Career Guide: Web Development

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These languages are slightly different. They usually run on servers. Again two parts to websites. One is front-end, another is back-end. Career Guide: Web Development.

Many people are confused about web design and development. which is usually created with a design tool, such as Photoshop or Illustrator. And seeing that design and making it real by coding is development.

Career Guide: Web Development

The front end is the part that we see in the browser of a website. It is also called the client side. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used to create the front end or visual part of the website. All websites require HTML and CSS. Website content is displayed using HTML. And how the content will look like, which one will be on which side, etc. is fixed with CSS. JavaScript is used to perform other functional tasks including animation on the client side.

Those sites whose content does not change much, only a few pages, can usually be created with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Think of thousands of pages on a website. Again, the contents of all the pages have to be updated regularly, then it will take a lot of time to create a website with simple HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It will take a long time to update every time. The updating process is boring. Programmers don’t do boring jobs. Web programming languages are used to solve this problem. And these languages run on the server. The server-side part is called the backend.

While only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used for front-end development, there are many programming languages for back-end development. Some of the top web programming languages are PHP, ASP, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, etc. You may be surprised to see the name JavaScript in the list of backend programming. JavaScript can be used to write frontend and server-side code simultaneously.

Another part of the backend is the database. The database is used to organize the data of the website. Some such database management systems are Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, etc. SQL is used to view data from these database management systems, store data in the database, update data and delete data. SQL stands for Structured Query Language.

If someone develops only the front-end part of a website, he is called a front-end developer. If someone develops the backend part, he is called a backend developer. Again if you want to develop the front-end and backend part alone, then a full-stack web developer will tell you.

Frontend development is easy to learn. Just learn HTML, CSS & JavaScript and develop as per requirement. But the backend actually gets many people confused. So many languages, which one to keep and which one to learn. Again you have to know about databases, you have to know about SQL.

There is no confusion. Although there are so many programming languages, the basic idea of these languages is the same. You can learn any language without getting confused by seeing so many languages. such as PHP. Most of the websites are built with this PHP. Or if you want to learn something advanced, you can learn GO programming language. Learn anyone. do well If you learn one today and start learning another tomorrow, you will not learn either of them properly. But if you learn one well, it won’t take you long to learn another programming language.

If an elder brother or a friend says he knows many languages, don’t get upset. Because knowing many programming languages is more important than knowing one well. Knowing one thing and using it. Knowing many languages is worthless if you can’t use them.

Coding websites is time-consuming. Different programming languages have many frameworks to reduce development time. In these frameworks, the common codes that need to be written to create each website are written. When you build a website, you can use this framework to create great-looking websites or web apps by writing a small amount of code.

A good understanding of programming is required before learning any language framework. No matter what programming you learn, the language has a framework. The same language has many frameworks. One framework is good for building one-of-a-kind web apps. For example, Laravel is the most popular framework for PHP right now. Apart from Laravel, some other frameworks are Symfony, CodeIgniter, Zend, etc.

There are different plugins or modules for these frameworks. Various features can be added to frameworks easily. Although only PHP is mentioned above, all programming has a framework. Like Go has Revel, Gin, etc. Python has Django, Flask, etc. There is no confusion here like learning programming. Anyone must learn, well. Can be switched to any later.

Apart from programming languages or frameworks, there are CMSs or Content Management Systems to easily create websites. They are much like software. Like Microsoft Word. You can write in Microsoft Word only after installing it. You don’t need to know how Microsoft Word is built, how it works, etc. Some popular CMS are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.

You will be surprised to know that 27% of all the websites in the world are powered by WordPress. WordPress is CMS built with PHP. WordPress is also very easy to learn. Again there are various themes and plugins for these CMSs.

You need programming knowledge to create themes. Themes can be created and sold. You can sell from your website. Again there is a special website for selling themes. One such is Themeforest. One of ThemeForest’s best-selling themes is Avada. which made several million dollars. There are many such themes in Themeforest.

Joomshaper is a company that makes and sells Joomla themes. It is a Bangladeshi company and the fourth-best Joomla theme and module seller in the world.

Start with the website. At first, they were not so big. was very small. Grown-up slowly. Then they increased their services in other areas. As many of the best companies there are today, all of them are best with websites or services through websites. See the picture below:

Career Guide: Web Development
It only takes a great idea to make something great-Career Guide: Web Development

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