Concepts and our position on artificial intelligence

In this article, we discuss: Concepts and our position on artificial intelligence

A computer or any machine is a stupid box. Interaction is required to use them. By using programming language we give some instructions to the computer or any machine, and the computer or machine works accordingly. Concepts and our position on artificial intelligence.

Whatever instructions we give to this machine, the machine will work according to them. I can’t do anything outside of it. If the machine is to do something by itself, it needs some intellectual refinement. We call it artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence. If we think about a robot, the intelligence of the robot is artificial intelligence.

What is intelligence?

Intelligence is the ability to acquire knowledge and apply it. Normal programs cannot extract knowledge. But those machines or programs that are made in such a way that they can learn something by themselves, we call them intelligent programs or intelligent machines. For example, the Google search program is an intelligent program. When we search for something it shows us search results based on our previous search history, age, location, etc.

The aim of artificial intelligence is to give computers or machines human-like knowledge. Giving the ability to think like a human.

If we can improve artificial intelligence, it will either be a great change or a terrible change. Even our existence can be destroyed. We, humans, are intelligent, and curious. We want to see what will happen in the future. That is wisdom. And for this reason, we will develop artificial intelligence. We will try to make computers as intelligent as humans.


According to various experts, there are three categories of artificial intelligence.

ANI or Artificial Narrow Intelligence: ANI is an expert in a specific area. For example, a machine that can play chess is only good at chess. Even though playing ludoo is easier than playing chess, if he is allowed to play ludoo instead of chess, he cannot. ANI is also called Weak AI. We can call this the first step of artificial intelligence.

AGI or Artificial General Intelligence: The second step of artificial intelligence is AGI. It is also called Strong AI, or Human-Level AI. At this stage, the computer will be able to think like a human, plan like a human, solve problems, suddenly look around in a new environment and get the ability to adapt to that environment.

ASI or Artificial Super Intelligence: The third stage of artificial intelligence. When the computer becomes more intelligent than humans, we call it Artificial Super Intelligence. Researchers are now worried about what will happen if an artificial superintelligence system is created, whether people will be good or bad.

Although nothing to worry about yet we are still reading ANI. All intelligent machines or programs that exist are composed of more than one artificial narrow intelligence.

There are many ANI programs on our smartphones. The most successful ANI programs on phones are Siri and Cortana. Also, Google’s Allo is an excellent application of ANI. If you haven’t used Allo yet, try installing it. Chat with Google Assistant. Understand how much AI has improved. Google’s self-driving car is an example of a successful application of ANI. Facebook itself can be called an ANI factory. ANI is used by Amazon or all major websites. Each plait is managed by ANI System. ANI system is used to operate nuclear plants. The maximum damage ANI can do is plane crashes, nuclear plant crashes, and minor accidents if Google self-driving cars become available, etc.

Alan Turing is called the father of artificial intelligence. Around 1950, Alan Turing proposed a test to test whether a machine is intelligent, known as the Turing Test. At that time, there was a lot of research on artificial intelligence, but after that, research on AI stopped for a long time. A significant reason is a computational power. The computers of that time were not so powerful. As the processing power of computers increased, research on artificial intelligence started again. A few days ago, Facebook, Google, and Amazon signed an agreement to conduct research on AI. Elon Musk has created a platform called OpenAI.

Knowledge Representation & Reasoning is the key to creating intelligent programs. And how the human brain works for Knowledge Representation & Reasoning in a beautiful way, scientists are trying to imitate it.

We study space. I dream of building a human colony on Mars. I do everything using this brain. Even though space is far away, we can learn a lot. But we still don’t understand how the brain works. We are trying to create intelligent systems by using what we understand.

The human brain is made up of neurons. Our brain has about 100 billion neurons. They are connected to each other, like a network. Artificial neural networks have been developed by imitating these biological neural networks.

An artificial neural network is only one part of artificial intelligence. Basically, it is a branch of machine learning. And machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence. Apart from machine learning, the other subjects of AI are natural language processing, object recognition, pattern recognition, robotics, evolutionary computation such as genetic algorithms, fuzzy systems, probability, prediction, knowledge management, and others.

ANI system lost people in 1997. A computer named Deep Blue defeated the world-famous chess grandmaster champion, Garry Kasparov. AlphaGo lost humans in March this year after Deep Blue. The computer program called AlphaGo was developed by Google’s company DeepMind. This program is designed to play the game ‘Go’. The game of Go is an ancient Chinese game.

We can and will make our lives easier by using artificial intelligence in various areas including smart homes, smart cars, virtual assistants, and robots. It is possible to eliminate disease and poverty from the world by using artificial intelligence, especially in medical science and agriculture. Those of us who want to learn great things can read and write about artificial intelligence. I hope that knowledge and career can be reconciled together.

If you want to learn about artificial intelligence:

  • Udacity’s Intro to Artificial Intelligence course is excellent for getting the basics down. All universities teach from the book Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach. The book is available for purchase from Neelkhet. And the co-author of the book is Peter Norvig. Peter Norvig is the director of Google’s research team. And co-instructor of this course of Udacity. Peter Norvig has a great write-up. Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years. Those who have not read it, I will tell you to read it once. Besides, after this course, Udacity has some other techniques like Machine Learning. You can also see them.
  • You can also see the Artificial Intelligence course of edX. After knowing the basics, there are many resources online to learn. You have to start with courage.
    Stanford’s AI course outline slides are available here.

  • If you have a lot of patience, you can watch videos made by MIT. Apart from this, the lecture slides can also be downloaded and read. Hopefully, it won’t take much more than that to start learning.

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