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In today’s digital age, having a website for your hospital is no longer an option, but a necessity. A hospital website can provide a wealth of information for patients and their families, medical professionals, and potential partners. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of a hospital website and how it can improve patient experience, communication, and reputation. Complete Responsive Hospital Website Free Template -HTML – CSS – JS – 100% Free – Free Website Create.

He was sentenced to life in a case under the Narcotics Act. But he could not be arrested. Convicted accused changed his clothes. He was secretly doing business in Dhaka. But he was not saved in the end. After ‘many days’ of efforts, the police were able to arrest him. The name of the accused is Liton Howlader. He was arrested by the Madaripur Model Police Station from Mohammadpur in the capital on Monday night.

Liton Howlader (45) is the son of Mofiz Howlader of Madhya Khagadi area of Madaripur Sadar Upazila. Lytton remained on the run for eight months after being sentenced to life.

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According to the Madaripur Sadar Model Police Station, a case was filed under the Narcotics Control Act against Liton at the Kadmatoli police station in Dhaka on May 17, 2018, on the charge of selling heroin. In this case, the special tribunal court of Dhaka found Liton guilty and sentenced him to life imprisonment and fined Tk 10,000. The accused was not present in court during the sentencing. The court directed Madaripur Sadar Police Station to arrest the sentenced accused and produce him in court. In view of this, police raided Mohammadpur area of Dhaka based on secret information and arrested Liton.

Later, the police filed a case in Kadmatoli police station as the plaintiff. He started various types of business in Mohammadpur, Dhaka.

Finally, based on a tip-off, we have nabbed the fugitive, who was sentenced to life imprisonment.

In the academic year 2022-23, the MBBS first year admission test will be held on March 10 in all the medical colleges of the country. This 1 hour exam will start at 10 am. The examination will be held simultaneously in 19 centers of the country including 5 in the capital.

The Directorate of Health Education has issued some instructions for the candidates including the entrance to the center of the candidates participating in the examination. It has been urged not to listen to the rumors of leaking the question papers in the examination. At the same time, it has been warned that if rumors are spread, action will be taken against those concerned under the Information Technology Act.

According to the notification of the Department of Health Education, the admission test for the MBBS course in the academic year 2022-2023 is going on with 100% transparency. Government policy makers are vigilant and law enforcement agencies are active in order to conduct fair examinations.

The warning of the Department of Health and Education has said that there is no chance of leaking the question paper of the MBBS admission test.

No candidate will be allowed to enter the examination center after 9:30 am. Entry into the examination center with watches, mobiles or any other digital electronic devices is strictly prohibited. It applies to all concerned with the examination.

Complete Responsive Hospital Website Free Template -HTML - CSS - JS - 100% Free - Free Website Create
Complete Responsive Hospital Website Free Template -HTML – CSS – JS – 100% Free – Free Website Create

I studied Economics in Dhaka University. Both Bachelor and Post Graduate in Economics. I will still put economics first during the university entrance exam. I studied economics for my own interest. I plan to start working as an entrepreneur after completing my university studies, in that context, I enrolled in the Institute of Business Administration of Dhaka University. I didn’t go in thinking that an MBA degree is necessary to get a corporate job. The purpose was to learn more about the business world.

Once students were more interested in BBA-MBA. Now time and career-world demands are different. In today’s context, there are many opportunities in IT or engineering-related subjects. In the future, we will need engineers and technical professionals in various fields. Now, I would advise those who will be admitted to university to keep this in mind. You should not only prepare yourself for future jobs, but also prepare for changing circumstances. Those who want to become entrepreneurs after their studies should also be prepared. And those who will not get the opportunity to study practical subjects, they can take various technical training.

Dhaka South City Corporation has declared the three-storied building damaged by the explosion in the science laboratory area of the capital as dangerous. The cause of the explosion has been said to be ‘accumulated gas’. But the concerned authorities could not find out from where the gas accumulated until yesterday.

Meanwhile, the police took control of the building after the explosion last Sunday. But since Monday morning, the control of the building has been handed over to Awami League General Secretary Abul Hashem alias Liton of Newmarket Police Station, according to business sources.

At around 11 o’clock yesterday at the scene, it was seen that the signboard was hanging saying ‘Dangerous building public entry is completely prohibited’. Awami League leader Abul Hashem is standing with people at the gate of the building. He does not allow any of the businessmen of the building to crowd around. Several local businessmen said that the key of the gate is also under his control.

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Bullying on the contrary.

My house is next door. So I am volunteering here myself.

The entire third floor has been destroyed. The two-story buildings were also damaged. Abdur Rashid, the owner of Best Tailors on the second floor, said that he has been doing business in this building since 2015. He also had a cloth warehouse there. He said, “Keeping Ramadan and Eid ahead, I picked up clothes worth Tk 50 lakh a few days ago. Earlier it was about 27 lakhs of clothes. Now all is lost. Everything including the ceiling of the shop was broken.

Last Sunday around 11:15 a loud explosion occurred on the third floor of the Shirin building. Three people were killed. 15 people were injured. Resident surgeon SM Ayub Hossain said that among the injured persons, six who are admitted to Sheikh Hasina National Institute of Burn and Plastic Surgery are still not out of danger.

After the incident, the officials of the bomb disposal team of the police said that the explosion occurred from the accumulated gas. However, the concerned authorities have not yet revealed how the gas was released and where it accumulated.

A source from the bomb disposal team of the Police’s Counter Terrorism Unit (CTTC) said that their search revealed the presence of methane and carbon monoxide in the building.

Investigators say the gas released from old and unused gas line holes or drains through toilet pipes was coiled and accumulated in a small area on the third floor. Carbon monoxide can also be released from air conditioners (ACs). When the gas coil comes in contact with some kind of spark (sparking), it explodes.

According to fire service sources, they are also investigating how the gas accumulated in the building. The fire service has formed a three-member investigation committee in this incident.

Meanwhile, Ramana Division Deputy Commissioner Shahidullah said that a General Diary (GD) was made at Newmarket police station yesterday in connection with the explosion. He said, after the GD’s investigation, a case will be filed if necessary.

Complaining that big projects are being done to steal and loot, this top leader of BNP said that the people of the country are not able to eat. Lying on the sidewalk. Don’t care about that. They are now doing subway, metrorail. The number of poverty in the country has increased by 42 percent. People’s living conditions are becoming miserable.

Mirza Fakhrul also complained that Awami League has always taken a position against democracy, independence and people. After they came to power in 1975, Bakshal established a one-party regime by destroying democracy in 11 minutes. Since that day, the conspiracy to destroy freedom, sovereignty, nationalism has started and the killing of Ziaur Rahman in 1981 is the result of the same conspiracy, he said.

Mirza Fakhrul also alleged that false propaganda is being carried out against Tariq Rahman. Said that its main purpose is to show him as a villain. He has no leadership qualities—that’s what they want to propagate.

Claiming that this government has completely taken away the rights of the people of this country, the Secretary General of BNP said, they have done so much corruption that the economic sectors are going towards destruction. The banking sector has been looted. For this, the reserve has decreased. So much has been stolen that the prices of goods are rising. They have no power to control it. They have failed completely.

Mirza Fakhrul asked why dollar-crisis and said in reply, because they have smuggled all the dollars abroad. At the same time, the economy is heading towards destruction. That there is nothing inside them, completely empty, is proven.

Complete Responsive Hospital Website Free Template -HTML – CSS – JS – 100% Free – Free Website Create

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