which chair uses freelancers or desk jobs

Which chair uses freelancers or desk jobs and others

Back pain is a common problem for all of us who are freelancing or sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time. Chairs are the main cause of back pain. However, back pain can have many other causes. This pain can be caused by many reasons. But a major source is a chair you sit in, and the style you sit in. Back pain can happen to anyone if the chair is not good and the sitting style is bad. So please those who don’t have back pain yet, invest in a good chair. which chair uses freelancers or desk jobs
Things you can look at when buying a good chair:

Those that give a little support to the spine after sitting are better. Although most chairs have bands. Chairs with armrests or handles must be purchased. Support is available when using a type or mouse. I think this reduces the pressure on the spine at least a little bit.

Of course, if it is height adjustable, you should buy it. It can be adjusted according to your height, keyboard mouse position, and monitor position.

Whether the airflow is right, should be taken care of while buying the chair. Sweating will be less, skin related problems can also be avoided.

Plus points if there is a headrest. While working through the headrest doesn’t help much. Since we watch movies or tutorials sitting in the same chair, the headrest will come in handy.

Those who work sitting on a normal chair must buy a good chair. Once back pain starts there is no cure. If you tell me how to buy a chair, I will say that you can buy any chair like the one above according to your budget. That’s how it should be, isn’t it? Comfort and features are enough.

Office Chair

Those who sit continuously at the computer or desk, must get up and walk a little. Or take light stretching inside the room.

Healthy Tips…

Most of us work at a desk, i.e. a chair table. And among people who work sitting on chair-table, weight gain, heart disease, body massaging, feeling tired after doing little work, losing interest in work – etc. problems are seen.

Many people sit for long periods of time at the beginning of their careers. But later can’t work like that anymore. Because if you work like this for a few days, it affects your body and mind.

Can you ask, is it bad to work continuously with deep attention?

But if you follow a few things, you can easily enjoy a table chair job or a desk job – and avoid the physical problems that come with sitting.

In this article I will mainly discuss two issues. One, how to sit; Two, how long it is good to work continuously. Let’s find out.

Ideal seating arrangement:

It is very normal to hold the body while working at a chair-table or desk. As the body takes over, the body becomes achy and tired quickly. Also there is a possibility of rapid weight gain.

But if you sit properly, you will not feel so tired. Sitting too relaxed and too tight – neither is good. Do not lean too far back or lean forward while working on the computer or with pen and paper. It puts pressure on your back and spine in two ways. This causes back and arm stiffness, resulting in discomfort and fatigue. Along with that, the possibility of back pain increases. It is best if you can work sitting with your back straight. If necessary, work with your back propped up on a medium-sized cushion. This will keep your back straight, but will not put pressure on the waist. Back and shoulders will not be strained. This method is also very effective for back pain. Basically, the main cause of back pain or spinal pain is, too much leaning.

If you are working on a computer, make sure that the computer keyboard and mouse are parallel to the elbows. The shoulders should not be kept higher or lower than normal. In this way, after working for a while, the shoulder will not be strained. If the shoulder becomes stiff, it can cause pain in the shoulder and neck, massage, paralysis of the hands. It makes the body tired quickly with difficulty in work. Do this if you want to work on the computer for a long time.

This is also true when working on paper. Working with a hunched neck or arched spine also causes similar difficulties. So sit straight even while working on paper and pen.

This isn’t just for work – it’s also a much better way to study when sitting like this.

How long will it work?

If you sit on one side for a long time, your back hurts. The joints of the hands and feet become stiff. Even if you work sitting properly – don’t sit for long periods of time. The best way is to walk for 5 minutes every 25 minutes and do light exercise by bending the body.

It is very important to keep the blood circulation active to keep the body strong. If you sit for a long time, the blood circulation slows down. As a result, the body gets tired, it seems that there is no energy.

“Pomodoro technique” can be very useful to increase the energy of the body while maintaining the speed of work. In this technique each work session is divided into 4 sub-sessions of 25 minutes each. All in all, 4×25, total 100 minute sessions. A break of 5 minutes should be taken every 25 minutes during the first 3 sub sessions. During this break you must leave the chair and take a short walk. Take a big break of 15-20 minutes after sub session number 4 i.e. finish the last 25 minutes session. Then again start another session of 100 minutes.

By working this way, you will have focus as well as energy. Remember here that for the entire 25 minutes of each session, your focus should be on the task at hand. The brain gets tired quickly when the focus shifts. We have a fuller article on why doing just one thing at a time is good for you.

In addition to the Pomodoro technique, a 5-minute short meditation also works well. If you close your eyes for 5 minutes after a long day of work – the brain gets a lot of stress relief. Try not to think about anything for these 5 minutes. Just keep looking at the darkness in front of your eyes. If you want, you can try to imagine some beautiful scenes. It will make you happy.

You can also do this meditation during any resting session if you use the Pomodoro technique. That means 5 minutes meditation in every 100 minutes working session. If you follow these two methods, you can expect to be able to do your desk job very well.

Last words:

Voluntary work doesn’t have much of an impact when you’re young, or early in your career, but it starts to have an impact around age 35. But if you can follow these rules from the beginning – then you will be able to work at your best level for a long time. As a result, the quality of your work will be much better than usual – and you will be much more successful at work or study.

In fact, we don’t even realize how much positive change can come in our lives if we follow some simple rules. You are requested to try these methods at least for a few days. You will understand your own changes.

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