Salman F. A sub-committee was formed to inspect the factory headed by Bida. Seema Oxygen Limited was one of the 5,000 factories that the committee visited.

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The inspection report mentions the lack of explosion safety in the Seema factory. Apart from this, it has been said that the officials and employees do not have proper understanding about oxygen storage, transportation and transfer and dangerous conditions in the factory. Besides, the report mentions that there is a deficiency in the training of the officials and employees for the safe operation of the factory and the safety instructions in the warehouse area are not fully followed.

Last Saturday afternoon, there was a terrible explosion at Seema Oxygen Factory in Kadmarsul area of Sitakunda Upazila of Chittagong. 24 people were seriously injured.

Deficiencies in inspection

7 out of 14 aspects of electrical safety were not complied with in the factory. These include not carrying out electrical work under the supervision of a licensed person, not arranging any circuit or equipment to prevent accidents, not having electrical wiring tested by a licensed person or organization, etc.

10 of the 22 fire safety category conditions were not met. These include lack of fire hydrant (source of water supply), smoke detectors, fire resistant false ceiling or roof, fire safety plan. Failure to fully comply with the provision and use of personal safety equipment required by workers. However, the report said, the factory had applied for the Fire Service’s ‘Fire Safety Plan’ (a plan to reduce fire safety risks). An official of the fire service told Prothom Alo that it has not been approved yet.

When asked about the post-inspection steps, Abhijit Chowdhury, the convener of the Central Coordinating Committee regarding factory inspection and executive member of Bidara, told Prothom Alo on Monday, ‘5 thousand 206 factories were inspected in the first round, including Seema Oxygen. Inspection reports of these factories have been submitted to the National Committee. Committee meeting has also been held. As per the decision of the meeting, steps are being taken to rectify the error.

The factory was run by two diploma holders

Chemical, electrical and mechanical engineers are needed to run oxygen factories. In the big oxygen factories in the country, there are engineers with bachelor’s degrees in these three categories. There are diploma holders and technicians (technical staff). However, they work under the supervision of graduate engineers.

Architecture Website Templates -Interior Website Design Free

Seema Oxygen Limited factory did not have skilled manpower. The factory was run by two diploma holders. This information is the managing director of the factory. Mamun Uddin gave it himself in the district administration meeting held at Chittagong Circuit House yesterday. However, he claimed that they were operating the factory with all kinds of licenses.

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